Ashlyn Castro (born on December 17, 1997) is a Latina-American model and social media influencer who is highly noticed as the rumored and secret girlfriend of Michel Jordan, the Black Panther actor.

In this article, we are going to discuss Ashlyn Castro’s biography including her age, height, net worth, partner, career, and more.

Ashlyn Castro Profile Summary
NameAshlyn Castro
Birth Date17 December 1997
Birth PlaceLong Beach, California
Age25 Years Old
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Net Worth$2 million
ProfessionModel, Influencer
Marital StatusSingle
Ex-BoyfriendMichael Jordan

Who is Ashlyn Castro?

ashlyn castro.image
source: Instagram]

Ashlyn Castro is a Latina-American model and social media influencer. And she is highly noticed as the rumored and secret girlfriend of Michel Jordan, the Black Panther actor.

When the rumors fill the airwaves, they fail to recognize the people’s talent; similarly, Ashlyn Castro faces the same.

Astro is the content creator on TikTok and Instagram. She has a particular interest in dolling up her body.

Thus, it helped to create many opportunities in the modeling industry. But even her modeling job is yet to be confirmed by the official sources.

But on her Instagram posts, she looks like a real model, and we are still determining which company she works for.

Early Life of Ashlyn Castro

Ashlyn Castro was born on December 17, 1997, in Long Beach, California, in the United States. She was born under the sign of Sagittarius.

And the personal traits of Sagittarius are that they are often bold, adventurous, and visionary, and these characteristics suit the personality of Ashlyn Castro.

Ashlyn Castro is not very fond of revealing her private and personal life on social media so we couldn’t see any pictures of her family.

There are no details regarding her parents or siblings. We will surely share the information in this section when we get authentic information about her family details.

Castro finished her studies in California; we are still determining the name of the educational institution and the courses she had completed, but she seemed to be an ardent pet dog lover.

Ashlyn Castro Age

Ashlyn Castro is 25 years old as of 2023 as she was born on December 17, 1997.

She is a Latina-American model and social media influencer, known for her striking beauty and captivating presence on various online platforms.

Ashlyn Castro Career

ashlyn castro
source: Instagram

Ashlyn Castro decided to become a social media influencer in 2013, and then she put all her efforts into opening her Twitter account.

She started her career on Twitter, then slowly established her presence in the Instagram and TikTok forums.

Everyone liked her physical appearance and innovative way of posing for the photos; thus, the number of followers started rising. And she eventually became an “insta-star.”

Once they become social media celebrities, they will try to expand their horizons and involve themselves in more exposure and new opportunities.

By that time, Ashlyn had tapped into her popularity and had become a successful model. The world tuned towards her!

Then a photo of Ashley partying with Black Panther actor Michael Jordan went viral, helping her to attain magnanimous fame.

As per the proverb “hit the iron while it’s hot,” Ashlyn knew when to hit it and became a world-famous IG model.

Ashlyn Castro Rumors

Ashlyn Castro has been involved with many rumors, but the brighter side is that she used all the negativity as her ladder to reach the top position.

In 2017, Ashlyn Castro was rumored to be around Michael Jordan. After she releases the picture of their couple, Ashlyn and Jordan seemed to be very close, and it doesn’t look like a normal friendship.

As per the rumors, Ashlyn and Michael Jordan dated for a few months, and they broke up for specific reasons. We have collected some reasons for their breakup situation, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

But the recent rumor is that Michael Jordan and Ashlyn are trying to patch things up.

The next rumor is that Ashlyn dating NBC Golden State Warriors team player, 22-year-old Jordan Poole can be seen everywhere in sports journals.

Jordan Poole likes her Instagram photos often, so people created a rumor or some side of the story stating the couple tried to be in a relationship, but it didn’t work for them.

Another rumor is circulating on the internet that Ashlyn has feelings for the basketball player Lamelo Ball. But it doesn’t seem trustworthy, and Ashlyn confirmed that Lamelo is a good friend.

Some of the rumors are being unaddressed by our IG model, Ashlyn, because in many news journals, some people accuse her of being a gold digger.

They share that Ashlyn targets wealthy guys and makes them fall into her love trap. But why does it have to be a girl every time a gold digger? Why not a guy?

And we understand that all these are rumors that are not officially confirmed, so it’s time for us to root for our Instagram star.

Ashlyn Castro Net Worth

Ashlyn Castro’s net worth will be more than $2 million. Her exact net worth details are under review, which we will update without fail in the future.

But Ashlyn living a luxurious life, and she used to spend her leisure time in her resorts.Ashlyn loves traveling, so she has traveled to every corner of the world, which shows that she is a real millionaire.

Being a supermodel and social media influencer helped her earn millions of dollars. In addition to that, Ashlyn is also a TikTok celebrity.

Henceforth she will make the collaborations, make the partnerships, etc., and even that will contribute to her successful financial wealth accumulation.

Ashlyn Castro Social Media Handles

  • Twitter: In 2013, she opened her Twitter account, but she has currently deactivated it.
  • Instagram: Ashlyn has around 113K followers, and her account name is @ashlyncastro.

Ashlyn Castro Personal Life

Miss Castro is not currently dating anyone. But she dated Michael Jordan in 2017, but they broke up.

The couple faced a major problem on Twitter. After the news of Ashlyn dating Michael Jordan got released.

Fans passed many harsh comments on Jordan and Ashlyn because Ashlyn is not a black girl and Jordan is a black guy.

Some fans even boycotted the Black Panther movie. So, to avoid all the aggravation, she deleted her Twitter account. This can also be a reason for their separation.

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Ashlyn Castro Height and Weight

Ashlyn Castro has the most bodacious physical body. As a model, she appallingly maintained her body.

According to the sources, Ashlyn is a gym person, and we can see that in her physical appearance. Her waist and hourglass-shaped body are to be appreciated (she is the goddess of beauty.)

Ashlyn Castro’s height is 5.6 feet, and she weighs around 123 lbs.

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Bottom Line

So, it is high time everyone appreciates her achievements instead of focusing on the rumors. Let us send all our wishes to Ashlyn for her future endeavors.

Oh, our beloved readers! What are you waiting for?

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