Ben Ungermann (Born on 2nd July 1985) is a famous Australian chef and ice cream maker from Melbourne, AU.

Let find his complete story below in this biography including his age, height, wife, partner, net worth, career, and more.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Ben Ungermann
  • Nick Name: Ben
  • Birth Date: 2nd July 1985
  • Birth Place: Australia
  • Age: 38 years as of 2023
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches approx.
  • Net Worth: 2 million USD
  • Profession: Chef
  • Father Name: Ronald Ungermann
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Girlfriend: Annie Williams
  • Nationality: Australian

Who is Ben Ungermann?

Ben Ungermann Image

He is a famous Australian chef and ice cream maker from Melbourne, AU.

He is a bold and young guy that he was called to model in various soaps after winning the runner-up title in the Master Chef Australia in 2017.

Ben is also a fitness freak as he maintains his fitness during the busy schedule of TV shows. Apart from his cooking skills, he is also a famous ice cream maker in Melbourne.

Ben Ungermann was in controversy for an illicit act recently. The news of the sexual abuse of a minor girl went viral in the media.

Thus, he had to step down from the Master Chef Australia TV reality show. He admitted to the court that he was in some tension and did not do anything with that girl.

Early Life of Ben Ungermann

Ben Ungermann was born on 2 July 1985 in Australia. His father, Roland Ungermann is Dutch/Indian while his mother is Dutch, but emigrated to Australia years ago.

Ben seems secretive at some points, whether it is his family background or his educational qualifications.

Between the years 2004 – 2007, Ben did modeling. He initially started his career as a Retail Manager.

However, he was not fit for this job and thereby he followed his passion, which was cooking. Though he has not revealed his childhood, despite this, we can assume how his life was at that time.

One thing is clear Ben was a cooking enthusiast from a young age. Looking at this, he always followed this path, and even his parents supported him in pursuing this job as his profession.

The man came into the limelight after he enters the cooking field with an amazing competition.

Ben Ungermann Age

Ben Ungermann is 38 years old as of 2023 as he was born on 2nd July 1985.

Throughout his career as a renowned Australian chef and ice cream maker, he has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise, showcasing that age has only enhanced his culinary skills.

Ben Ungermann Career

Cooking is a special interest for Ben. It came to reality when he won the runner-up title in the famous Master Chef Australia (series 9) in 2017. He did run an ice cream parlor in Melbourne.

He was a retail manager there, which was his family business too. His ice cream-making skills are famous in Australia. He continued in that reality cooking show until March 2021.

His career as an Australian reality TV show personality faded, as he was involved in a sexual abuse charge with a minor girl on 6th March 2020.

This shocking incident happened at Melbourne Docklands with a 16-year-old teen.

On 20 March of 2020, the production company of Master Chef Australia dropped him from this famous show where he became popular too.

He escaped conviction by giving charity and asking apology. He wishes to come back as a chef and show his cooking skills in TV shows and retail.

His fans and cooking enthusiast are waiting for his comeback. Let us hope for the best as he teaches new cooking lessons, gives tips for cooking, and serves love with food.

He is now called by other production teams, which he will accept soon and make a comeback.

Let’s hope for the best, as he will come back in form in Australian TV shows, fitness shows, and the modeling world.

Yet, he was very successful and a famous chef from 2017 to 2020 through media popularization in Australia. Let the same media pick him up where he has fallen.

Ben Ungermann Personal Life

Ben Ungermann dated Alicia Miller four years back from now. It is evident from his Instagram posts they had a good time together.

Their positive posses show their similar interest in various touristic places and resorts. As of today, she remains his ex-girlfriend.

Currently, Ben Ungermann is in a relationship with Annie Williams, his present girlfriend. She is from South Africa and is a radio professional as a presenter.

Their images are available on Instagram. He travels to South Africa many times and enjoys some moments with her.

Ben Ungermann Image

Yet, his sexual abuse has affected all of his girlfriends, and they all are concerned about it.

But his admitting the assault as ‘I was in inebriate condition’ made some sympathy with his girlfriends. Today, he is free from abuse cases.

Now, things are becoming normal, and we hope he will come soon on reality TV shows.

Ben Ungermann Net Worth

Ben did earn and worked in his family business in ice cream making. He is known to win AUD 40,000 via MasterChef Australia 2017 as runner-up.

After winning the contest, he made a passive income by promoting contests as a judge and showing his cooking skills.

He also earns as a social media influencer, by promoting brands and products related to his niche. As of 2023, Ben Ungermann’s estimated net worth is 2 million AUD.

Social Media Influence

Ben Ungermann has influenced the top social media-networking platform like Facebook since 2017 through the MasterChef Australia TV program.

His cooking videos are most liked and shared on Facebook. His fitness lesson and model posts are most viewed by others apart from the cooking enthusiast.

As of now, Ben Ungermann has 101k Followers on his Instagram account @ben_ungermann. He owns similar followers on his Twitter account.

Ben Ungermann Facts

  1. He gained fame as the runner-up in MasterChef Australia in 2017, leading to modeling opportunities in soap operas.
  2. Ben stands at approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and is 38 years old as of 2023.
  3. His net worth is estimated to be around 2 million USD.
  4. Ben’s father is Ronald Ungermann, and he is unmarried but is in a relationship with Annie Williams.
  5. He is a fitness enthusiast who maintains his health despite his busy TV show schedule.
  6. Ben is also known for his ice cream-making skills and runs an ice cream parlor in Melbourne.
  7. He faced controversy due to allegations of sexual abuse but denied wrongdoing and left MasterChef Australia in 2020.
  8. Ben’s career transitioned from retail management to becoming a chef, following his passion for cooking.
  9. He gained popularity through his participation in MasterChef Australia and continues to be a notable figure in the culinary world, with a significant social media following.

The Bottom Line

Ben Ungermann is an example to any cooking enthusiast in this world. He made his name come on the top list of chefs through his hard work and dedication to preparing and trying different foods.

His fitness lessons are necessary to see and practice by anyone willing to become a model in the future. He struggled a lot especially when he was charged with an abusive case.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Ben Ungermann. Let you share your feedback with us.

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