Nowadays, we can see that there is a craze amongst people for Turkish dramas. Since the time of Ertugrul Ghazi till now, people have loved them for the new ideas and the past-related dramas they are bringing to life.

Let us talk about such a famous personality who was a runner-up of Miss Turkey too!

Who is Cansu Dere? 

Cansu Dere
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Cansu Dere is a Turkish actress and model best known for starring in the title role of the 2006 television series Sila.

She is also well known for starring as Eysan Atay in the series Ezel. She played the character Asya Yilmaz in the 2020 TV series Sadakatsiz.

Early Life of Cansu Dere 

Cansu Dere was born on October 14th, 1980.  She is 42 years old as of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Cansu was born in Ankara, the capital of  Turkey. Thus she holds Turkish nationality and belongs to Turkish descent.

However, not much is known about her parents or their professions as she is not a social media person.

Cansu Dere has a sibling named Arda Dere. She belonged to a family that lived in Greece and then moved to Turkey. She was brought up with Islamic principles and she is a follower of Islam.

Her family shifted to Turkey so that she could study what she wanted. She got enrolled at the University of Istanbul to study museums and antiquities at the university.

She graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in archeology before she began her acting career in 2002.

Cansu Dere Career 

Cansu Dere-
source: Instagram

Cansu Dere is a Turkish actor and is one of the most famous models there along with Hande Ercel.

Because of her great beauty, she was nominated in 2000 for the Miss Turkey competition. She won second place.

She also loved fashion shows and was able to work with the largest and most famous fashion designers in Turkey. Because of her passion for this field, she became one of the most famous models in Turkey.

Cansu Dere did not stop her great work in fashion shows in Turkey only but was able to work in this field in France in 2003.

Her fame was not limited to the field of acting only. Being multi-talented she has worked in many fields in her career. She worked in the field of fashion shows and the field of radio.

She presented a variety of television programs and was able to achieve wide fame in the field of art in which she excelled and due to her outstanding performance she gained the love of her audience.

She worked in film and television, in addition to her work in the field of fashion shows. She won the Miss World pageant.

She graduated from Istanbul University from the Department of Archeology before turning to acting.

She first appeared in the series Alacakaranlik (2003). Her famous works include Sila, Ezel, Yahsi Bati, and Persona.

She appeared alongside Kenan Imirzalioglu in the Last Ottoman Yandim Ali in 2007.

The beautiful Cansu Dere was able to achieve more fame in 2009 due to her wonderful role in the series Ayzal, but her biggest fame was in the series “Harem Al Sultan”.

She reached the highest levels of fame in 2017 when she starred in the series “Harem Al Sultan.” My mother.”

Cansu Dere was able to participate in many artistic roles and the participation of great artists such as the great artist Ilhan Sheshin.

She was the 2000 runner-up for Miss Turkey. Cansu Dere has attracted a lot of fans to her, as the number of followers on her Instagram account has reached nearly 2 million followers.

Cansu Dere Personal Life

Cansu is very private about her love life now and is mostly single. However, she has been in a few relationships.

There were many rumors about the romantic and marital life of the brilliant Cansu Dere at the beginning of the year 2000.

The rumors about her were regarding her association with the comedian Okan Bayulgen due to their many outings with each other. Their relationship lasted for nearly a year and a half.

In 2004, Cansu Dere was in a relationship with the singer Gokhan Ozogu. They were seen in many interviews together in 2004 AD in Istanbul, and in 2005 they were seen again in Madrid.

The star Cansu Dere was in a romantic relationship with comedian Cem Yilmaz and was associated with him in 2003. She separated from him and they patched up again in 2006. However, they did not marry.

She entered into a romantic relationship for a few months with the actor Cem Aydin in 2012. Also, there were rumors in the press about her relationship with Turkish star Engin Akyurek in 2018.

The artist, Cansu Dere, was associated with the star Metin Akdulger, where she put a picture of her with him on Instagram and put the heart symbol on the photo, and that was in mid-2018.

These are all the relationships she had during her career as an actor in the acting industry.

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Cansu Dere Net Worth 

Cansu Dere has a net worth of $85 Million as of 2022. In the previous year, she had a net worth of nearly $80 Million.

Her major sources of income are her acting career and her modeling ventures. She earns around $5 Million each year due to these.

Also, she does host some television shows and has some social media accounts with a considerable following from where she also earns a certain amount.

Cansu is one of the richest female actors in Turkey.

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Physical Appearance 

Cansu Dere is a beautiful Turkish actress who has a height of 5 feet 10 inches or 177 centimeters or 1.77 meters. She has a weight of about 56 kg or 123 lbs.

Cansu has dark brown eyes with dark brown colored hair on her pale white complexion. She has impressive body measurements as 30-24-33.

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