Carew Ellington is a well-known Tik Tok, Instagram, and model from the USA. He is well-known for his appearance, adorable smile, sense of style, and amazing personality.

Additionally well-known are his captivating Instagram photos and videos. He has a sizable fan base. He is one of the TikTok personalities who are most in demand.

Soon, you’ll see him in modeling photos. He is primarily well-known for his humorous video clips, dancing videos, and TikTok lip sync performances (

He frequently posts pictures of himself modeling and wearing stylish attire to Instagram. He even has the coveted badge for being a top comedian on TikTok. is now officially a “muser.”

 We explain everything to you about him. Check out his Wiki to learn more about his age, family, and other facts.

So, let’s get started.

Carew Ellington Profile Summary
NameCarew Ellington
Birth Date26 June 2002
Birth PlacePaducah, KY, USA
Age20 Years Old
Height6 Feet
Net Worth600k USD
ProfessionTik Toker, Influencer
SchoolMcCracken County high school
Marital StatusUnknown

Who is Carew Ellington?

carew ellington
source: Instagram

Carew Ellington is an American Celebrity and Influencer. He is 19 years old as of 2022.

He uploads humor and lip-syncs videos to his crew Ellington TikTok account. On the app, he has accumulated more than 6 million followers. He frequently writes on his blog about his faith, daily life, and his dog Nalu.

Over a million people watched his first TikTok video. His Christian faith has received a lot of attention on both his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

RewThreadz is the name of the clothing line he founded. On TikTok, he considers himself “the big brother” and takes pleasure in giving counsel, happiness, solace, and laughs.

Carew is cancer. As the rulers of the fourth house of home and memory, the Cancer zodiac sign values family history and enjoys social gatherings, so traditions are upheld there with great vigor. They frequently wave the flag and have a patriotic disposition.

 The stories told at the dinner table are based on a Cancer’s sharp memory, so don’t be surprised if they become emotional. This sign’s inhabitants are perfectly content to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Early Life of Carew Ellington

Carew Ellington was born on 26 June 2002 in Paducah, KY in the United States of America. He is of mixed ethnicity.

Carew did her schooling at McCracken County high school. He was pretty active and popular in his school. He did very well academically and was well-known in his school as a bright student.

He passed out of school at age of around 18.

His parents loved and adored him a lot and took well care of him. They supported and loved him throughout his childhood and fulfilled all his needs. He was his parent’s priority. He had a very loving and pretty childhood.

Since childhood, he was an energetic and happy child and was very ambitious. Since childhood, he wanted to pursue being a celebrity.

Carew Ellington Career

carew ellington images
source: Instagram

Last year, Carew created a Tiktok account with the username care wellington. He frequently posts comedy skits and lip-syncs videos on this account.

His first Tiktok video went viral and received over a million views, which is unusual for social media influencers.

His Tiktok journey was thus seamless from the start. He currently has 200 million hearts and over 4.1 million followers.

On October 30, 2020, he launched his own YouTube channel after becoming well-known through Tiktok. He has only published four videos to date, all of which are vlogs.

He started uploading short videos to his YouTube channel as well after the recent launch of YouTube shorts. He currently has over 24k subscribers and 64k video views overall.

Although he joined YouTube on October 30, 2020, Carew Ellington, another well-known YouTuber, began his YouTube journey on December 28, 2020, when he posted his first video.

He has been on YouTube for almost one and a half years, primarily posting vlogs and shorts. And as of right now, his YouTube channel has more than 40K subscribers.

Carew Ellington Personal Life

Regarding Carew Ellington’s relationship and girlfriend, most famous people try to keep their personal and romantic lives private.

Although we did a tonne of research on Carew Ellington’s relationship, we were unable to come up with any conclusive information, so how can we tell you without any specifics?

Additionally, he avoids any controversy or rumors because they could negatively impact his career.

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Carew Ellington Net Worth

How much does Carew Ellington make and what is his net worth are two of the most frequently asked questions.

Carew Ellington is a well-known young figure on social media.

Guys, while he has several sources of income, the main one is social media, and he has made a sizable sum of money from his affiliation with social media handles.

He charges a reasonable amount for sponsorship, and the quality of the sponsorship is determined by the size of his fan base (followers).

As you may already be aware, he has 285 K Followers and an average of 25–60 K Likes on his YT videos, along with 40 K YouTube Subscribers. His estimated net worth stands around 600k USD.

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Physical Appearance

Carew Stands 6 feet tall or 1.8 meters tall and he weighs 80  kg or 200 lbs. He has a cute face and a very athletic build. Much is not known about his other measurements.

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