Susan Fallender is a celebrity wife and an American actress. She is well-known as Charles Shaughnessy’s wife.

Susan Fallender is known for Trading Places (1983), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), and Space Rangers (1993). Similarly, Charles is a British actor, producer, and public figure.

Let us take a closer look into the life of this celebrity life. She has a very interesting story to tell.

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Who is Susan Fallender?

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Susan Fallender is a citizen of America. She is an actress known for her roles in Pet Sematary (1989), Runaway(1984), etc.

Her acting in the Bunny American comedy movie Trading Places (1983), which John Landis directed, was admired by everyone, and then she started to be in the limelight.

She has done various movies, including Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), Space Rangers (1993), etc.

How old is Susan Fallender?

Susan Fallender is 65 years old as of 2023. Although she is into her later ages she is well revered by people around her.

Susan Fallender was born in 1957 and celebrated her birthday on 30th November every year.

Early Life of Susan Fallender

Susan Fallender was raised with her sister, Deborah Fallender. She also happens to be a professional actress.

The celebrity wife was born in America and held American citizenship. She was born under the Sagittarius star sign and is of Caucasian descent.

Moving on to the celebrity wife’s family background, she has not provided any information on the names of her family members or parents. Charles, her husband, was born in 1955 and celebrated his birthday on February 9 every year.

He was also the son of Alfred Shaughnessy and Jean Lodge. When it comes to the celebrity wife’s educational background, she has not provided any information on her academics.

Similarly, she had gone to a local high school in her hometown, according to a source.

How Did Susan Start Her Career?

Susan Fallender started her acting career in 1983 when she played Bunny in Trading Places, a movie about two people who move from one place to the next. She went on to star in the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Susan played Alien Tech in the 1993 American science fiction drama Space Rangers. She also starred as Alice in the 1999 film Architecture of Reassurance.

In 2000, she starred as Rose in The Last Dance television series. Charles is best known for his role as Maxwell Sheffield on the sitcom The Nannu, where he starred from 1993 to 1999.

Is Susan Fallender Charles Shaughnessy’s Wife?

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Since 2020, Susan Fallender has been married to someone else, and they live together. She met her husband, British actor Charles Shaughnessy when she moved to the United States.

After that, they became very close. On May 21, 1983, they married in London.  He hasn’t been linked to any extramarital affairs until now.

As a result, she has never been the subject of any disputes or rumors about her personal life or job.  She and her husband have kids who live in London, England.

Susan Fallender Husband Charles Shaughnessy Career

Charles Shaughnessy is a British actor who is most recognized for his roles in American television productions like ‘Days of Our Lives’, ‘The Nanny’ and ‘Stanley’. Charles Shaughnessy, born and raised in London, England, came from a show business family.

His father was the principal writer and script editor on “Upstairs, Downstairs” and his mother was an actress. He started acting in school plays while in grade school but, after graduating from Eton College, got his BA in Law at the Magdalene College of Cambridge University.

While at Cambridge he joined the famous “Footlights Revue” comedy group. Upon graduation, Shaughnessy returned to his first love, acting, and enrolled in drama school in London.

After a year touring in repertory, he was cast in the Agatha Christie television series “Partners in Crime.” He then won the lead role in the BBC drama series “Jury.”

At the age of 28, he moved to Los Angeles, USA, and a year later, he got his breakthrough role of Shane Donovan in NBC’s daytime soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’. He continued to appear in the show for eight seasons.

At 38, he received his first leading role when he was roped in to play the male protagonist, Maxwell Sheffield, on the CBS sitcom ‘The Nanny’.

The show ran for six seasons and Shaughnessy appeared in almost all of its episodes.

All along, he continued to work in other television productions and films. Shaughnessy is equally active on stage and he has worked in a number of award-winning plays, including the productions of ‘Harvey’ and ‘My Fair Lady’.

Among the most notable was ‘Till We Meet Again’ (1989), ‘Mad About You’ (1993), ‘Murphy Brown’ (1993), ‘Duckman’ (1994), ‘A Kiss So Deadly’ (1996), ‘Everything to Gain’ (1996), and ‘Second Chances’ (1996).

Susan is the mother of how many children?

Susan and Charles have been married for over three decades and have shared their joys and sorrows with one other. Similarly, by God’s grace, the wonderful couple was blessed with two gorgeous children.

Jenny Johanna Shaughnessy, Charles and Susan’s first child, was born on March 18th, 1990. She is now an assistant to the head of production at Nickelodeon, where she works.

Similarly, on February 8, 1995, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Maddy Shaughnessy.

Is Susan Active on social media?

Susan, unlike other celebrities, is quite private about her personal life on social media. She does, however, have an Instagram account called ‘@fallender83.’

With 141 followers and 11 posts, the actress has only 362 followers. Charles, on the other hand, has over 57.8K Instagram followers and frequently posts about his wife and children.

What is the Net Worth of Susan Fallender?

Susan Fallender net worth is predicted to be $3 million as of 2023, based on her acting career. Fallender’s true pay hasn’t been revealed until now.

However, we might assume that her acting career pays her $50427 (€44910) every year. ‘Trading Places’, Fallender’s first film, grossed $90.4 million at the box office on a $15 million budget.

The film grossed $7.3 million in its first weekend from 1,375 theaters, an average of $5,334 per theater, making it the weekend’s third highest-grossing film. Likewise, her husband has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth during his career.

Her husband, Charles Shaughnessy, net worth is about $30 million from his acting career.

The couple has a lavish and comfortable lifestyle sharing their earnings; their daughters are blessed to be born into this family.

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Susan Fallender Height and Weight

She has a stunning persona and physique as an actress. Susan is also 5 feet 6 inches which is equal to 167 centimeters or 1.67 meters tall.

She weighs more than 65 kg which is equal to 143 lbs. In addition, she has lovely brown eyes and brown hair.

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Facts About Susan Fallender

  • Susan Fallender is an American actress and the wife of British actor Charles Shaughnessy.
  • She gained fame for her role as Bunny in the movie “Trading Places” (1983).
  • Susan has also appeared in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987) and “Space Rangers” (1993).
  • Susan Fallender was born in 1957 and is currently 65 years old as of 2023.
  • She was raised in America, holds American citizenship, and has a sister named Deborah Fallender.
  • Susan and Charles Shaughnessy have been married since May 21, 1983, and have two daughters, Jenny Johanna and Maddy.
  • Charles Shaughnessy is a British actor known for his roles in “Days of Our Lives” and “The Nanny.”
  • Susan Fallender is active on Instagram as ‘@fallender83’ with 141 followers and 11 posts.
  • Her estimated net worth is around $3 million as of 2023, while Charles Shaughnessy’s net worth is approximately $30 million.
  • Susan Fallender is 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall and has brown eyes and brown hair.

In conclusion

Although Susan became famous as a celebrity she has created an identity for herself. She played some interesting characters which are also remembered in popular Hollywood movies.

That has made her recognizable beyond the famous identity of her husband. It also makes her a self-made woman.

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