Bunny Ranch is famous as a notorious place away from mainland New York. It is a place in Nevada where brothel prostitution is legal and controlled by the state.

Now, why did this Ranch get so much popularity? There are various reasons for it.

First and foremost is that you will not be penalized if you are found in a brothel as it is legal in the state of Nevada. The second reason is that there is no judgment on your character.

The third and the main reason is that you can find anyone you want and within any range, you won’t be it for an hour or a day. You can get it all. Now, these are the words of a first-hand experience.

So you must be wondering how much does it cost to get laid at the Bunny Ranch? Read on to know about the famous notorious place in Nevada.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Laid at the Bunny Ranch? 

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To come straight to the point, it costs around, on average $300-500 USD to get laid at the Bunny Ranch.

The tour guide from Nevada implied BunnyRanch prices start at $1,000 USD.

But we have made clear from authentic sources and from Dennis Hof himself many girls will party for as little as $200 USD.

Customers generally spend between $200 USD and $600 USD during a visit.

People usually choose this BunnyRanch because it gives enough privacy as well as enough ranges to accommodate all kinds of people and their needs.

You can choose the Bunny Ranch for three reasons:

  • If you want to get away from New York.
  • If you want to be with someone who knows what to do and wouldn’t be judgmental.
  • And, If you want a safe environment.

Bunny Ranch 

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When you enter the ranch, you’re not allowed to say anything. Five girls walk out, introduce themselves, and then stand there. You have to choose on the spot. It all happens really fast.

This is the experience of a man who wants to keep himself anonymous. However, there can be different scenarios too.

Another experience from BunnyRanch says that it cost him about $300 USD for picking a lady. When you choose a lady, she will take you to her bedroom where she will talk to you about what you hope to get from the experience.

What are your fetishes, fantasies, desires? Do you want anything special such as a girlfriend experience or, bondage? Just say it and they have it all.

Then you discuss how much time you would like. The ladies or the workers are able to do short in-house parties or go out on dates or spend the night together in or out of the house.

From there, a price is quoted by the lady. If you have a budget you are strictly sticking to, negotiate by reducing time or activities.

If you cannot come to an agreement with that lady, you can speak with any other girl in the house or in one of the 3 brothels across the street.

The ladies name their own prices so if you cannot come to an agreement with one lady, you have a large selection in the 4 houses to negotiate with and get what you would like.

There are various factors that can affect the negotiation as well. Always come in smelling clean and looking presentable, be kind and respectful.

Do not get handsy before paying or undervalue the ladies when a price is quoted.

Also if you come in smelling terrible, you will likely be required to shower first and it will come out of your party time.

So be neat and clean and come at your own sweet time with all your demands in mind beforehand.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, it can be said that the BunnyRanch in Nevada is a great place to be if you want something out of the ordinary. To get laid at the BunnyRanch it will cost you anywhere between $100 USD to $2500.

The price is based on whom you choose and what services you want.

However, keep in mind that there are negotiations and you can use it to your benefit. Reduce the time or a certain number of services or whatever u want to fit into your range.

Don’t worry, you can get anything you want and desire. You just have to find the right person and pay the right price.

So thank you for giving this article a read. Please feel free to share any thoughts and opinions and write them down in the comments section below.

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