Are you guys big fans of Cristela Alonzo’s Netflix shows? Are you a great fan of Cristela’s lower- and middle-class comedy special shows?

If yes, you might be able to attach it to the article sooner.

Cristela is a great comedian, actress, and producer, but recently, we even saw two images of her.

That is a comparison of weight loss before and after photos.

She has reduced her weight drastically, and sometimes it is difficult to identify Cristela.

But why did she suddenly opt for her weight loss journey? To know the true and real reasons behind her weight loss journey, the reader has to read the whole article without fail.

Cristela Alonzo Before and After

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Cristela Alonzo is a famous comedian who rose to fame through hard work and talent. And she is the first Latina woman to create, produce, and star in a US primetime show.

She started her career as a stand-up comedian, and then Cristela became known for her self-titled television series.

This is the brighter side of her career, but at the same time, she was also the victim of body shaming.

Cristela Alonzo was an obese girl who was very talented and passionate about her career.

Then, in 2014, she started her weight loss journey and successfully lost around 15 to 16 kg.

Cristela Alonzo’s goal was to stay at 150 pounds (68 kg), which she accomplished.

If we see the before images of Cristela, she weighed around 83 to 82 kg, and her height measurement was 5 feet 6 inches, or 167 cm.

As we see in her after-weight-loss images, Cristela weighs about 68 to 67 kg.

She did not lose 30 to 40 kilogrammes to become a thin model. Cristela Alonzo lost weight for her good.

Cristela Alonzo Weight-Loss Journey

Cristela Alonzo
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Cristela Alonzo’s weight loss journey was indeed a long one for her. Precisely she started in 2014.

She began by focusing on her diet and exercising. Cristela once shared her food plate. And it was full of vegetables and fruits.

We can even see her gym photos, where Cristela Alonzo is sweating profusely and trying her hardest.

This shows that Cristela Alonzo has put lots of effort into losing weight.

She shared her weight loss journey on her Facebook page, and we would like to share it with our fellow readers as well.

I am down a size in my clothes; it feels great. I am at the lowest I’ve been in 8 years, and I am still losing weight. It is not easy, but one thing I’ve noticed is that since I’m watching what I eat, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I can’t stand the taste of the food I used to like.

My goal is to lose 150 pounds, which is reasonable for my height. I refuse even to go lower than that; 150 is a healthy weight, and that’s all I want to be healthy at.

I want to not lose my breath so much when I walk uphill.

I don’t want to feel frustrated because I can’t find clothes that fit.

Diabetes and heart diseases run in my family, and I need to make sure that I take care of myself now before it’s too late.

Why did Cristela Alonzo Lose So Much Weight?

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When we consider Cristela’s above statement, it is clear that she wishes to live a happy life; she wishes to feel happy when she visits a dress shop.

Nobody wants to be embarrassed when the store clerk says, “This dress is not available in your size.”

Her motives are so simple; earlier, Cristela Alonzo faced a near-death incident because of her excessive weight.

As a result, one of the factors motivating her to lose weight was her medical condition.

How Much Weight has Cristela Alonzo Lost?

Cristela Alonzo has lost around 15 to 16 kg, and her goal was to reach 150 lbs; currently, she weighs around 68 kg.

Did Cristela Alonzo have Diabetes?

There is no official information that Cristela Alonzo has diabetes. She did mention that her family medical history includes diabetes and heart disease.

However, when a person has diabetes, they usually lose a lot of weight. Still, we didn’t know the exact details of her medical history.

What has Cristela Alonzo Lost as a Result of Surgery and for her Physical Beauty?

No, it is a big no!

Cristela Alonzo worked hard to lose every kilogram, and she had no surgeries during her weight loss journey.

And one of the aunts accused Cristela of losing so much weight to enhance her physical beauty.

We also get the answer from her statement.

Cristela Alonzo mentions that she wants to maintain a correct BMI according to her height. She even refuses to go below 150 pounds.

Well, it is not a crime to put effort into increasing one’s physical beauty, right?


Thus, in this article, we have deeply discussed Cristela Alonzo’s weight loss journey.

We bet everyone might have been shocked to see her before and after images. But it’s all true; we can even see the distinctions between Cristela Alonzo’s middle-class and lower-class comedy specials.

And Cristela Alonzo has become a major inspiration for people struggling to lose weight.

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