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Profile Summary

  • Name: David Bunmi
  • Birth Date: 12 October 2000
  • Birth Place: England
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Profession: Social Media Influencer
  • Net Worth: $1 million
  • School: Salisbury Manor primary school, Leyton Sixth Form College
  • Education: Completed University
  • Brother: Dennis Bunmi
  • Nationality: British

 Who is David Bunmi?

David Bunmi image

David Bunmi a Social media star and influencer, is also recognized as a YouTuber. He is also a well-known personality on Instagram and has expansive followers.

Alongside being an Instagram star, David Bunmi is voguish as he is passionate about fashion.

David is predominantly known for his comedy sketches and parody, and that was the main reason for getting the audience’s attention.

He persisted in his career as a YouTuber and A social media star, luckily he succeeded in both.

David is exceptionally an amazing leading man and knows how to engage people with his content and profession as an influencer.

David Bunmi’s YouTube channel is famous for customer reviews, as he is an expert in arcane fashion.

Early Life of David Bunmi

David Bunmi was born on 12 October 2000 in England. David a 21 years old influencer, holds a British Nationality.

David Bunmi came from a Polish and Nigerian Family. It is said that he lived in Poland for a couple of years because Polish was his first language.

The information about David Bunmi’s Family have not been disclosed yet.

However, he mentioned in one of his YouTube Video that he used to live in Queenswood Avenue, Walthamstow in England UK where his father passed away in 2006 when he was 9 years old.

David further added that after his dad passed away, he lived in Attlee Terrace, Walthamstow where he grew up with his single Mother and Little brother Dennis Bunmi.

He attended his Early schooling at Salisbury Manor Primary School in Ching Ford.

After completing his schooling, he attended Leyton Sixth Form College from where he completed his A-levels located in town Leyton, England.

David Bunmi completed University and passed out with good grades.

David Bunmi Career

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Before David got famous after he started off with an Instagram account on 28th June 2017. Subsequently, On 4th September 2018, David Bunmi joined YouTube and made his account.

However, at a leisurely pace, he started getting recognition and spotlighted for his comedy skits/ parody on Instagram.

David Bunmi is also a model as he posts his modeling pictures in tracksuits on Instagram.

This also proves that David Bunmi is passionate about Fashion and he also mentioned this in his description on YouTube Fashion and Bad jokes and on Instagram.

Other than being an Instagram star he is also known as one of a famous YouTubers. On YouTube, his total view insights have reached more than 2.2 Million.

Alongside David’s comedy sketches he also gives customer reviews on his YouTube channel, reviewing the best and worst products in the UK.

David also rates on the worst products and also shows off his collection which also assists in boosting his views on YouTube.

Now David Bunmi is known as a Social media star. He is well known as an English online media VIP who improves exhibits.

David Bunmi Personal life

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The Social media star and YouTuber David Bunmi have never disclosed his relationships and spouse. However, there were rumors about him that he’s dating CorieRayvon.

If you see his Instagram page you might see many photos of David and Corie, which can be proof that they might be dating.

On the other side, in one of his YouTube videos which were titled, ‘I told PaigeyCakey that I like her’.  As a consequence, all of these rumors have not been denied, confirmed, or disclosed by this social media star.

Recently, a year go David Bunmi the famous Social media star was allegedly accused of assaulting a girl named Jess. Jess also belonged from England.

Furthermore, the girl posted on Twitter about how she was assaulted by David Bunmi in July 2020.

She further added pictures of them together on Twitter.

On the contrary, she hasn’t only posted pictures but also commented that David Bunmi had blocked her on Instagram and Twitter which might prove that he was guilty.

Apart from all this, there were many rumors up-to-date that claimed, David was arrested as he was found guilty.

Therefore, in reply, David Bunmi responded to the allegations and announced that Jess was doing all this to get the spotlight and people’s attention.

However, many reports assured that he was not guilty and he was not yet arrested for any fraud charges.

Recently, David was seen attending a party with his friends which might be a testimony that he was not arrested.

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David Bunmi Net Worth

David Bunmi’s estimated net worth is $1 million as of the year 2022. This amount is calculated through various resources and factors.

His source of income is his profession as a Social media influencer and as a famous YouTuber. He might also make a lot of money through modeling as his taste in Fashion is quite amazing.

Being a famous personality David might be earning in various other ways like he might be associated with the advertising industry or the brand ambassador of different companies.

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Social Media Appearance

David Bunmi is a Famous Social media star and holds many social media followers. He is spectacularly a well-known personality.

Talking about his social media follower number they are broad and usually in thousands. Let’s take a look at his social media handles with his follower count.

  • Instagram — More than 237 thousand followers
  • YouTube — More than 42.1 thousand subscribers

Above are the mentioned follower numbers are his current status in terms of audience. However, he is more than this.

He often used to use Twitter, but now has deleted his account and no one knows when he will shout for a comeback there.

I hope you enjoyed reading his biography. Let you share your feedback regarding him and his story.

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