We may never know how much potential we have until we give ourselves chance. Deshae Frost as an actor and comedian followed his passion and interest.

Frost started his career when he was still in his teens, originally dabbling in rap music. He went by the rap moniker “D-Frost.”

In addition, he was simultaneously writing comedic sketch scripts. Deshae later shifted his attention to comedy after his mother saw his talent for acting and comedy.

In this article, we are going to read about Deshae Frost’s life story including his career and personal life.

So without any further delay let’s get started with his biography.

Who is Deshae Frost?

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Smith Frost a.k.a. Deshae Frost is an American comedian, actor, and rapper. In the popular SWAT television series, which aired on the CBS network from 2017 to 2018, he played the character Darryl Henderson.

This was his most well-known role. On social media platforms like Instagram, where he frequently posts stand-up comedy videos that are very well-liked online, he has a sizable following.

He performs stand-up comedy and has also made appearances in several well-known movies and TV shows.

Early Life of Deshae Frost

Deshae Frost was born on 9th January 2001 and is 21 years of age as of 2022. He grew up and was educated in an upper-middle-class Seattle, Washington, family.

Frost is well-known for having American citizenship and for being a follower of Christianity.

At a local high school in Seattle, Washington, he finished his elementary education.

After that, he enrolled at a private university in Washington, where he eventually earned his degree.

Frost has always aspired to work in the American film and television industry as a well-known actor and comedian. He goes by Smith Frost in real life.

Deshae Frost has a mother named Mrs. Frost who works as a housewife and a father named Mr. Frost who is a businessman.

He has two siblings as well. Amare Frost, his brother, and Brooklyn Frost, his sister, are both currently enrolled in school.

Deshae Frost Career

Deshae Frost
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Deshae decided to pursue a profession in entertainment when he was barely 8 years old. The music immediately piqued his curiosity.

Additionally, he wrote a few rap tracks under the alias “D-Frost.” He would simultaneously compose scripts in his spare time.

Deshae’s mother first noticed his extraordinary storytelling talent when he was 13 years old. He made people laugh with his tales.

The positive feedback inspired Deshae to try stand-up comedy. Deshae started to do stand-up comedy professionally with the help and encouragement of his mother.

His hometown’s comedy club and a local open mic night hosted his first performances. Deshae had already been a well-known comedian by the time he was 16 years old.

Deshae then entered the social media space to display his talent after that. He started creating and performing comedic skits for online viewers, and he quickly rose to fame.

He formerly worked with well-known “Viner” Tayvion Power and produced several “Vine” videos. When You Get Caught With Your Friends Stuff on Instagram was the headline of the video, which received a tonne of “views.”

Rise To Popularity

Deshae’s professional success was aided by his immense social media fame. Numerous well-known comedians, including Tiffany Haddish, Tony Roberts, and Faizon Love, have used him as their opening act.

His humorous movies are now accessible on Deshae’s Instagram profile, which has more than 825 thousand followers.

On his YouTube account with the same name, Deshae posts interesting videos at random, including Q&A videos, pranks, challenges, roast videos, and reactions.

Deshae also authored the script for a channel-airing short film. The film “Too Soon” serves as a tribute to people who have died in tragic accidents.

Deshae’s acting career got off to a fast start in 2015 when he played a small part in an episode of the TV show “Black Jesus.”

He had small film appearances throughout the next two years. In the 2016 short “Castor Oil,” he played the part of “Bowie,” and in the 2017 short “Stay Woke!,” he played “Rafael Heat.”

He appeared as “Darryl” in the CBS crime drama series “S.W.A.T.” the same year. As a result of his numerous acting assignments, Deshae had a successful year in 2018.

He briefly appeared in the “ABC” sitcom “Speechless.” He portrayed “Ricky” in the television film “Chiefs.”

Deshae Frost’s Personal Life

Deshae Frost is not married at the moment. He currently is dating YouTuber Jordyn. Although before that, he dated Dregoldi.

Frost shares several pictures on his social media handles. Maybe, his fans can expect to hear him announce his engagement shortly.

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Deshae Frost’s Net Worth

Deshae Frost estimated net worth is $2 million approximately as of 2022. He leads a comfortable luxurious life with his partner.

The majority of his net worth consists of his income from his acting and comedy career, social media handles, and brand collaborations.

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Physical Appearance

Deshae Frost is an attractive, intelligent, and charming man with a dashing and endearing demeanor.

He has an extremely muscular rhomboid body type, gorgeous body dimensions, and a super-strong physique.

Frost stands 5 feet, 5 inches, or 165 cm tall, and weighs approximately 65 kg or 145 lbs.

His short, fashionable black hair complements his stunning black eyes, which are scorching and hypnotic.

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