Have you guys watched the Doctor Strange multiverse movie? Then do you notice some difference in the face of Christine Palmer, who plays the ravishing and gorgeous actress Rachel McAdams?

Yes, we are talking about the mole issue that Rachel McAdams faced during her professional life.

And during the screening of the second Doctor Strange film, many people teased Rachel McAdams about the big moles on her cheek.

Does Rachel have a real mole? Why didn’t she take any treatment to mask the moles in front of the camera? To know all the answers, please read the full article.

Who is Rachel McAdams?

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Rachel McAdams is a popular Canadian actress who started acting in Canadian films like Perfect Pie and My Name Is Tanino.

And in the year 2002, Rachel entered the Hollywood industry, and her debut project was The Hot Chick.

Her first project was a hit, so that helped Rachel land a successful position in the Hollywood industry.

Then Rachel acted in famous movies like The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Sherlock Holmes, Morning Glory, Midnight in Paris, About Time, and Spotlight.

And in the year 2016, Rachel had a golden opportunity to act in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, “Doctor Strange.”

Rachel’s fame and popularity rose to a significant global level.

As a person’s popularity grows, trolls and rumors will undoubtedly follow.

And this time, Rachel McAdams’ mole was the hot topic.

Does Rachel McAdams have a mole on her face?

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Yes, Rachel McAdams has a little big black mole on her left cheek, and in her recent films like Doctor Strange, Notebook, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, etc., her mole was more visible in those films.

And her fans began to slam her with negative comments. Because most heroines conceal their moles with makeup or use skin treatments on their faces,

But Rachel didn’t do any of that, and she proudly embraced her mole.

Fans reactions to Rachel McAdam mole

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In the year 2020, the internet was divided by Rachel McAdam’s appearance at the movies with her visible moles.

One part of the population bashed Rachel for her unprofessional behavior in not hiding her mole.

“Doctor Strange 2 was great, but I was very distracted by the gigantic mole on Rachel McAdams’s cheek.” I’ve never seen that growth before, but on IMAX, it was massive. I hope it’s benign.

This is one of the tweets from a single Twitter user.

Meanwhile, at the same time, some people supported Rachel Ac Adam.

Rachel McAdams’ mole is standing out in Dr. Strange 2! I believe it is not a coincidence that they shot her scenes from this angle. “As someone who also has a mole on the face, I have never been that related to a female character on screen.”

Furthermore, many famous celebrities and media figures came to Rachel’s aid.

Well, it’s question time for our beloved readers.

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Rachel McAdams stance on the mole

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Rachel McAdams didn’t publicly make any statements in the media on the mole issues, even though her mole problem became one of the most trending questions on Google.

Even her silence on this issue was much appreciated because the actors’ acting skills are the most important thing to note while seeing a movie. And Rachel is a brilliant actor who does maximum justice to all her movies.

Thus, Rachel McAdams’ silence reflects her confidence in her talent and acting skills.

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Bottom Line

Moles aren’t a big deal for the actress because other famous actresses like Jennifer Lawrence have proudly embraced their talent.

In the list, Rachel McAdam also gets added to the list.

Rachel McAdam Mole is no longer important, but all of her acting abilities are.

The end!

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