Are you a big fan of The Dr Phil Show? Do you know that Dr Phil has hosted 2000 episodes in his lifetime?

He is a great celebrity, and many of us may have been confused about Dr Phil, specifically whether he is an original doctor.

The answer is no; Phil is not a doctor, but he studied for a PhD in clinical psychology, thus earning the title.

He is a famous personality who rose to fame by appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and even Oprah helped him start his talk show, “Dr Phil.”

It was a very successful show; from that show, Dr Phil Gas gained tremendous fame and popularity.

When people become well-known, their entire family is thrust into the spotlight. In this case, Dr Phil’s family gets into the spotlight.

Most of us have seen Dr Phil’s second wife, Robin, but there is some mystery behind his first wife, Debbie Higgins McCall.

And we will address the question of his first wife, Debbie Higgins.

Who was Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife?

Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife

Dr Phil McGraw’s first wife’s name was Debbie Higgins. Debbie was an editor and publicist.

Both married when they were this young; Debbie was only a high school student when she married Phil in 1970.

Debbie was a very talented woman, as she was the editor and helped her husband with his work.

And she was such a supportive wife to Dr Phil.

But unfortunately, the pair separated within three years of marriage, and the couple didn’t have any kids.

Dr Phil is a well-known television personality, so all his family members were receiving media attention; however, the media shifted its attention to Debbie and discovered some exciting news about her.

Do you guys know what that sad news was?

Yes, Debbie Heggins is no longer on this earth! She has died.

What Happened to Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife?

Dr Phil McGraw’s first wife, Debbie, was supportive, and she used to appear with Phil and make her public appearances.

On the other hand, Debbie avoided public appearances after her divorce from Phil and focused solely on her career.

There are chances that Debbie might marry someone else, but as of now, there is no information about her second marriage.

Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife Obituary?

Debbie, Dr Phil’s first wife, died in 2014, and her brother confirmed the news to the media.

Debbie had cancer and had undergone numerous treatments to cure it.

But all her treatments were in vain; she fought her cancer all day and lost one day!

And Debbie Higgins is no more.

What does Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife Do for a Living?

Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife-

Debbie Higgins was a very ambitious woman who stood firm on her own two feet. By profession, she was an editor and publicist.

But she runs a business in Kansas City—a shop that sells alcohol to the people.

Debbie is a great entrepreneur, but she is also a skilled editor and has worked on many publications.

Moreover, she has also worked on the movie “Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence,” and Debbie was the editor of that movie. The film stars were Mary Bonczek, Brian Gildea, and Rob Dimension.

Thus, she was a career-oriented woman, but after getting divorced from Phil, Debbie didn’t associate herself with working in the movies.

What was the Appearance of Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife?

Debbie Higgins is a true beauty; she has blonde hair, bright and cheerful eyes, and a bright smile.

She is of Caucasian descent, so her skin is very white.

Dr Phil McGraw First Wife Photo

The photo of Debbie Higgins now shows her advanced age; as she grew older, her skin wrinkled, but her bright smile remained. Please see Debbie’s image, which is attached to this article.

Why did Dr Phil Mcgraw and his First Wife Get Separated?

Debbie and Phil married in high school; Phil was a football player, and Debbie was a cheerleader.

Her cheering abilities attracted Phil, and they married when they studied in high school at Roseland Park on November 27, 1970.

Their love life, however, did not last for many years because Phil was more dominant in nature and wanted Debbie to remain within the four walls of his home.

He refused to let her participate in any business, and Debbie has stood up to Phil’s misogynistic behaviour.

But Debbie decided to get separated when she learned about Phil’s infidelity issues.

Love has the power to bear all the suffering, but when there is no love, there is no point in all the suffering.

Thus, both of them got divorced in 1973.

And they don’t have any kids; after getting divorced from Debbie, Dr Phil married Robin, and their love life has been going on for over 45 years.

What is the Age of Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife?

Debbie’s exact age is unknown, but she could have been born in the 1950s because she was 20 years old when she married Phil.

Debbie could have been born in 1950, making her 73 years old in 2023.

What is the Net Worth of Dr Phil Mcgraw First Wife?

Debbie Higgins’ net worth is under review, and she runs her alcohol shop, so she might have earned lots of money.

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When did Dr Phil Mcgraw’s First Wife Die?

Debbie died in 2014, at 64, after a battle with cancer.

Who are Their Parents of Debbie?

Debbie’s father was a small farmer, and her mother was a housewife. And she was from a poor family background.

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Bottom Line

We hope everyone got more details about Dr Phil McGraw’s first wife’s name, profession, and cause of death.

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