Ethan Precourt (Born on 7 December 1992) is a successful businessman and photographer, and his name has been hitting the news headlines for the past year.

In this article, we’ll look at Chole East’s biography including his age, height, net worth, husband, career, and more.

Ethan Precourt Profile Summary
NameEthan Precourt
Birth Date7 December 1992
Birth PlaceMassachusetts
Age31 Years Old
Net Worth0.5 million
Professionbusinessman and photographer
UniversityBrigham Young University
FatherDouglas Precourt
MotherKristine Kurtz Precourt
SiblingAnne Precourt, Sarah Precourt, Spencer
Marital StatusMarried
WifeChole East

Who is Ethan Precourt?

ethan precourt
source: Instagram

Ethan Precourt is a successful businessman and photographer, and his name has been hitting the news headlines for the past year.

Because many celebrities will keep their relationships private because all fans and news media people may try to collect all the details about their partners too.

So, most of the relationships will be hidden. On the other hand, our global actress Chole East boldly announced her relationship status with her boyfriend, Ethan Precourt, in the year 2020.

Our Ethan Precourt has been on the internet since 2020. But he is not from a filmy background. He is a businessman.

According to online sources, it is believed that Chole East and Ethan Precourt were married on August 14, 2021.

He is still popularly known as Chole’s husband. However, in this article, we will look at businessman Ethan Precourt.

Early Life of Ethan Precourt

Ethan Precourt was born on December 7, 1992, in Massachusetts. His parents’ names are Douglas Precourt and Kristine Kurtz Precourt.

The precourt couple has four kids, and Ethan is one among them. Anne Precourt and Sarah Precourt are his siblings, and he has a single brother named Spencer.

Ethan Precourt had a wonderful childhood memory with his siblings, as his family lavished love and care for their four children.

Since his childhood, Ethan Precourt has had a strong interest in business management, so he decided to pursue a graduate course on the same.

As a result, he graduated from Brigham Young University, where he studied business, management, and marketing. The university is located in Hawaii.

Moreover, he has a great hobby of taking photos, which also helped him become a professional photographer.

Ethan Precourt Age

Ethan Precourt’s age is 31 Years old as of 2023. He gained so much fame and success at this age, this shows how talented and skilled Ethan is in his field.

Ethan Precourt Career

ethan precourt.image
source: Instagram

Ethan Precourt started his career as a sales associate at the Kilauea Pest Control Company in 2015, where he learned all the basics of running a business.

He then began working as the general manager of the Seven Brothers LLC company. We didn’t know how many years he worked for that company.

Then he changed his company again and worked for Ecapital as a factoring consultant. After working for a few years, he joined TaisSystems as a senior security professional.

Then he worked as an advisor for Amanda Senior Care.

We can see that he changed a lot of jobs. But isn’t this a typically middle-class guy’s life?

Even normal is beautiful because we take small steps to achieve our goals, making the failures like steppingstones.

Our Ethan Precourt powerfully came back as the proud entrepreneur of Happy Paws Dog Treats. He started his own company. Didn’t I say? Taking one small step may help us reach a higher level in life.

As a side business, Ethan Precourt is also carrying out his hobby as a photographer and even designed a website for booking him.

Ethan, as a photographer, has excellent skills. Thus, he is getting more projects, like weddings and events.

And Ethan Precourt slammed his friends, Amber, Dallas, and Adam, for assisting him in learning photography skills.

Ethan Precourt Personal Life

Ethan Precourt’s spouse’s name is Chole East. She is a famous actress and has acted in many films like True Blood, Jessica Darling’s It List, and Ice. Chole East also appeared in many advertisements.

Ethan and Precourt met through a mutual friend. Then their relationship developed into a love story.

In the year 2020, both Ethan and Chole began posting their couple images on their social media platforms. And her fans are even more intrigued to learn about the man who stole the heart of Gorgeous Chole East.

In that way, Ethan Precourt became a famous person.

On August 13, 2021, Chole announced that she was engaged to Ethan, and we can see the diamond rings on her beautiful hands.

And according to the new reports, the couple got married on August 14, 2021. But there is no official confirmation of the wedding date. We are confident, however, that the couple has exchanged their wedding vows.

Because the famous actress Chole East has changed her Instagram account name to Chole East Precourt, she used her husband’s surname.

So, it is 100 percent confirmed that they are married now. After getting married, most people will be eagerly await the good news. But come on, let them enjoy each other’s company.

We hope that they will announce their pregnancy on the internet.

We will surely update this in our article if there is any good news. However, no one knows when the little precourt will arrive in the human world.

Ethan Precourt Net Worth

Ethan Precourt is a successful entrepreneur and photographer.

On average, he will have around 0.50 million. However, his wife’s net worth is in the millions.

However, it was a good idea to keep separate bank accounts. Everyone will have financial independence by then.

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Ethan Precourt Physical Appearance

Ethan Precourt’s body measurements are unknown; we will update this section as soon as we retrieve the data. Still, we will focus on his external beauty.

He has the perfect American facial structure; his blonde hair and hazel-colored pupils constitute a significant highlight. He doesn’t seem like a gym man with all his biceps and triceps.

But Ethan appears to be the type of guy Chole East could spend the rest of her life with.

Ethan Precourt Facts

  • Chole East, a global actress, openly announced her relationship with Ethan Precourt in 2020, defying the trend of keeping celebrity relationships private.
  • Despite his wife’s fame, Ethan comes from a non-filmy background and is primarily known for his business ventures.
  • Ethan Precourt and Chole East reportedly got married on August 14, 2021, solidifying their relationship further.
  • Born in Massachusetts, Ethan grew up in a loving family with four siblings. His interest in business management started during his childhood.
  • Ethan graduated from Brigham Young University in Hawaii with a focus on business, management, and marketing. He also developed a passion for photography.
  • As of 2023, Ethan Precourt is 31 years old, a remarkable age to achieve his level of success.
  • Ethan’s career began as a sales associate, but he went through various job changes before becoming an entrepreneur, founding Happy Paws Dog Treats. He also pursued photography, which became a successful side business.
  • Ethan is married to Chole East, a famous actress. They met through mutual friends, and their love story unfolded in the public eye with social media posts.
  • While Ethan’s net worth is estimated at around 0.50 million, his wife’s net worth is in the millions. They maintain separate bank accounts for financial independence.

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