Deborah Jo Hunter or also known as Hunter Tylo, have you ever heard of this name?

She is an American actress, author, and retired model. She is best recalled for her part as Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Also, she was a top fashion model in the seventies and eighties and started up her acting career in Dallas,

Texas doing mesmerizing plays such as ” Vanities “, and ” The Marriage – Go – Round “. However, Deborah Jo Hunter often has been in the limelight for her skilled life,

But her personal life has also been in the spotlight, She has been married to 3 men till now.

And today, one of these three spouses of Deborah Jo Hunter is going to discuss him here, his name is Gersson Archila since she lastly got married to him and separated too.

Stay tuned to this biography article with us to learn more about Gersson Archila.

Gersson Archila Profile Summary
NameGersson Archila
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex WifeHunter Tylo's

Who is Gersson Archila?

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He is popularly remembered as the ex-husband of Deborah Jo Hunter or Hunter Tylo.

And, his ex-wife, Tylo, is an actress, novelist, and retired model from the United States best comprehended for his appearance in Hunter.

Also, Gersson has not disclosed anything about his family background; father, mother, and siblings.

It is also tough to say whether Gersson is the only child of his parents or his brothers and sisters.

Gersson Archila has kept his personal life as personal as feasible.

Early Life of Gersson Archila

Gerson Archila is a very reticent type who doesn’t like to talk much about himself and his family environment.

This is why there are no details accessible about Archila’s date of birth.

Because his date of birth is unavailable, Gerson’s age birth sign is also ambivalent.

It is also hard to say about Gerson’s ethnicity, racial background, and educational background. On the additional hand, Archila’s ex-wife, Tylo, was born Deborah Morehart on July 3, 1962.

Texas, United States, is Hunter’s birthplace, and her birth sign is Cancer She was born to Morris Jabez Hunter(father) and Jo Anne Hunter(mother).

Tylo has three siblings called Jay Hunter, Cliff Hunter, and Elizabeth Hunter.

Holding American nationality, Hunter is of mixed(Scottish-Irish-English) ethnic ground.

Gersson Archila Personal Life

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As we have said before, George is very much private about his personal life. Being an introvert he never talked about things related to him openly.

However, in such a situation, from his personal life, we can give you only the information that is related to his ex-wife Deborah Jo Hunter.

Gersson Archila and Deborah Jo Hunter

Gersson married Hunter Tylo only after proposing to her for quite an extensive period.

After knowing each other better and realizing that Archila can live with Tylo for the rest of his life, he agreed to take his relationship to the next phase.

In 2009, Archila tied the knot with Tylo on November 29 in a grand marriage procession in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ultimately, the duo got Separated

Unfortunately, the relationship between Hunter and Archila couldn’t last long and ceased after nine years in 2018.

Before tying the knot with Gersson, Tylo was already married twice and segregated from her husband.

She has been wedded three times to date in her life. In 1980, Hunter was wedded to Tom Morehart and had a son appointed Christopher but divorced him in 1984.

Later in 1987, Tylo fell in love again and married Michael Tylo. Gerson has two daughters(Izabella and Katya) and one son(Michael Edward Tylo Jr.) from this relationship.

But unfortunately, Tylo’s marriage also failed to be prolonged forever and was segregated in 2005.

Furthermore, Tylo got a controlling invitation against beau Corey Cofield in May 2008, charging that he had been forceful against her and her youngsters.

Gersson Archila Career

Gersson Archila’s career and professionalism are still not known, However, we could not give any updated information about his career.

But according to some of the sources he has been a huge part of his career in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Gersson Archila’s Social Media

Gersson Archila is a very introverted type who doesn’t like to be in the limelight.

Gerson is not seen using any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Gersson Archila Net Worth

There are no details accessible about his person’s professional life. So it is hard to predict Tylo’s ex-husband’s salary or net worth.

But, his ex-wife, Tylo, has gained a tremendous amount of fan following and money from her prosperous acting career.

According to various references, Gerson’s ex-wife, Hunter’s estimated net worth is $13 million as of the year 2022.

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Physical Appearance

Gersson Archila is by all accounts somewhat cryptic seeing his data as he has not imparted any data about his age to people in general.

Notwithstanding, seeing his pictures on different sites, Archila is by all accounts in his late fifties.

However, Gersson himself doesn’t corroborate this data. Similarly, data about his tallness, weight, and different subtleties are not accessible to widespread society yet.

So, this is Gersson Archila in this article, And we served all his possible details, Yet he is known for them.

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