If you have a love for home fragrances, it’s highly unlikely that you’re unfamiliar with Harry Slatkin and his net worth.

Harry Slatkin, the individual who gave life to the home fragrance industry with his first venture, will leave a lasting mark on business history.

Let’s know who is Harry Slatkin and what is his net worth this year.

Who is Harry Slatkin?

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Harry Slatkin is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He gained recognition as a prominent figure in the home fragrance industry.

Slatkin is known for his role as the founder of Slatkin & Co, a home fragrance brand, and his association with notable celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Elton John.

He is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scentworx, HomeWorx, and Slatkin & Co.

Slatkin has been a big name in the media since he expanded his home fragrance business. This was where his wealthy journey began.

Harry Slatkin Net Worth

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Harry Slatkin has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of the year 2023. He has grabbed this huge amount through his different earning sources.

However, majorly, he made such a huge wealth through his three businesses, Slatkin & Co., HomeWorx and Scentworx, and Belstaff.

Back in last year, his wealth was around $10 million. And now, with the help of his $2 million annual salary, he has reached the $12 million mark.

However, these data are not as accurate as we hope because these figures keep fluctuating every day.

How Did Harry Slatkin Make His Money?

Harry Slatkin made his money primarily through his ventures in the home fragrance industry.

He founded Slatkin & Co. in 1992, which gained significant popularity for its high-quality home fragrance products.

Slatkin’s products attracted a celebrity clientele and garnered attention from renowned individuals and brands, contributing to his financial success.

Aside from this, Harry has a few more businesses and secondary earning sources. Let’s find them too.

Harry Slatkin Businesses:

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Harry Slatkin is best known for his involvement in several home fragrance and lifestyle brands. Some of his notable ventures include:

#Slatkin & Co.

Harry Slatkin began his journey by founding Slatkin & Co. in 1992, focusing on crafting consumer-friendly home fragrance products.

His commitment to quality and innovation led to rapid success, with Slatkin’s scents capturing the attention of celebrities and influencers.

By securing a launch at Saks Fifth Avenue, the brand gained a foothold in the market.

Slatkin’s expertise and dedication propelled the company’s growth, attracting prominent collaborations with renowned figures like Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren.

#HomeWorx and Scentworx

Leveraging the expertise he gained through his first company, Slatkin expanded his vision, giving rise to HomeWorx and Scentworx, extending his fragrance empire.

Through strategic partnerships, celebrity endorsements, and a commitment to excellence, Slatkin curated an array of captivating scents.

These brands resonated with consumers, securing their place among luxury home fragrance options.

Slatkin’s steadfast dedication and innovative approach culminated in the triumphant success of HomeWorx, Scentworx, and the renowned Slatkin & Co.


Harry Slatkin played a pivotal role in the transformation of Belstaff, a British outerwear brand. In 2011, partnering with Tommy Hilfiger and the Labelux Group, Slatkin acquired Belstaff.

Assuming the position of CEO, he spearheaded its resurgence. Applying his business acumen and creative vision, Slatkin reinvigorated Belstaff’s image, blending heritage with modernity.

Through strategic collaborations and astute marketing, he propelled the brand back into prominence.

Slatkin’s leadership and commitment breathed new life into Belstaff.

What Happened to Slatkin and Co?

In 2005, Limited Brands acquired Harry Slatkin’s signature candle and home fragrance collection for an estimated amount of around $13 million.

These Slatkin & Co. products became part of a select range of upscale home scents available at Bath & Body Works and other retail outlets under the ownership of Limited Brands.

How You Can Also Have a Net Worth Like Harry Slatkin?

Making such a huge amount is neither easy nor hard. It’s all about how you are executing your plans. Like Slatkin, we can also follow some basic principles that can lead to success like him.

Here are the things you should do:

Research and Plan:

Like Harry Slatkin, you should first research a business that you think can work in the market. He chose a home fragrance product and moved with this base.

Similarly, there are always some gaps in the market that can be grabbed. All you need is perfect research and plan for it.

Start With a Team:

A lot of people may think of solopreneurship or a business without a team. However, this works rarely in certain conditions.

But to go so far, we have to be an entrepreneur that goes with a productive and dedicated team.

Move With Consistency:

After having your business foundation, it’s time to move consistently, facing and tackling all the problems you will be facing in your business.

If you succeed in this phase, no one is going to stop you from being like Harry Slatkin or richer than him.

The Bottom Line

Whenever it comes to the home fragrance business, Harry Slatkin is the name that comes to mind. This man just changed everything in this industry, just with his creative mind.

We should learn from this story and implement such habits in our lives. Hopefully, you loved reading this net worth article of Harry Slatkin.

However, still we are curious to get your feedback and opinions on this article, through the below comment section.

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