Are you a big fan of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit television series? Is Eliot Stabler your favourite character now?

Eliot Stabler, a fictional character, has many surprises and heartbreaking moments in store for all of us.

That’s why we came up with addressing the fictional character Eliot Stabler. This article is about his kids and what happened to them in the series.

If you are an Eliot fan and are wondering about the series’ rumours and speculations, then this article will answer your queries. Well, let’s get started.

Who is Eliot Stabler?

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Eliot Stabler is a fictional character in the television police procedural series “Law and Order,” He is a very talented detective.

Christopher Meloni played the character Eliot. And he was the lead in the series. While starting the series, Eliot, the detective, worked for the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.

And there, he worked until 2011, but Eliot announced his retirement due to an unfortunate shooting incident.

Then he did some underground detective work, and in the year 2021, Eliot Stinger’s wife died in a car bombing.

So, to find the culprit, Elliot Stabler again joined the police services, and he currently works at the Organized Crime Control Bureau.

And Olivia Benson is Eliot Stadler’s dearest work partner.

Who is the wife of Eliot Stabler?

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Eliot Stabler’s wife’s name was Kathy Stabler, and she was the love of his life. The pair got married in 1984.

Kathy was their high school sweetheart of Eliot; thus, the pair got married when they were just 17.

They were a very happy couple, but destiny didn’t let them continue their successful year.

Kathy died in a car bombing in the year 2021!

How did Eliot Stabler Wife die?

In season 22 and the episode “Return of the Prodigal Son,” Kathy was severely injured in a car bombing incident.

And she died as a result of multiple injuries, and Kathy was later rushed to the hospital, but Kathy died as a result of her spleen rupture.

How many Kids does Eliot Stabler have?

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Eliot Stabler was the father of five children.

First daughter: Maureen Stainer, who was born in 1984.

Kathleen Stabler, the second daughter, was born on August 18, 1988.

Then come the twin daughters, Richard Stabler and Elizabeth Richard; they were born on February 21, 1993.

Fifth son: Eliot Stabler Jr. was born on November 17, 2007.

As a result, Eliot and Kathy have a total of five children.

Let us go over them one by one in detail.

Maureen Stabler

She is the first kid in the family, and Maureen became pregnant very young.

And she has two kids named Kieran and Seamus.

Kathleen Stabler

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Kathleen Stabler is the Eliot family’s main daughter because she is involved in many problems.

And Kathleen went to the police station several times for her activities.

In one instance, due to her alcoholic driving, she was even arrested for burglary and stealing jewellery from a stranger’s home.

Here is the irony: Kathleen became a drug addict and did all the illegal activities under the influence of drugs.

Kathleen was later diagnosed with a bipolar disorder like her grandmother Bernadette Stabler.

And Bernadette encouraged Kathleen to seek treatment for her mental health issues.

Moreover, Kathleen had two boyfriends.

Viewers are increasingly interested in learning what happened to Eliot’s daughter Kathleen.

She is doing well, and it was just a phase for her.

Richard Stabler

Eliot and Kathy Stabler’s first child is Richard Stabler. And he is affectionately known as Dickie.

His father, Eliot, is an ardent fan of the astronaut Dick Finley. And he named his son the same as Dickie.

Richard is a very good son, and Shane Newsome was his best friend, but unfortunately, Shane was murdered, and Eliot also takes on Richard’s friend’s case.

Elizabeth Stabler

Elizabeth is the twin sister of Richard, and she is a pianist. She used to appear in her school’s plays.

Her appearance is a very limited one in the series.

Eliot Stabler Junior

He is the last kid for Eliot and Kathy because Eli was an unplanned child, and when Kathy was pregnant with him, she encountered many problems.

When the last period of her due date arrived, Kathy was involved in a serious accident, and Eli was ready to enter this world.

Thus, Kathy gave birth to Eli Junior in an ambulance.

So, Eliot Stabler was indeed a brave kid, and later he became a drug dealer.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have discussed the children of Eliot Stabler. Even after the death of Kathy, Eliot is doing his very best to take care of all his kids and grandkids in the best manner possible.

Being a father isn’t easy for the fictional character, either.

But Eliot is giving it his all!

The end of the story.

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