Instagram, the popular photo and video-sharing platform, has been a vital part of our daily lives for over a decade now.

With millions of users worldwide, it’s no surprise that many of us are curious about the ins and outs of this beloved app. One question that frequently arises is how many people we can unfollow on Instagram.

Whether you’re trying to clean up your feed, or simply manage the accounts you follow, understanding this limit is crucial.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how many people can you unfollow on Instagram. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about unfollowing on Instagram!

How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram?


If your Instagram account is older than three months, you can unfollow up to 200 profiles in a day.

However, if your account is new and has been active for less than three months, you are limited to unfollowing only 100 people per day.

It is still recommended to unfollow a reasonable number of accounts gradually over time to avoid being flagged as spammy behavior by Instagram’s algorithm.

In order to keep your activities natural, you are recommended to unfollow only 10 accounts in an hour, otherwise, the Instagram algorithm may understand you as a spammer.

How Many Accounts Can You Unfollow on Instagram in One Day?

There are two different Instagram limits for unfollowing profiles in one day:

1. For New Accounts (100):

If your account has been recently created and yet it is of less than 3 months, then you are allowed to unfollow a total of 100 Instagram profiles in one day. If you cross the limit, there can be chances of your ban.

So, to keep your account safe, you should be careful unfollowing a lot of people in a very short span of time.

2. For Old Accounts (200):

If your Instagram account is created before 3 months, then you get the special privilege of unfollowing a total of 200 Instagram profiles in one day.

Here again, crossing the limit might increase the chances of your account ban. So, keep your account away from suspicious activities and try to follow/unfollow limited profiles in a day.

Why is There an Unfollow Limit on Instagram?

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Instagram has put an unfollow limit to keep spammers away from the platform. That’s why Instagram has different rules for two different types of accounts.

There are many people who create new Instagram accounts for the purpose of fraud. And there are peoples who do bulk follows and unfollows on regular basis.

So, to avoid suspicious activities and spammers from the platform, Instagram has put an unfollow limit on it’s platform.

How Long Does the Unfollow Limit Lasts On Instagram?

The Instagram unfollow limit lasts 24 to 48 hours. However, in some cases, the duration might be flexible.

But most probably, you can normally unfollow after 24-48 hours.

Why the Unfollowed Accounts Come Back to Your Following List?

The unfollowed accounts come back to your following list because of excessive numbers of profiles unfollowing in an hour.

Instagram allows new users to unfollow up to 100 profiles and old users of over 3 months to unfollow up to 200 profiles.

If you over limit the threshold, the extra unfollowed accounts can come back to your following list again.

Even in some cases, if you can rapidly keep unfollowing around 50 accounts only, still the unfollowed accounts can come back to your following list.

This happens because Instagram has set its rules in such a way that no one can manipulate things easily on the platform. Instagram wants users to behave naturally, instead of making major changes frequently.

What Happens If You Unfollow Too Many on Instagram?

If you unfollow too many accounts on Instagram in a short period of time, it may be flagged as spammy behavior by Instagram’s algorithm.

This could result in temporary account restrictions, such as a temporary ban on following or unfollowing accounts, or being temporarily locked out of your account.

To avoid this, it’s recommended to unfollow a reasonable number of accounts gradually over time to keep your activities looking natural to Instagram’s algorithm.

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