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Ira Singhal Biography, IAS, Education, Age, Family, Marksheet, Rank

Ira Singhal is the name that is going to be remembered in the whole of Indian history. She is among the women who cleared India’s toughest exam, UPSC despite suffering from a disorder. Her life story is sure going to help you in your career, while you are an IAS aspirant or anything you want to become. Let you read this very inspirational life biography of Ira Singhal and achieve your dream.

Ira Singhal IAS Biography, UPSC Topper, Education, Age, Family, Marksheet, Rank
NameIra Singhal
Birth Date31 August 1983
Birth PlaceMeerut, India
Age37 Years
Height4''5' Feet
SalaryOver 60,000 INR
UPSC Rank1st Rank
Total UPSC marks1082/2500
ProfessionIAS Officer
SchoolArmy Public School
CollegeNetaji Subhas Institute of Technology
UniversityManagement Studies, University of Delhi
EducationComputer Engineering and MBA
ParentsFather - Rajendra Singhal
Mother - Anita Singhal
ResidenceDelhi, India

Who is IAS officer Ira Singhal?

Ira Singhal is the highest scoring candidate in the UPSC exam for the year 2014. She is widely famous for cracking the UPSC examination four times even after suffering from a spine-related disorder. She was appointed as an IRS officer three times, but her dream was to become an IAS officer. Following her dream, she achieved the first rank in her fourth attempt and completed her dreams.

Let you see below in this biography that how Ira Singhal became able to clear India’s toughest exam. I am sure that you are going to overflow with inspirations and motivations after reading her story.

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I want to be an IAS officer. I want to do something for the benefit of physically challenged peoples – Ira Singhal

Early Life of Ira Singhal

Ira Singhal was born on 31 August 1983 (age 37 years) in Meerut, India. Her father Rajendra Singhal is an engineer and her mother, Anita Singhal is an insurance advisor. She had a brother but sadly he died during her childhood. Ira’s childhood was surrounded by a bunch of problems and difficulties as she suffers from Scoliosis. It is a spine-related disorder that causes an abnormal curve of the spine.

Peoples of her society has always used to criticize her for her disability. No one believed in her abilities and power except her parents and friend. She said that my parents are one of the biggest inspirations for me and even my father wanted to see me as an IAS officer. Thereafter, she ignored everything and pushed herself towards her dreams.

Education Qualification of Ira Singhal

Ira Singhal begins her elementary education at Sophia Girls School, Meerut and Loreto Convent School, Delhi. In both of the schools, she was ranked among the toppers. Although, she has also changed her school a couple of times during her primary education. Later, she did her schooling at Army Public School. Ira Singhal was a very studious and intelligent student in her school.

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She later enrolled in Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology to pursue her Computer Engineering studies. Further, she received a dual MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi.

IAS Journey of Officer Ira Singhal

After completing her MBA, Ira Singhal worked as a strategy manager in Cadbury India, and later as a marketing intern at the Coca-Cola Company. Also, she has taught Spanish for a single year. Anyway, she was not satisfied with her life and jobs. Thereafter she made her conceptions to clear the UPSC exam and to become an IAS officer.

It was 2010 when Ira attempts the UPSC examination for the first time and even cracked it easily. But due to low rank, she came to the list of Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers. Despite cracking this hardest exam, she was not allowed to take the position in the office due to her physical disability.

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Thereafter in 2012, Ira Singhal filed a case in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and successfully won after four years. Later, she appointed as Assistant Commissioner in Indian Revenue Service (C&CE). Although, her dream of becoming an IAS officer was still uncompleted. So, he thought to try again and again until she will achieve her goal.

Ira Singhal gave the UPSC examination in 2010, 2011, and 2013 but all the times she got Indian Revenue Service (IRS) post. But she was believing that she can do it the next time. Following this, she tried once more in 2014 and this time she prepared so hard compare to the previous times.

Singhal’s efforts paid her when the UPSC declared the results as she succeeded to secure the 1st rank.

Ira Singhal UPSC exam Marksheet

Below is the mark sheet of UPSC topper Ira Singhal.


Ira Singhal as an IAS Officer

Ira Singhal is a very renowned IAS officer and has done several developments and achieved numerous designations in her career.

She has been also appointed as the brand ambassador of many government departments. As of now, she is the brand ambassador of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Ministry of Women and Child Development, the Department of Disability, and the NITI Aayog.

She has been also contributed to the disabled students in their examinations policies with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Moreover, Ira Singhal is working as a great speaker by speaking on topics like education, disability, and

gender disparity. Following this, she has attended over 500 national and international conferences as a speaker. In fact, she has also attended sessions at the prestigious institutions of India, including IIM and IIT.

Works and Developments of IAS Ira Singhal

IAS Ira Singhal is consistently working on many things, while it could be for peoples, education, the environment, and so on. She has done very vast works during her short career. Below are given her past and present works that have helped the country at another level.

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Ira Singhal Image
  • Ira Singhal is working on the empowerment of disabled peoples so that they can also stand equal with everyone.
  • She is primarily focusing on the empowerment of women to make them responsible for contributing to the country.
  • She is also promoting the transgender community as she believes to make everyone equal without any comparison.
  • Ira has focused on child labor and child marriages to prevent the bad start of their life.
  • Apart from humans, she is also standing for the environment by preventing the illegal conversion of green lands. Ira is trying to promote green energy as much as she can.
  • Ira is working on skill development, promoting mental health, and promoting Khadi and indigenous fabrics.

These efforts and hard works are immensely great and would surely bring a big change in our surroundings. Once she has also rescued around 340 children and bonded laborers and helped them to get their families.

Moreover, Ira has become the first person to give full-time employment to a transgender in a government office in Delhi.

Awards and Honours

Ira Singhal has also nominated for several awards and honors for her astonishing works. However, those awards are very small and almost nothing in comparison to her efforts and works. But these awards could give inspiration to the IAS aspirants and every UPSC student. Below are mentioned the major awards she has won in her life.

  • India Today’s Woman of the Year 2015
  • President Gold Medal for Topping the IAS Training
  • First Ladies of India Awards by the Ministry of Women and Child Development
  • Recorded her name in the Limca Book of Record
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Ira Singhal Award Image


Ira Singhal is one of the best and greatest IAS officers in Indian history. She is a stand-alone example for peoples who neglect to do something due to a small problem in their life. But here in Ira’s case, she is suffering from a spinal curve disorder which is a very critical thing for anyone.

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Despite this, Ira Singhal grew up with the only intention to achieve her dream, facing and braving the difficulties. We believe that her biography is enough to make you inspired and motivated for your career. Also, we hope you have learned many more things through her life story. You can share your feedback with us so that we can know about your reviews.

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