Are you guys fans of the “Heather” song sung by Conan Gray? The song’s name itself sounds so smooth and relaxing, right?

Even its lyrics are soul-taking.

However, the song has fueled rumors that Conan Gray is gay.

Why is homosexuality so popular on the Internet? What is his stand on the rumors? To know the full details, readers have to read the full article.

Bonus points: we will be sharing some of the beautiful lyrics of Heather’s song as well, so don’t miss it!

Is Conan Gray Gay?

Conan Gray-
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Conan Gray is a popular singer who rose to fame with songs like “Maniac,” “Heather,” and “Kid Krow.”

Even he has done his part in Taylor Swift’s “Fearless.” Thus, he is a very influential person in the music industry.

But at the same time, Conan Gray has become the scapegoat for many controversies.

One of the main controversies is that Conan Gray is gay. And we have tried our best to unfold the facts about his gender. Still, we couldn’t find the absolute answer to that question.

Conon Gray appears to be interested in both males and females but does not appear to be gay.

And here’s Conan Gray’s response to the sexual orientation rumors.

“Y’all are so annoying. All y’all ever want to do is place a label on me. Just let me freaking exist. “What the f*ck?”

This shows that Conan is not willing to reveal his gender identity.

Why do People Think Conan Gray is Gay?

Conan Gray
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There are a few things that made people speculate about Conan Gray’s gender, and here they are:

Conan Gray and Heather song

Heather is the love song of this century, and it has received millions of views.

As its popularity increases, the rumours are also spreading.

Conan Gray revealed that he wrote that song in memory of his ex-lover. Here’s where the fishy thing is:

We didn’t know the gender of the ex-lover.

If we see the song’s beginning, the lyrics mention some girl. However, looking closely at the next stanza, we can see a mix of feminine and masculine characteristics.

“Only if you knew

I liked you a lot.

But I watch your eyes as she.

Here, Conan Gray is referring to the girl.

“You gave her your sweater.”

“It’s just polyester, but you like her better.”

But this line refers to some other person.

And the song has three pronouns. I, you, and she

When the popular news media interviewed Conan Gray about this Heather Song conundrum,

I constantly switched between them to become the person I knew my crush would like. Someone soft and sweet Someone like Heather, he said,

Who was Conan Gray Talking About in Heather?

Conan Gray-pic
source: Instagram

Conan Gray has described “Heather” as the love of life. But unfortunately, he didn’t reveal the face behind his beautiful love story.

Henceforth, There is an absolute answer to this question.

Matty Healy and Conon Gray

Matty Healy is also a famous British singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Conan Gray has shared an image of him and Matty kissing each other.

But Conan Gray has just kissed his cheeks. It is usual for guys to kiss each other so we couldn’t justify his sexual orientation based on one kissing photo.

Conan Gray Met Gala

Conan Gray’s Met Gala 2022 event costume has also led to lots of speculation because he was wearing a Valentino look designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli.

He wore gleaming silver pants and a transparent embellished blouse with a long cape like Superman.

His” met gala looks” looked feminine. Nonetheless, his costume fits the Gala theme.

As a result of this indication, we could not prove his sexuality again.

Is Conan Gray Married?

No, Conan Gray is still single as of 2023, and he stated in an interview that he was afraid of getting into a serious relationship because he couldn’t bear losing his love.

And he added that his failure to first true love made him lead a single life and instilled lots of fear in him.

Still, Conan Gray is rumored to be dating some people, and they are

Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is a singer and actress who has worked with Conan on two songs. Those two people have excellent chemistry.

Thus, people guess they might be in a relationship, but Conan strongly disagrees with that, and he says Olivia is his very good friend.

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Conan Gray and Ashley

Ashley is a very close friend of Conan, and they have had a close friendship since their school days.

The rumors spread around her as well. But Conan denied this as well.

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Bottom Line

We conclude this article by sharing Conan Gray’s statement on his sexual identity rumors.

“If labels on sexuality and gender and beliefs and all that great stuff are helpful for you, I’m all for it.” You do you. But I get mad the second you try to shove everyone else into a neat, easy-to-understand box. Stop! Please! f*cking stop!”

Conan Gray can be gay, bisexual, lesbian, or a straight heterosexual guy, but all these things don’t matter; his kind heart and talent matter above all.

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