Have you got a favorite song by Jack Harlow? Do you know his iconic “Industry Baby” song?

It has become one of the hit songs of the year 2021, and Jack Harlow is the singer who was named to Forbes’ annual “30 Under 30” list.

He is famous for his hip-hop and pop-rapping styles.

Millions and millions of people liked his significant rapping style. That’s why he was nominated for three Grammys!

But Jack Harlow has recently been the hot topic in the musical world.

And their topic of discussion is Jack Harlow being gay! What do you guys think about the sexual orientation of Jack Harlow?

Readers must read the full article to know the answers to these questions. Many fascinating facts are waiting exclusively for our readers. Let’s get started.

Is Jack Harlow Gay?

Jack harlow
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Jack Harlow is a famous American rapper who rose to fame with songs like “Industry Baby, What’s Poppin’, First Class.”

But last year, “industry baby song” invited lots of criticism from the public because Lil Nas X danced nude among the nude back dancers in the song’s video.

The song expresses solidarity for gay people, and Jack Harlow is featured; thus, people assumed Jack Harlow was gay.

But the real truth is that Jack Harlow is not gay. He is a straight person; he was just a part of that song, and his sexual orientation has nothing to do with the industry baby song.

Why Do People Think Jack Harlow is Gay?

The gayness of the song made everyone speculate that Jack is also gay.

But if we look closely at that song, Jack Harlow used to play a minor role and never danced with naked Lil Nas and his back dancers.

Even in that song, Jack Harlow is romantically involved with some female officers, thus clearly showing that he doesn’t portray him as gay.

Jack Support for the LGBTQ Community

Jack harlow image
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In an interview, Jack Harlow openly admitted that he was brought up in a neighborhood with a large LGBTQ community.

As a result, he will have a better understanding of their lives.

Even Jack Harlow supported Lil Nas for his song, and he shared that he was so proud to be part of that song.

And Jack Harlow shared that Lil Nas’ proud queerness will pave the way for many artists yet to come.

Jack Harlow’s Friendliness with Men

Jack Harlow
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Jack Harlow used to be very friendly with his male friends and flirt with them by flashing his body parts.

Sometimes, he used to flirt with Druski (a comedian) and Drake (a singer) in humorous ways.

Jack Harlow Interviews and Instagram stories

One time, in his Instagram stories, he shared that “he’d perform oral acts on men and sleep with someone who looks like him.”

And another statement also triggered his gayness rumour, and in that interview, Jack Harlow shared that his off-duty time revolves around parties.

He added, “I like to party.” I like to kick it with women. I like to kick it with, uh, men. I try to enjoy myself.

These statements made the people recheck his gender identity, but the real fact is that Jack Harlow’s a guy who loves women.


The below-mentioned sections will help people understand his sexual orientation with real-life proof.

Who is Jack Harlow’s Girlfriend?

Jack Harlow’s girlfriend is rumored to be dating Dua Lipa, the ex-girlfriend of Trevor Noah.

This information was shared on page six of the forum, and according to another insider report, Jack was very interested in Lipa, and they even met in a restaurant.

But this is not an official news from either of them.

Rumoured Girlfriends

Jack Harlow is romantically linked with rapper Saweetie; the two met at the BET Awards, and Jack expressed his interest in her.

But it seemed to be a mere normal conversation and nothing more than that.

Two years ago, the rumour spread that Jack was dating Addison Rae, but even that seemed to be a mere rumour.

Recently, in the Jack Harlow Instagram question and answer section, one fan asked this question: “Whom do you date next?”

He shared the answer like this: “He would like to date rapper Yung Miami.”

All this evidence points to Jack Harlow’s preference for women over men!

Bottom Line

“Ha, yes, I am

They say, “You a superstar now,” damn, I guess I am

You might be the man, well, that’s unless I am

Okay, I’ll confess I am”

These are the lyrics to Jack Harlow’s “First Class.” This song shows his happiness at gaining a significant position in the rap industry.

He personified himself as a man even in his lyrical works.

Thus, we would like to conclude by saying that Jack Harlow is not gay, but he is a man who fights for their rights and supports their life.

Do you want to keep up with Jack Harlow’s latest news? Then readers can visit his Instagram account, @jackharlow.

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