Are you the person who loved to watch Maya Hawke’s performance in Stranger Things? Do you fall in love with the Robin character from Stranger Things?

Maya has brilliantly played her role; in addition, Maya Hawke has starred in blockbuster movies like Little Women, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Fear Street Part One: 1994, and Do Revenge.

In addition to that, she is also a great singer. Each year, her popularity level increases day by day, and in the meantime, her rumours are even increasing day by day.

Many people have recently speculated that Maya Hawke is gay. But what do you guys think about it?

Readers must read the whole article to know the real and true answers.

Is Maya Hawke gay?

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Maya Hawke is an excellent American actress who can portray her characters so realistically that she looks like she has been living in that character.

Her realistic acting has led to many speculations about her sexuality. Because in the recent Strange Things series, Maya Hawke played the role of Robin, which is a lesbian character.

In the year 2022, Maya Hawke appeared in the film “Do Revenge,” playing the role of Eleanor Levitan, despite the fact that it is a lesbian role.

In both of the movies, she portrays the real lives of lesbians—their lifestyle, desires, etc.

So many people guessed that Maya was gay or lesbian. But the real truth is that Maya Hawke is a straight woman who loves dating guys.

Is Robin from Stranger Things Bisexual in Real Life?

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Maya Hawke played the role of Robin in Netflix’s Stranger Things television series.

She used to work in the ice cream parlour in Hawkins with the main character, Steve.

In the Stranger Things fandom, Steve and Robin emerged as a lovely budding couple.

But here comes the twist: when Steve confesses his feelings to Robin, Robin clearly explains that she doesn’t like men but only girls.

Even though she has realistically portrayed a lesbian character, Maya Hawke is a straight woman.

In a Stranger Things promotion interview, Maya stated that she was excited to play the role of a lesbian because her character Robin will help people accept themselves.

Here is an example of her understanding and support for the LGBTQ community.

“If I can hope for anything, it’s that some people fell in love with Robin, which helped them fall in love with girls who love girls and boys who love boys.

Maya Hawke in “Do Revenge”

In “Do Revenge,” Maya Hawke plays the role of Eleanor, who develops strong feelings for Drew.

Eleanor and Drew are a popular lesbian pair. Even though the plotline of the movie centres on Drea and Eleanor agreeing to go after one another’s bullies,

Who is Maya Hawke Dating in Real Life?

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As we have already stated, Maya is a straight woman; therefore, she is currently dating musician Spencer Barnett.

And “the daily mail” team shared the photographs of Maya kissing Spencer. Aside from that, both of them have made frequent public appearances.

Spencer Barnett is a famous musician who comes from an influential family background.

Barnett is the son of businessman Roger Barnett and former attorney Sloan Barnett.

But there has been no update on their marriage; we must continue to wait.

Past Relationships

Before dating Spencer, Maya Hawke dated Sienna Miller’s ex, Tom Sturridge. But the couple attracted more criticism because the age gap between Maya and Tom was 13 years.

The couple underwent many issues, and eventually, they broke up after dating for a few years.

Moreover, Maya Hawke has been romantically involved with the Rolling Stone COO, Gus Wenner.

Maya Hawke: Interesting Facts

  • Maya Hawke is 25 years old, but she has been able to gather a big fandom for her acting skills.
  • She is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, both famous actors and actresses. However, when she was younger, her parents divorced.
  • If we look at Maya Hawke’s movies and TV shows, she has acted in 24 Hollywood projects and composed five songs independently.
  • Maya Hawke had dyslexia, so her interests shifted towards acting and music.
  • She was admitted to the prestigious Julliard acting university, but due to her busy acting schedule, she discontinued her acting classes.
  • Maya Hawke will lend her voice to the anime adaptations of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Bottom Line

Thus, in this article, we have quoted the proof that Maya Hawke is not gay and that her sexual orientation is straight.

Maya Hawke is a person who strongly believes that there is nothing to be ashamed of in being a gay person; in this world, only the talent and character of the person matter.

Maya Hawke has also been sharing her solidarity with the LGBTQ community. That is a palpable one.

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