Are you guys great fans of Disney movies? Then do you remember what the term “Te Fiti” refers to?

The clock is ticking!

Yes! It is Moana’s island from the Disney movie “Moana.”

Te Fiti is also the goddess of creation, who gave her heart to the creation of flora, fauna, and humans and transformed herself into a peaceful island, Te Fiti.

This is the intro to the Moana film, and we have all been mesmerized by the beauty of that island.

Someone may have fantasized about visiting Te Fiti Island. But can anyone go to “Te Fiti” island for real?

Is there an air service to reach the island? To know the answers, the reader has to read the whole article.

Is Te Fiti a Real Island?

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Te Fiti is a fictional island featured in Disney’s smash-hit film Moana. And the island’s prosperity and richness solely depend on the heart of the mother island, “Te Fiti,” but Maui stole the heart.

And Moana set out on her journey to reclaim Maui’s heart. And the whole journey is the rest of the film.

The question here is whether or not there is an island called Te Fiti.

The answer is no; Te Fiti is not a real island, and the directors have taken inspiration from Tahiti.

Is Tahiti the Island of Moana?

Is Tahiti the Island of Moana
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There are many similarities between Tahiti and Te Fiti Island because the moviemakers created the movie based on the story of Moana on the ancient lives of the Polynesian people.

And Tahiti is also a French Polynesian island in the South Pacific Ocean. And even our Moana story travels around the Polynesian island.

In an interview with Variety magazine, the Moana team’s production designer and art director, Ian Gooding, and Bill Schwab confirmed,”

But they’re based on real areas at real times. [To replicate] costumes, boats, houses, and tattoos, we had most of the information from Samoa, which ended up being Motunui, the fictional island Moana is from.

Thus, it shows that Te Fiti is not a real island but is based on Tahiti and its people’s culture, costumes, and rituals.

What is the History of Te Fiti Island?

Te Fiti Island
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Te Fiti was originally a watery ocean, but then the entity “Te Fiti” gave her the heart to create all living organisms. She transformed her body into a beautiful island, and that island is Te Fiti.

But the whole island works on the power of Te Fiti Heart.

Because “Te Fiti” is a very prosperous island, many villains and evil forces wanted to steal its heart.

Tamatoa and the bloodthirsty Kakamora pirate tried to steal the heart of Te Fiti.

But the Maui boldly invaded the shores and stole Te Fiti’s heart.

Is Moana Mountain a Real One?

Moana Mountain
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In the movie, we can see a mountain on the island, and even it has attracted the minds of everyone.

But even the mountain in Te Fiti is not a real one. The directors take their inspiration from Mount Otemanu in the Bora Bora Islands. That location, too, is in the South Pacific Islands.

Bottom Line

The Disney film Moana has indeed created lots of memories for us. And deep inside their hearts, everyone wants to have a journey like hers.

Her journey to save her people and island made us consider them real people.

But it is not, all thanks to the directors who have created such a realistic movie for us.

The end!

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