Are you guys great fans of Nathan Chen? Have you ever seen Nathan Chen perform quadruple axle jumps?

If yes, we are pretty sure you might have been curious about his skating performance.

Nathen is a skating prodigy who always brings home the gold for his country.

Well, speaking of his country, Nathan Chen belongs to the American region, and his parents are Chinese immigrants.

His fame and winning moments are irreplaceable, but when a sports athlete gives an interview, he should be more careful with his words.

Otherwise, they risk attracting controversies in both their professional and personal lives.

And Nathan Chen is the perfect example of that. And he was met with a barrage of criticism, with some even speculating that Nathan Chen is gay.

Is he gay? Please read the entire article to get all of the answers.

Is Nathan Chen Gay?

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Nathan Chen is an Olympic gold medalist, three-time world champion, and three-time grand champion from the American region.

Recently, a rumour has been spreading on the internet that Nathan is gay.

But the real truth is that Nathan Chen is a straight, heterosexual person who loves women.

You guys might think, “Why did the rumour start spreading out of the blues?”

It all started with a podcast in which Nathan Chen expressed his discomfort on the skating field and added that being a straight male athlete in skating is tough in this homosexual people-dominated sport.

Many people assumed he was gay because he stated that skating is a homosexual-dominated sport.

Because even Nathan admitted that his skating sport is more of a feminine one, but it doesn’t mean he is gay.

Nathan Chen is a straight male who gets criticised for his sport.

Why do People Think Nathan Chen is Gay?

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Nathan Chen’s podcast statements are the focal points of the rumours. Here in this section, we will see a thorough reason for it.

We want to share some Nathan Chen interview snippets for your convenience.

Especially as a male athlete… as a straight male athlete in a predominantly homosexual or LGBTQ-dominated sport.

We don’t want to watch guys skate around,” and [unintelligible] we’d rather watch hockey or… we’d rather watch females do that, which I think is pretty messed up in and of itself; we’re all doing it; it’s a genuine sport for us.

Nathan Chen explicitly states that sports are for homosexuals but emphasises that “he is a straight male athlete.”

We got the answer to our query, but is this the correct way to describe one sport?

Of course not, Nathan Chen’s statement drew more criticism, and not all skaters turned out to be LGBTQ people.

And publicly, Nathan Chen asked everyone to apologise for his interview statements.


We would like to provide proof that Nathan Chen is straight.

Podcast Interview

In the interview, Nathan Chen admitted that he is a straight male.

Past Relationship

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The gay person used to be attracted to the man. However, Nathan Chen has always shown an interest in women.

In 2017, Nathan Chen was rumoured to be dating the Japanese figure skater Mai Mihara.

They used to post photos of themselves as a couple on social media.

But both of them didn’t confirm their relationship in public.

Nathan Chen previously dated figure skater Amber Glenn; in response to Nathan Chen, Amber Glenn posted a sweet message on her Twitter account.

A little late, but thank you, @nathanwchen, for making my Valentine’s Day special.

This shows that Nathan and Amber have dated, but according to online sources, the couple separated within a few months.

Currently, he is not dating anyone.

We want to finish this article by sharing the inspiring life journey of Nathan Chen, the skater.

Nathan Chen the Inspiration

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  • Nathan Chen was born on May 5, 1999, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nathan is thus 24 years old as of 2023.
  • His parents’ names are Zhidong Chen and Hetty Wang; they were Chinese immigrants.
  • He started his skateboarding journey at the age of 3. In 2006, Nathan Chen competed in the U.S. Junior Nationals.
  • Then in 2009, he entered the novice level, and Nathen Chen became the youngest novice champion in the history of U.S. figure skating at age 10. He won the national novice title.
  • Nathan Chen has thus been a skating celebrity since childhood.
  • Nathan Chen then began competing in junior high-level competitions. Then his career was set on an elevated path.
  • And he has won several championships; he has also competed in two Olympic games.
  • Nathen Chen has one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal from the Olympics.
  • Nathan set a new world record in the last Olympics by performing six quadruple axles during the competition.


Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in what you do in life.

– Nathen Chen, the Olympic gold medalist

As per his quotes, Nathen has also gone through lots of problems because of his sexual orientation rumours. But this article clearly states that Nathan Chen is not gay but straight!

We wish him all success in his life.

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