Are you guys great fans of Tyler Perry’s, for better or worse, a full-length sitcom? Or do you like his Madea character?

We all liked his acting and directing skills. He is the whole package of entertainment. Tyler has elevated the American entertainment industry to new heights.

As a result, he became the most powerful and well-paid person in the American industry.

However, if a person becomes a celebrity, rumours will circulate to diminish their personality and fame.

And there has been a rumour circulating about Tyler Perry being gay.

As a result, in the following section, we will go over the sexual rumours that attempted to obscure Tyler Perry’s success.

Is Tyler Perry Gay?

Tyler Perry
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Tyler Perry is an American actor, producer, writer, and director among present-day kids and the 90s kids.

This shows his volatile nature toward the entertainment industry, and he will periodically receive recognition by winning many awards and accolades.

Tyler Perry is also a Grammy awardee. But the rumour tried to clash with his every achievement, and that is about his sexual identity.

Because of his Madea franchise!

Yes, Madea is an African-American woman whom Tyler Perry created, and he used to act in the Madea character so well that we have to believe that a real old grandmother is playing the role.

Tyler Perry’s outstanding performance as Madea sparked these rumors, and because he plays an older woman, he must dress like one.

So, this is the focal point of those rumours.

However, we’d like to share Perry’s response to this rumour.

“However, it has given me a firm seat in my manhood.” “And if some people can’t separate the character from the man I am, then that’s their issue, not mine.”

Thus, it clearly shows that Tyler Perry is a straight male with the flair to impress people with his acting skills.

Why do People think Tyler Perry as Gay?

Tyler Perry-
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First and foremost is his Madea character, a globally recognized show, so even global readers were eager to know about his real sexual identity.

And it has triggered that rumour to a greater degree.

Walter Lee Hampton II’s Statement

Recently, Walter released a statement on the internet that “Tyler is gay, and if he had come out in earlier times, he would not have become this successful.”

This statement has also triggered the opinions of his fans.

But Perry didn’t reply to his claim and just ignored it.

But later on, Tyler Perry shared a statement on his blog post that.

Listen to me! You can’t change anything you have done in the past; all you can do is go forward.

No matter how many mistakes you have made or how many things you have done wrong, you have to move forward.

Here in this statement, we can notice some mystery about his past life, and Walter might have mentioned about his gender mystery.

We might get the answer to his gender identity if he reveals something. But unfortunately, perry didn’t.


Here in this section, we will discuss the things that prove that Tyler Perry is a straight person.

Tyler Lepley Statement

Tyler Perry-pic
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Tyler Lepley is the popular actor who has acted in the “Have and the Have Nots” crime drama, and Tyler Perry is the director and producer of that show.

Thus, both of them were good friends, and Lepley stated, “Tyler Perry is not gay, and he is a kind person.”

And his public declaration confirms his sexuality.

Past Relationships

Tyler Perry-image
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Tyler Perry dated Gelila Bekele for a few years, but there is no information on whether they got married.

But Gelila was Tyler’s partner, and the couple welcomed their first child, Aman Tyler Perry, in 2014; they later divorced, and Tyler is currently single.

Anyway, the important point is that Tyler Perry is attracted to women. As a result, it has been proved that Tyler likes women.

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Bottom Line

The article provides a clear explanation of the sexual orientation of Tyler Perry, and he is not gay.

If we want to measure Perry’s success rates, it would be 200 points, and his net worth is around $1 billion! And he is the godfather of Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor. (Prince Harry and Meghan’s daughter)

Thus, he is a successful man, and these rumors try to defame him personally, but he is bravely encountering them.

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