James Pendergrass (born on 18 February 1999) is a multifaceted American figure, who gained fame as a television personality, actor, model, and reality star, notably featuring in Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle.”

Beyond the screen, he excels as a basketball player, fitness trainer, and social media influencer.

Also, Pendergrass captivates audiences with his diverse talents, making him a celebrated public figure in the realms of entertainment, sports, and online influence.

Moreover, let’s deep down into this article to know his age, education, girlfriend, height, weight, nationality, career, net worth, and more.

Profile Summary
NameJames Pendergrass
Birth DateBorn on 18 February 1999
Birth PlaceOahu Hawaii
Zodiac SignAquarius
Age25 Years old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5′ 11″
In Centimeter: 180 cm
In Meter: 1.80 m
WeightIn Kilogram: 80 kg
In pounds: 176 lbs
Net Worth$600,000 USD to $800,000 USD
ProfessionActor, Model, and Basketball player.
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who is James Pendergrass?

James Pendergrass, a versatile American talent, gained prominence in 2022 as a contestant on “Too Hot To Handle.”

Beyond being a television personality, he’s an actor, model, and basketball player.

A young individual with diverse skills, James has graced both movies and TV series with his acting prowess while also leaving a mark in the world of modeling.

His multifaceted abilities make him a noteworthy presence in the realms of entertainment, sports, and social media.

Early Life of James Pendergrass

James Pendergrass was born on 18 February 1999, in Oahu Hawaii to his anonymous parents.

He is an American of Afro-American ethnicity and embraces Christianity.

In addition, he maintains privacy about his family, being an only child without siblings.

James pursued education in his hometown’s local school and later graduated from the Orange Coast College Athletics, University of Hawaii, showcasing his athletic prowess through basketball.

As a well-rounded individual, James excelled academically and gained recognition as a versatile athlete and public figure.

Hence, the mystery surrounding his family adds an enigmatic layer to his otherwise publicly celebrated persona.

James Pendergrass Age

James Pendergrass is 25 years old as of 2024 because he was born on 18 February 1999, in Oahu Hawaii.

Moreover, his zodiac sign is Aquarius and these individuals are known for their originality, independence, and humanitarian nature.

Also, they are open-minded, and innovative, and value intellectual pursuits, fostering unique perspectives in social settings.

James Pendergrass Girlfriend

Too Handle to Handle James Pendetgrass and Brittan Byrd Image
Too Handle to Handle James Pendetgrass and Brittan Byrd

James Pendergrass’s relationship status remains single as of 2024, though he was romantically linked to Brittan Byrd from December 2022.

However, it’s unclear if they are still together, as he has not officially disclosed the current status of his relationship and it looks like he only focusing on his career.

James Pendergrass and Brittan Byrd

James Pendergrass and Brittan Byrd’s tumultuous relationship on Too Hot To Handle sparked rumors of its authenticity after hints of possible fakery emerged.

Despite limited screen time, they gained fan-favorite status for their intense emotional connection, challenging Lana’s rules.

However, leaving the retreat together, fans uncovered clues suggesting James wasn’t entirely single.

Moreover, The couple’s differing views on using the prize money added tension, with Brittan briefly leaving for Ethan Smith but eventually reuniting with James.

James Pendergrass Career

James Pendergrass Image

James Pendergrass is a versatile American talent who has made a mark as a television personality, actor, model, and reality star.

Beyond the screen, he showcases his athleticism in basketball championships and imparts fitness expertise as a trainer.

Embracing social media, James has become an influential presence online.

Also, his career is diverse, spanning movies, TV series, and sports.

Notably, he gained widespread recognition by participating in the fourth season of the Netflix reality show “Too Hot To Handle,” beginning on December 7, 2022.

Moreover, James’ dynamic presence across various fields attests to his multifaceted talents, capturing the attention of audiences both on and off-screen.

James Pendergrass’s Too Hot to Handle

James Pendergrass catapulted to stardom as a contestant on the fourth season of the hit Netflix reality show, “Too Hot To Handle,” which premiered on December 7, 2022.

Although he didn’t clinch victory, James became a beloved figure for fans. Post-show, his endeavors garnered curiosity.

Initially setting out for casual hookups on “Wild Love,” James switched gears upon learning of the $200,000 USD prize, adopting a role as the show’s “sex cop.”

Moreover, James known for his comedic flair, pursued connections with Kayla Richart and later found companionship with Brittan Byrd.

Despite a strong relationship, they fell short of making it to the finals, leaving viewers eager to follow James’ post-show journey.

James Pendergrass Instagram

James Pendergrass is a digital creator who boasts 136,000 followers on his Instagram as of 2024.

Also, he shares his journey on Instagram with 304 posts which include his lifestyle and career highlights.

In addition, he is known for his role on @toohotnetflix also he collaborates with @ruleoneproteins.

James Pendergrass Google

James Pendergrass is a rising American talent who is quite famous on and often searched on Google.

Additionally, he gained prominence as a contestant on Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” Season 4.

Beyond reality TV, he’s a digital creator with a notable Instagram presence.

However, his engaging posts showcase a dynamic lifestyle, and he collaborates with brands like @ruleoneproteins.

Also, James continues to capture attention with his multifaceted pursuits.

James Pendergrass Height and Weight

James Pendergrass Picture

James Pendergrass stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches which is equal to 180 centimeters or 1.80 meters.

Similarly, weighing around 80 kilograms or 176 lbs. he boasts a striking physical presence.

Additionally, with captivating brown eyes, black hair, and a cheerful face adorned with a cute smile, he exudes both charm and talent.

Moreover, James carries himself with a dash of style, often seen sporting trendy clothes that complement his decent and intelligent personality.

James Pendergrass Net Worth

James Pendergrass boasts an estimated net worth ranging between $600,000 USD to $800,000 USD as of 2024.

Moreover, his diverse income streams include acting, modeling, reality shows, fitness training, basketball matches, and lucrative commercial and promotional ventures.

Hence, he is enjoying a lavish lifestyle, James has secured financial success through his multifaceted career, reflecting both his talent and business acumen.

Final Thought

James Pendergrass, a versatile American talent, gained prominence as a contestant on “Too Hot To Handle.” Beyond being a television personality, he’s an actor, model, and basketball player.

So, see you soon readers, with another face to dive into them till then take care and kindly share your thoughts and queries in the comments below.

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