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Juned Patel (INC Youth Leader) Biography, Wiki, Family, Career & More

Here is the young Indian Political Leader who is serving the peoples of Ikhar, Bharuch, Gujarat. He is among the youth leaders of this country and is working in the Indian National Congress Party. Below we have covered his whole life story which every political enthusiast needs to read. So, begin this amazing biography of Juned Patel and get everything about him.

Juned Patel (INC Youth Leader) Biography, Education, Parents, Wiki, Family & More
NameJuned Patel
Birth Date18 April 1995
Birth PlaceIkhar, Bharuch, Gujarat
Age26 Years Old
SchoolSeba Primary School
M.M. High School, Ikhar
CollegeShree K J Polytechnic, Bharuch
UniversityGujarat Technological University
EducationCivil Engineering
ProfessionPolitical Leader
ParentsFather - Patel Mohmed Vali
Mother - Jubeda Patel
SiblingBrother - Zuber Patel (Younger)
ResidenceIkhar, Bharuch, Gujarat

Who is Juned Patel?

Juned Patel is a young political leader from Ikhar, Bharuch, Gujarat. He is widely famous in his areas for being consistent support for the people of his surroundings. Juned is the vice president of Amod Tulka Lok Sarkar. Despite this, he was the Zonal Coordinator of South Gujarat from 22 July 2020 to 06 November 2020. Juned is currently the Gujarat State Executive Committee Member of the Indian Youth Congress (SM). Let you read below the biography and life story of Juned Patel.

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Early Life and Family

Juned Patel was born on 18 April 1995 in Ikhar, Bharuch, Gujarat. His father, Patel Mohmed Vali is a farmer, and his mother, Jubeda Patel is a Housewife. He is from the Patel family of Ikhar who connected to legendary Mohmed Ali Jadapatel and Kika Patel. Juned’s grandfather Vali Mohmed Ali Patel (Sadupatel) was the caretaker of Natthu Pir Dargah, Imam Ali Dargah, Saiyed Kazi Miyan Dargah, and Cemetery of Ikhar Gujarat.

Darul Ulum E Chishtiya (Masjide Khawaja Garib Nawaj And Madrasa E Kayamul Islam) was builted by his Grand Father and Uncle Musa Patel in remembering Of Peeromurshid Khawaja Kayamuddin Chishti (R.a). His Grand Uncle Umarji Patel Was the Longest Time (35 Year’s) Sarpanch of Ikhar. His Great Grandfather and Forefathers were Police Patel and Sarpanch Of Ikhar Gujarat for More Than 300 Years (Till 1994).

Juned Patel Education

Juned Patel started his elementary education at Seba Primary School in his native place. He studied there till 7th standard and then enrolled in M.M. High School, Ikhar, and completed his rest studies.

Juned Patel then enrolled in Shree K J Polytechnic, Bharuch to pursue his further studies. Later, he joined Gujarat Technological University and completed his Civil Engineering.

Political career

Juned Patel begins his political career as an Indian National Congress member. Later, he became a Vice President of the Lok Sarkar Amod. Thereafter, Juned Become 150 Assembly Coordinator SM and then held the post of South Gujarat Incharge SM and the state Executive of Gujarat (SM) from the Indian Youth Congress Youth wing of Indian National Congress.

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Social Activities

On 24th March 2020, the government declared a sudden lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was started one day and kept on increasing in Phases. The economy was already in poor condition, after lockdown and there was a sudden collapse. Poor People & the Labour class people of Bharuch Rural & the nearby area needed support from the government in all possible ways. About those times, Juned Patel stood up for the peoples and became a great volunteer. He started several campaigns in Bharuch District and Amod Taluka.

He distributed free sanitizers and Mask to the poor peoples. Altogether, he helped the migrant people to reach their native home safely with free food, water, and supplements.

Juned Patel Vision

Juned Patel has visioned to serve the peoples of this country and fight for their rights. He is such a kind type of person who always supports poor peoples, students, and needy people in all possible ways. Whether it’s educational rights or any job issue Patel always stayed connected with them for their problems. He has highly influenced by the famous political leader, Rahul Gandhi. At all, he is working hard with great determination for the Youth and Peoples of our country.

Positions Held

  • Vice President – Amod Taluka Lok Sarkar 2020 – Still
  • Zonal Coordinator of South Gujarat from (Indian Youth Congress) 22 July 2020 – 06 November 2020
  • Member of Gujarat State Executive Committee SM from (Indian Youth Congress) 21 March 2021 – Still

Juned Patel Contacts

The Bottom Line

Juned Patel is a Youth Indian Political Leader based in Bharuch, Gujarat Province. He was born there and also raised there. He has a very immense background in terms of serving the peoples of this country.

Juned Patel has started his career at a very young age and will move forward consistently. He loves to serve his country and also doing it on a broad scale.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Juned Patel. Let you share your feedback about him below in the comment section.

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