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Who is Kenn Whitaker? Brother of Forest Whitaker, Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Here is the old-time film star, Kenn Whitaker who is best known for his appearance in the film Most Wanted (1997). He has currently stopped appearing in films but is still loved by his loving ones.

Kenn has inspired a lot of people during his time through his influencing story. And sure, people would inspire by him as he has such an amazing story.

So, let’s begin his very interesting biography and get motivated.

Kenn Whitaker Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Brother, Family, Net Worth & More
NameKenn Whitaker
Real NameKenneth Dwayne Whitaker
Birth Date8 June 1963
Birth PlaceLongview, Texas, USA
Age58 Years
Height5'9'' Feet
Net Worth$1 Million US
ProfessionFilm Actor
ParentsFather - Forest Steven Jr.
Mother - Laura Francis Smith
SiblingsBrothers - Forest Whitaker and Damon Whitaker
Sister - Deborah Whitaker
ResidenceLos Angeles, California

Who is Kenn Whitaker?

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Kenn Whitaker is a renowned American Film and Television Actor. He was born Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker which he later titled Kenn Whitaker.

He is immensely popular across the world for his appearance in the film like Last Days (2001) and Bulworth (1998).

Despite these, he has also appeared in several films and TV Series. Kenn was born in Texas but later relocated to Los Angeles for his better career opportunities.

This was his life-changing decision which even blossomed well in his life. Let’s see Kenn Whitaker’s full story and know the reasons behind his success.

Early Life of Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker was born on 8 June 1963 in Longview, Texas, USA. His father’s name is Forest Steven Jr. and his mother’s name is Laura Francis Smith.

He has three siblings, including two brothers name Forest Whitaker and Damon Whitaker.

The third sibling is her sister who’s name is Deborah Whitaker. He started his elementary schooling at Palisades Charter High School, Palisades, CA.

Kenn was neither an intelligent student nor a poor one. But he was an average student who loves acting at all.

After this, Kenn Whitaker enrolled in a college to pursue his graduation. He was highly interested in acting and had shown a keen curiosity about becoming an actor.

That’s what he followed in his life and became a famous actor.

Kenn Whitaker Career

After completing his education, Kenn Whitaker initially looked for his career. He made his film debut in 1997 with his all-time best film Most Wanted.

He shortly gained enormous fame in the film industry after his appearance in the film. Other stars who starred in the film were Keenen Ivory Wayans and Jon Voight.

Kenn then appeared in the film Life in 1999 which starred Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Such appearances led him to gain more and more popularity at a broad level.

Following his performance, he was then selected for the film The Theory of the Leisure Class released in 2001. After this, Kenn appeared in the 2001 film, Last Days.

While talking about his films, he has appeared in the film Tracey Takes on (1988), Bulworth (1998), and Party of Five (1999). This is his acting here that he has made till today.

Despite being an actor, Kenn doesn’t like to appear on social media platforms. You can’t find him on any kind of social media platform, including Twitter and Facebook.

Kenn Whitaker Brother Forest Whitaker

One of the Kenn Whitaker Brothers, Forest Whitaker, is highly famous across the globe for being a world-class actor. His popularity also led Kenn and his siblings to gain more fame.

In fact, Kenn came into the limelight after he and his brother, Forest Whitaker started being compared by people on social media.

Actually, both look identical and people are sometimes even confused identifying them. Due to this, people are confused and raise a new trend on the internet.

Let’s take a look at Forest’s Whitaker. He is a very famous actor born on 15 July 1961.

He has a vast career history and has appeared in more than 25 films and television series.

Besides being an actor, he is also a film director and film producer. Forest Whitaker has achieved enormous success in his life.

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Kenn Whitaker Net Worth

Kenn Whitaker estimated net worth is $1 million dollars as of the year 2022. He has several sources through which he has built such an amazing capital.

Earlier in 2021, his total wealth was somewhere around $700,000 USD. But now, he has amassed more than $300,000 USD os far this year.

Maybe these data will be wrong as they have been picked on the basis of this star’s life. He has never revealed such things by himself anywhere else.

However, we believe that his annual salary would be near $300,000 USD. Kenn Whitaker has mostly earned through his acting career.

Creating films is among the highest-paid jobs in the world. Thus, he gains a lot of money by appearing in several films.

Despite this, he can also earn through brand promotions and advertisements. The man has such a huge capital that he can easily use it for a luxurious life.

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The Bottom Line

Kenn Whitaker is among the top guys who made themselves successful from a zero-level place. This is what the world needs today. Almost, trillion peoples are in search of jobs and work today.

Although, only a few are able to do so. But here Kenn Whitaker can be taken as an inspiration for everyone’s career journey.

I hope you like this biography of Kenn Whitaker and enjoyed it. Let you share your opinions and feedback about him below in the comment section.

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