Thousands of celebrities are getting divorced every year because of instability in their relationship. Lakeisha Graham is an of those people who tied their knot with a popular man and earned huge fame across the world.

But in their case, things were so much rearranged and were unable to declare the wrong person. Let’s take a look below at this article and know everything about them.

Lakeisha Graham Profile Summary
NameLakeisha Graham
Birth Year1979
Birth PlaceUnited State of America
Age43 Years Old
Net Worth$1 million
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandRichard Williams

Who is Lakeisha Graham?

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Lakeisha Graham is a popular American businesswoman and social media sensation best known for being the ex-wife of Richard Williams.

The former couple had produced headlines for the whole year when they filed for divorce. Along with them, the six-time US Open champ, Serena Williams was also involved in this controversy.

Because two of them are worldwide popular celebrities, it gained huge popularity. As a result, things got so worse from media.

Early Life of Lakeisha Graham

Lakeisha Graham was born in 1979 in the United State of America to her anonymous parents. She has not revealed anything about her family and childhood memories.

Whenever it comes to her personal life, Graham seems secretive and likes to keep most things away from the media. That’s also the reason why she has not revealed anything regarding her educational background.

Though we were unable to get her parents’ names, but we anyhow came to the fact that her former mother-in-law is Julia Mae Metcalf and her former father-in-law is Richard Dove Williams.

Lakeisha Graham Career

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Lakeisha Graham has not opened anything about her early professions. Even we can’t guess something about her as we don’t even know what she has studied and what she has earned, in terms of degree.

Lakeisha got fame after she married her former ex-husband Richard Williams. As her ex-husband was a renowned Tennis coach, she also gained huge popularity across the globe, being a celebrity partner.

When she was with him, she had developed a good image as an entrepreneur setting up some businesses and secondary earning sources.

However, things are not in her favor as she had tried to do wrong with her partner, as per his allegation.

An introverted person, Lakeisha has not been completely open about her current profession and business though many people consider her a gold digger.

Lakeisha and Richard Controversies

Lakeisha and Richard used to be a strong couple until things were gone worse between them. During their bad times, Lakeisha accused her stepdaughter (Tennis Champion) Serena of locking her out of the home.

Things were also worse because she was accusing Richard of driving through poor neighborhoods to look at women. Let’s see how it all begins.

In 2017, this is coming out that Serena was accused of ordering her stepmother to go out of the family home.

Lakeisha told a judge that she even tried to threaten her about changing the locks if she will not vacate the property with their young son.

Despite these all allegations, Serena (six-time US Open champ) did not answer anything about those claims.

 Along with those allegations, Lakeisha also accused Richard of being erratic and owning an arsenal including an AK-47.

She later claimed that he acted hostile during their wedding and she feared he would harm their young son.

Fake Signature Claims

During the 2019 testimony, Lakeisha said: “He did likes to drive, you know, and not stating anything. He likes to go through poor neighborhoods.

“He likes to take me like Downtown Los Angeles. He always liked to take me to neighborhoods where, you know, there were Black women, because he likes women. Yes, so to speak.”

In return for these allegations, Richard attacked back with his own words, saying that she forged his signature to transfer their West Palm Beach property into her name.

She admitted imitating his writing, but court documents show that he had asked her himself to do everything for him as he was going through a health illness.

Further, the deeds and mortgage were all certified and witnessed at a loan company.

Lakeisha Graham Personal Life

Lakeisha Graham married her ex-husband Richard Williams in 2010. The couple started dating back in 2010 or before, though they have not revealed it.

Later, Lakeisha and Richard were blessed with a son together in 2010 and named him Dylan Starr. And further, we all know how things went worse between them which led to divorce filing in 2017.

During the time things went wrong between them, it was reported that their son, Dylan is living with his father since 2016.

Lakeisha had also mentioned that Richard is accusing me of these things because he doesn’t want to give child support money after divorce.

Besides Richards’s relationship with Lakeisha, he has married many other women with whom he has been blessed with great children.

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Lakeisha Graham Net Worth

Lakeisha Graham estimated net worth is $1 million as of the year 2022. She would have earned this huge fortune through her businesses and secondary earnings.

Being a celebrity partner, she had the potential to make a lot of wealth with collaborations and brand promotions.

But now, as she is no anymore with him, she will not have such opportunities. Anyway, she can make her own earning sources and will surely look forward to new opportunities.

Well! This was all about the former wife of Richard Williams. Let us know your experience with this article by sharing your feedback below in the comment section.

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