Penny Hardaway, an American college basketball coach and former player, was born Anfernee Deon Hardaway. He is currently the men’s head coach for the AAC’s Memphis Tigers (American Athletic Conference).

In 2018, he was brought on board to take over as head coach in place of Tubby Smith.  In today’s article, we are going to talk about his daughter LaTanfernee Hardaway.

You may or may not know her but you will learn something new about her today with this article.

Let’s dig in.

LaTanfernee Hardaway Profile Summary
NameLaTanfernee Hardaway
Birth Date30 July 1992
Age 29 Years Old
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Net Worth$5 Million
ProfessionBusiness Owner
FatherPenny Hardaway
Mother Latarsha McCray
Sibling Layla Hardaway
Marital StatusDating
BoyfriendRay Chesterfield

Who is LaTanfernee Hardaway?

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LaTanfernee Hardaway is an American celebrity family member. She is well known for being the daughter of famous NBA player Penny Hardaway.

She is 29 years old as of 2022 and is of African American Descent.

LaTanfernee Hardaway reportedly practiced for her singing debut with Memphis rapper Yung D about ten years ago. Yung D is well-known for his appearance on Three 6 Mafia’s popular song Lolli Lolli.

According to Memphis Rap, a video featuring Yung D and LaTanfernee was uploaded to his YouTube channel. However, there is no indication that the project has been finished.

She is also the CEO of LHX collection a necklace and pendant store run on Instagram.

A Leo, LaTanfernee Hardaway. This zodiac sign dislikes being ignored, going through hardships, or not being treated differently.

They also like expensive things, bright colors, and being admired.

This sign’s positive traits include creativity, passion, generosity, the warmth of heart, and humor, while its negative traits include haughtiness, stubbornness, self-centeredness, laziness, and inflexibility.

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Early Life of LaTanfernee Hardaway

LaTanfernee Hardaway was born on July 30, 1992, in the United States of America. Her parents gave her this name because it means priceless or estimate able of worth.

The first child of well-known coach Penny Hardaway is LaTanfernee Hardaway. Her father and Latarsha McCray, his former girlfriend, welcomed her into the world in 1992.

 Her parents also welcomed her younger sister, Layla Hardaway, in 1995 in addition to LaTanfernee. Her parents got together in high school and dated for a very long time.

When she was eight years old, her parents bitterly split up after a lengthy relationship. At the town office of an attorney in Paradise Valley, LaTanfernee’s mother filed a domestic violence case against her father.

Latarsha reportedly complained to ESPN about how her ex-boyfriend shouted at her while carrying a handgun. The accusation was refuted by LaTanfernee Hardaway’s father, though.

After the ex-player agreed to pay $1,815 for Latarsha’s annual health insurance as well as child support, the case was finally resolved. Penny was also held accountable for a few other standards.

The parents of LaTanfernee Hardaway are content with their current relationship and have already moved on.

LaTanfernee has two other half-siblings in addition to her sister Layla Hardaway.

Her dad began dating Nikki Ward and Dionne after splitting up with her mother, with whom Penny had two sons, Jayden Hardaway and Ashton Hardaway, in July 1999 and 2000, respectively.

One of the players on her father’s team, the Memphis Tigers, is Jayden. Her other younger brother participates in sports as well at the same time. Additionally, the father of the Hardaway children is still married to Mary McDonnell.

Much is not known about her educational background; she attended a local school and college in her hometown. She was pretty popular in school. She passed out of high school with very shining grades.

She then went to college in her hometown and acquired her bachelor in Arts. She completed her bachelor’s by age of 22.

In her childhood, she was very keen on basketball and music. Those were her passion as well as hobbies.

LaTanfernee Hardaway Career

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By profession, LaTanfernee is a business owner and also wanted to be a rapper.

LaTanfernee Hardaway reportedly practiced for her singing debut with Memphis rapper Yung D about ten years ago.

 Yung D is well-known for his appearance on Three 6 Mafia’s popular song Lolli Lolli. According to Memphis Rap, a video featuring Yung D and LaTanfernee was uploaded to his YouTube channel.

However, there is no indication that the project has been finished.

LaTanfernee Hardaway, the daughter of Hardaway, is the CEO of LHXCollection, a store that sells pendants and necklaces, according to her Instagram bio.

 With the help of her Instagram account, the coach’s daughter advertises her store and goods. Many posts about her store can be found on her personal account.

Let’s hope the daughter of the former player is succeeding in business and generating a lot of revenue. We’d like to hear about more of her triumphs.

She also has a pretty good grip on her socials with a huge following on Instagram and Twitter. She uses her high clout well to boost her jewelry business.

LaTanfernee Hardaway Personal Life

LaTanfernee Hardaway is pretty private about her personal life and there’s no much to say about it. We should always respect their privacy and not dog much into it.

Still, we have some information on her day-to-day life collected from her socials.

First coming to her love life. She has been dating Ray Chesterfield II for a while now.

LaTanfernee Hardaway, Penny Hardaway’s daughter, is the subject of some significant news. She’s going to have a baby! LaTanfernee and Ray Chesterfield II, her partner, are the parents of the child.

The CEO of the LHXCollection will give birth to her baby boy by June 2022, according to their baby registry.

LaTanfernee and her baby’s father appear ecstatic about the good news. By posting a photo of LaTanfernee’s baby bump on their respective Instagram accounts, they both enthusiastically announced that they were expecting a child.

LaTanfernee and her baby’s father, Ray, don’t appear to be married, but they do seem to get along well and enjoy being parents. They both proudly post their photos to their individual Instagram pages.

We send our best wishes for the young family as well as a safe and healthy delivery of their baby boy.

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LaTanfernee Hardaway Net Worth

LaTanfernee Hardaway is a business owner. Her main source of income is her jewelry line on Instagram and she earns a massive amounts from it.

Net worth is the sum of all assets a person or entity owns. Calculating her total net worth stands at around $5 million USD as of 2022.

Her net worth in 2021 was around $4.5 million USD. It is projected to grow to $7 million USD by 2025 given her present financial growth. Her business sales yield her a monthly revenue of around $100k USD at best.

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Physical Appearance

LaTanfernee Hardaway stands around 5 feet 4 inches or 1.5 metres and 45 kgs or 105 lbs. She haves a dark complexion as she is an American African.

She haves a good slim build and usually seen rocking the slick back hairstyle. She haves a pretty face black hair and brown eyes.

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