Have you guys been interested in watching small-budget movies? Then have you watched the film starring Lauren Ashley Cristiano?

Are you curious about the low-budget film in which Lauren starred? It was a short film “Monkey with a moustache”

Lauren became an actress by acting in that movie, and everyone appreciated her acting skills and physical beauty.

But she is a hidden actress still waiting for her recognition, so let us dig into her personal and career details, and we will act as a platform to exhibit her skills to the world.

Who is Lauren Ashley Cristiano?

Lauren Ashley Cristiano
source: Instagram

Lauren Ashley Cristiano is an emerging American actress who acted in the 2013 short movie “Monkey in the Moustache.”

Then she acted in the movie “Quiet Place Part 2,” which is one of the best horror films released in recent years.

Even though she wasn’t in the lead role in that movie, her flashback scene added more value to it.

In addition, Lauren is also a social media influencer who has gathered around 10,000 followers on her Instagram platform.

Lauren Ashley Cristiano Early Childhood Days

Lauren Ashley Cristiano was born in Texas on March 20, 1990; she will be 32 in 2022. She is also of Caucasian ethnicity.

She was born under the sign of Pisces, and people born under this sign are more emotionally aware, sensitive, intelligent, and ambitious.

Even Lauren is trying to lead a life according to the personality traits of her zodiac sign, and we wish all the best for her.

There is no information about her parents or her educational background.

We have deeply researched Lauren’s Instagram profile. And for Father’s Day, she posted an image of her father holding Lauren Ashley.

And her father was wearing a military dress, which shows that Lauren Ashley’s father is a military veteran.

But she didn’t write any caption for that post, thus allowing us to find her father’s name. Leslee Southwick Cristiano commented on that Father’s Day post, “Daddy loves you so much.”

We can deduce two things from his comment: Lauren Ashley may have lost her father, and that person may be her big brother.

These are our findings from her post because no one uses the term “Daddy loved you” because even if our father became 100 years old, he would still love their daughter until their last breath.

In that post, we can also see Lauren’s mother, who has perfect blonde hair.

We tried to look up more facts about Lauren, but we couldn’t find any because she seemed very private about her details.

Thus, we will update this section with more information shortly.

Until then, if any of the readers know any interesting facts about Ashley, please leave a comment; we would greatly appreciate it.

Lauren Ashley Cristiano Career

Lauren Ashley Cristiano-
source: Instagram

Lauren Ashley Cristiano started her career by appearing in the 2013 short movie “Monkey in the Moustache.”

Even the film revolved around the life of a broken father as he attempted to move on with his life by overcoming life’s obstacles. And the film was directed by Chris Mammarelli and written by Kevin Renwick.

Lauren Ashley Cristiano got to act alongside stars like Kevin Renwick, Corinne Nowicki, and Seth Lovett.

Then in 2020, Lauren again appeared in the movie “A Quiet Place Part 2.” It was a horror film, and Lauren acted as Emmett’s deceased wife.

Lauren appeared in the flashback scene of that movie. The movie was set to release in 2020, but due to the pandemic and the lockdown rules, the release got delayed, and it was released only in 2021.

And the Quiet Place movie was released by Paramount Pictures and directed by John Krasinski.

Do you know who played the character of Emmett in that movie?

The great actor’s meme template is circulating all over the social media platform.

It is Cillian Murphy. Lauren had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside this well-known actor.

Lauren Ashley Cristiano Net Worth

Lauren Ashley Cristiano’s net worth will be around $1 million by 2022.

But there is no substantiated source to confirm her net worth because she seems to have yet to appear in more movies.

Even though she has around 10K followers on Instagram, she seems to be doing something other than brand endorsements or collaborations because Lauren is not active on her Instagram account.

Her net worth value shows that Lauren might have some different professions, and we needed to know those exact details. Because earning 1 million dollars is an easy task for anyone,

Lauren Ashley Cristiano Personal Life

Lauren Ashley Cristiano is single, and presently she is not dating anyone. On the other hand, Lauren is 32 years old; she may have been in a relationship with someone and has chosen to remain silent about her personal life.

Lauren is more private, so she may have hesitated to reveal her real-life relationship status. We appreciate Lauren’s refusal to get involved in love controversies or scandals.

But if Ashley announces her relationship details, we will surely update this section with her boyfriend’s or husband’s details.

Until then, if any of the readers get to know about her relationship details, they can share them in the comment section, but strictly no rumours, please, because sometimes rumours can destroy the person’s career.

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Lauren Ashley Cristiano Physical Measurements

Lauren Ashley Cristiano has the most beautiful Caucasian face; her height measurements are 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm or 1.65 m, and she has a slim body, so Lauren will weigh around 50 kg or 110 lbs.

She has dark brown eyes and silky, dark brown hair. Katie is a Canadian beauty; her small eyes and sharp nose have the power to attract anyone.

She perfectly maintains her body; Lauren is also a fitness enthusiast.

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Bottom Line

For more updates from Lauren Ashley Cristiano, readers can visit her Instagram profile at @laurenashleyla. Did you like this article? Please leave your golden feedback in the comment section.

We are waiting for your comments!

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