We’d like to share one name. Please tell us what comes to mind when we mention those names. Well, the term is “rock.”

Have you considered the geographical terrain or Dwayne Johnson, the global superstar?

We are fine with the two answers, but here in this article, we will discuss Dwayne Johnson’s love of his life, Lauren Hashian. Let’s get started digging into more exciting information about Dwayne’s wife.

Who is Lauren Hashian?

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Lauren Hashian rose to fame through her husband, Dwayne Johnson. In addition, Lauren is a singer, a musician, and a songwriter.

Even though she sings many songs for the sports games in their ceremonies, recently, she sang the national anthem at an international football game. Isn’t it a proud moment for her?

Lauren’s life is not an exception to the rule that the lives of celebrities are constantly in the spotlight of media outlets.

In addition, Lauren’s father is also one of the most famous drummers in the world.

38-year-old Lauren is also a social media sensation because she has gathered around 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account. Thus, she is also an emerging social media influencer. 

Early Childhood of Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian was born on September 8, 1984, in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, USA; thus, her age is 38 by this year, and her parents are Suzzane Hashian and Sib Hashian.

Her father, Sib Hashian, was a musician and Boston Band Group drummer. In the 1970s, the Boston Band was one of the prevalent gangs.

Lauren grew up hearing her father’s songs and developed a strong interest in music.

Lauren has one brother and one sister; her sister Aja Hashian is also a great musician, so the sisters used to collaborate on their music.

Lauren has also performed on stage with her beloved father, Sib Hashian. Isn’t it a special moment to perform alongside her father?

She did her high school at Lynnfield High School, and Lauren graduated from Emerson College.

Lauren thus spent the majority of her childhood listening to and practicing music.

Lauren Hashian Career

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Lauren Hashian started her career as a songwriter and singer. In addition, she has acted in some television series.

Hashian has her own YouTube channel for releasing her songs; we can also see her songs on Apple Music, and she will regularly update her song releases on her Instagram account. In 2017, she released her official song, “Go Hard,” which has touched many people’s hearts.

Later, Lauren and the famous singer Naz Tokio collaborated on the song “Samson” in 2018. She released two songs in year 2020: “Step into a love like this and ride the wave.”

Both songs were major hits, encouraging Lauren to produce more pieces of music. 

In 2021, she released the singles “What Do You Want?” and “Love and Other Things?”

Moreover, Lauren used to do cover mixes of popular songs, and recently, she was the songwriter for the song “Exile” for the movie Black Adam, which is getting viral views on music streaming services.

If we focus on her acting career, in 2005, Lauren appeared in the TV series “R U the Girl,” but her appearance was in only one episode.

In 2021, Lauren appeared in a TV series titled “Entertainment Tonight” and some celebrity shows.

Lauren Hashian Social Media Accounts

Lauren Hashian has accounts on the following social media platforms:

  • Instagram: Her Instagram handle is @laurenhashianofficial, and she has around 1.2 million followers. Lauren usually posts about her job, songs, husband, and children. We can see the wholesome content on her Instagram platform.
  • Twitter: Lauren’s Twitter ID is @laurenhashian, and she has around 6221 followers. She seems to be very little active on her Twitter account.
  • YouTube: Her YouTube channel name is Lauren HashianVevo8568. And she has around 3.73 thousand subscribers.
  • Website: Lauren runs her website, laurenhashian.com, to release her song updates.

Lauren Hashian Husband

Lauren Hashian’s husband, Dwyane Johnson, is an American actor and wrestler. And his ring name was “Rock,” and the name got so popular that everyone started calling him “Rock.”

He is one of the professional wrestlers who is also one of the reasons for the success of the WWE series.

In addition to that, Rock was also a great athlete who played in many football games during his high school days.

Then he also used his wrestling popularity in the movies; his first major film was “Mummy Returns.” His other major films include The Scorpion King (2002), The Rundown (2003), and Walking Tall (2004).

Rock was cast in the Fast and Furious films, and his fame spread throughout the world as a result.

Then he started producing many series and programs; currently, he is one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors in the world.

Lauren Hashian Net Worth

Lauren Hashian’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million in the year 2022, and we haven’t included any of her husband’s net worth.

She has tirelessly worked to earn this amount of money in her life. Being a singer and a songwriter, Lauren can make additional money as well.

Presumably, she has been releasing her songs on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, and Lauren will be getting her monthly payments from those streaming services too.

Lauren Hashian’s husband’s net worth is approximately $800 million!

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Personal Life of Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian’s husband’s name is Dwyane Johnson, and Lauren met Dwyane while he filmed “The Game Plan.”

Friendship blossomed into love, and the couple dated for 12 years before marrying in Hawaii on August 18, 2019.

But Lauren has two girl children: Jasmine Lia Johnson, who was born in December 2015, and Tiana Gia Johnson, who was born in 2018.

But the couple got married in 2019; thus, Jasmine was the flower girl for her parent’s wedding.

Lauren has a 21-year-old stepdaughter named “Simeone,” who is the daughter of Rock and his previous wife, Garcia.

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Lauren Hashian Physical Measurements

Lauren Hashian is 5 feet, 8 inches (1.73 m or 173 cm) tall and weighs approximately 56 kg (123 lbs.)

She has the fashionable Burgundy hair colour that everyone hair colouring these days. Lauren also has enticing black and brown eye pupil colours.

Lauren doesn’t seem like a 38-year-old person, she still looks like a teenager!

 The conclusion of the inspiring story about our Rock’s wife!

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