Are you a great fan of rap songs that have recently gained popularity? Do you know that even social media is playing a major role in bringing out the hidden talents of the common people?

In this article, we are going to discuss the famous rapper Lucas Coly, who has displayed his talents in social media forums and is reaping benefits from them.

Lucas Coly Profile Summary
NameLucas Coly
Birth Date8 July 1997
Birth PlaceFrance
Age25 Years Old
Height6 Feet 1 Inches
Net Worth300 to 500 Thousand Doller
ProfessionSinger, Rapper and Musical Artist
Marital StatusDating

Who is Lucas Coly?

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source: Instagram

Lucas Coly is an American French singer, rapper, and musical artist who became famous by uploading his rap music to social media forums.

The specific highlight of Lucas’s song is that he can rap things in French and English.

His bilingual songs got more views on the internet, which helped him become a real musical star.

Initially, Lucas used the Vine application to exhibit his singing skills, but that app was shut down, so he shifted his focus to onto Instagram and YouTube.

Earlier, he used to perform with his band, but unfortunately, the band was disbanded for some reasons.

Presently, Lucas Coly is performing as a solo singer, and his songs are hitting 10 million views within a shorter period. and he has got 1.4 million followers in Instagram.

Early Life of Lucas Coly

Lucas Coly was born on July 8, 1997, in France. Luca’s mother is of French origin, and his father is of African origin from Senegal. So, he is an interracial kid.

We couldn’t find the names of his parents or their professions; we will upload all that information after we get it from legit sources. Extending our hearty apologies.

If anyone knows about his family details, kindly comment to us.

Then Lucas’ parents shifted to the United States when he was 8 years old. Then again, he moved back to Detroit for his studies.

Lucas Coly has had a great interest in music since childhood, so he was not very attentive to academics. So, he got low grades and struggled to pass his graduation. Finally, he completed his studies.

Lucas’ parents always stood behind him even in his lows and highs; isn’t the family the only thing that came to our rescue during our bad days?

Career Details of Lucas Coly

lucas coly
source: Instagram

Lucas Coly started his musical career by posting his short rap videos on one Vine application; he has gathered 0.4 million followers on that application.

But the application was shut down globally. So, he started uploading his rap videos to YouTube.

In 2013, Lucas Coly uploaded his first single video on YouTube.

Earlier, he was a member of the renowned “diamond groupz” along with Willie Fryson and Dillyn Troy.

Still, their group didn’t last long, and the team disbanded, and each of them started to publish their separate works.

Previously, Lucas Coly was also joined by his friend Nonso to form a duo group, even that didn’t last much longer.

Meanwhile, Lucas Coly released his Prince of France mixtape in 2016. He released a mixtape name “I Just Wanna.” It has reached nearly 20 million views, a major setback for Lucas Coly.

Then his career took an elevated path, and most of his songs hit 10 million views.

Lucas Coly Discography

Here is the popular musical works of Lucas coly

  • I Just Wanna (2016)
  • Break Ya Back (2018)
  • Numb (2018)
  • My Lil Shawty (2016)
  • Feelings (2017)
  • Fly Love (2017)
  • Act Right (2019)
  • Sprung (2017)
  • Where She Come From (2015)
  • Let Me Love You (2018)
  • Stick With You (2017)

His songs are streaming on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Gaana, JioSaavn, and Hungama.

Lucas Coly Net Worth

Lucas Coly’s net worth is estimated at around 300 to 500 thousand dollars. He got his major earnings from the YouTube advertising team.

And he will receive his monthly salary from them. Lucas also sells his audio streaming rights to the world’s most popular application. So, he may earn lots of money from that.

Lucas Coly Arrest

In 2017, Lucas Coly organized a fan meetup at the Lennox Mall. Many fans gathered at the venue so that the organizers couldn’t control a large number of people.

All these incidents led to a huge altercation in the mall, so the police arrested and detained them for an hour. He was released after that. Then Lucas was banned to conduct events in that Lennox mall for two years.

It shows that living the life of a celebrity isn’t easy, as we see on social media and television.

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Lucas Coly Personal Life

Lucas Coly is currently dating Amber. H. Amber is a social media star and a YouTuber. In 2015, Lucas Coly was introduced to Amber through Instagram.

Then Amber was a normal fan of Lucas. Then the relationship became closed, and the couple met each other in real life and fell in love.

Isn’t this like the storyline of a romantic movie? But it happened in Lucas’s life.

Currently, Amber has become a renowned YouTuber. Thus, Lucas Coly used to appear in her YouTube videos.

Even in one music video of Lucas, we can see his love of life, Amber.

Lucas is the guy who travels frequently, and even Amber follows him everywhere. Thus, the couple got fans from all over the world. Our wishes to our inseparable pair.

But everyone is advising him to get married to Amber. Still, Lucas hasn’t decided anything about his marriage. So, we will update the section if there are any marriage announcements.

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Lucas Coly Physical Appearance

Lucas Coly has a height of about 185 cm and weighs about 75 kg. He has maintained his body well; we can see his biceps and triceps, which shows that Lucas Coly is a regular visitor to the gym.

Well, no one can fail to address fashion sense of Lucas. Do you get what we are trying to say?

Yes, it is his low-hip pants. Well, to be correct, that is low-thigh pants. It is a mystery why he is buying his thigh-high pants.

But the beauty is that that pant fits him so well and gives us rapping vibes just by seeing him.

Lucas is a tattoo lover, so he has inked his hands and neck area with different designs.

That’s it for this article. Thank you for reading this far, and what is your favorite Lucas song? Comment down

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