Maeva Ghennam (14 May 1997) is a reality TV star based in France who also works as an internet celebrity and model.

She has set an example that if you are willing to achieve then nobody can stop it. Read the post to learn about her biography including her age, net worth, height, partner, career, and more.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Maeva Ghennam
  • Birth Date: 14 May 1997
  • Birth Place: France
  • Age: 26 years
  • Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Profession: Reality Star, Actress, and Instagram Model.
  • School: Local High School
  • University: New York University
  • Education: Graduate
  • Mother: Salya Ghennan
  • Sister: Manon Tanti
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Nationality: French

Who is Maeva Ghennam?

Maeva Ghennam image

Maeva Ghennam is a reality TV star based in France. She also works as an internet celebrity and model.

Maeva Ghennam, the television personality has featured on the seventh season of the French reality show Less Marseillais in the years 2017 and 2018.

Maeva was performing duties as dental assistance before making an appearance on this show. Maeva has proved herself as a successful reality star at a very young age.

Her name entered the list of those famous people who were born on 14 May 1997.

She has made herself one of the richest stars of France.

She is also ranked in the list of Most Popular reality stars. All the achievements have been achieved by Maeva Ghennam at the age of 22 years only.

Early Life of Maeva Ghennam

Maeva Ghennam was born on May 14, 1997. She belongs to France and is the holder of French Nationality. She is the elder sister and second kid of her parents.

The younger sister of Maeva is Manon Tanti. Maeva’s mother is Salya Ghennam. Salya Ghennam is also an internet star just like her daughter.

Salya Ghennam has over 74.1k followers on her Instagram account.

Maeva Ghennam completed her education in France. All her school and college studies are in France. Maeva studied at a local high school and Maeva graduated from the University of New York.

Now she has entered the world of fashion and modeling with her beautiful looks. She can fluently speak English and French.

Maeva Ghennam Age

Maeva Ghennam is 26 years old as of 2023. She gained fame as a reality TV star in France and has also established herself as an internet celebrity and model.

The Journey of Maeva Ghennam

The successful star Maeva Ghennam began her career in France. Soon with her talents and looks, Maeva got famous across the globe.

She is a perfect example of beauty with immense talent. Maeva Ghennam has highlighted her presence in every ranking list.

Maeva appeared in many famous reality shows including “The Marseillais Asian Tour”, “The Marseillais in the Caribbean”, and “The Marseillais: “Australia”. Maeva Ghennam is very famous on social media accounts.

Maeva Ghennam image

Maeva enjoys a very big fan base.

It can have judged easily from her Instagram followers as the huge audience of 2.2 million follows her. The young actress declared recently she is unfit as a fiddle.

Maeva Ghennam Personal Life

Maeva Ghennam in the last few years got attached to a few males. At first, Maeva was dating Nikola Lozina but their relation couldn’t make progress and they got separated after a short time.

The news came that Anthony Alcaraz and Maeva were flirting but it was flirting only.

Maeva also dated another guy named Allan Guedj. Maeva Ghennam and Allan Guedj also split up. Another name included in the list of ex-boyfriends of Maeva is Anthony Nacca.

The charming television personality is single now and not even dating anyone. She is not having any man in her life but her life is not lonely.

Maeva is blessed with friends. Some of these friends are from her work while others are with her since childhood.

Maeva till now has not found true love in her life. We wish that soon she will be a person who will love her in a way how she likes.

Maeva Ghennam Net Worth

Maeva Ghennam, the fit, and young actress have achieved a lot at the start of her career. The estimated net worth of Maeva is $3 million.

Such a huge net worth can’t be earned without hard work.

Maeva is a true example for young comers who at the start of their career lose hope and leave everything. The main source of her income is reality shows.

We wish further success to Maeva Ghennam in the future.

Social Media Appearance

Maeva Ghennam is quite popular on Instagram with 2.2 million followers. Maeva on Twitter has over 34.8k followers. Maeva belongs to a famous family.

Most of the members of her family are celebrities just like her.

Maeva’s mother is also a social media star and the elder sister of Maeva is even more popular than Maeva. Manon Tanti has over 3.2 million followers on her Instagram handle.

It is an interesting thing as Maeva’s dog is also a celebrity on Instagram. The dog has 126k followers.

Maeva Ghennam Facts

  • Maeva Ghennam is a French reality TV star, internet celebrity, and model.
  • She gained fame at a young age and is considered a successful reality star.
  • She stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a net worth of $3 million.
  • Maeva Ghennam attended a local high school in France and graduated from New York University.
  • Her mother, Salya Ghennam, is also an internet star with over 74.1k Instagram followers.
  • Maeva is fluent in both English and French.
  • She has appeared in several reality shows, including “The Marseillais Asian Tour” and “The Marseillais in the Caribbean.”
  • Maeva has a significant social media presence with 2.2 million Instagram followers and 34.8k Twitter followers.
  • Her estimated net worth of $3 million is primarily earned through her appearances in reality shows.

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