Max Goodrich is a renowned Instagram Star from the United States who is celebrated for his comedic content enhanced with special effects.

Not only a content creator, but he’s also a skilled director, filming and editing videos for notable personalities such as King Bach and Amanda Cerny.

Similarly, he has Collaborated with internet sensations like George Janko, Lele Pons, and Leli Hernandez, Goodrich has carved a niche with his entertaining and visually impactful content on Instagram.

Moreover, let’s deep down into this article to know his age, ethnicity, education, girlfriend, movies, nationality, career, net worth, and more.

Profile Summary
NameMax Goodrich
Birth DateBorn on 27 August 1992
Birth PlaceNew York, United States
Zodiac SignVirgo
Age31 years old
Net Worth$2 million as of 2023
ProfessionInstagram Star
Martial StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendHaley Kalil

Who is Max Goodrich?

Max Goodrich Pic

Max Goodrich is one of the famous Instagram stars who is famous for his comedic content enriched with special effects.

Also, doubling as a director, he films and edits videos for friends such as King Bach and Amanda Cerny.

His self-titled Instagram account boasts over 232,000 followers, attesting to the widespread appeal of his engaging and visually captivating videos.

Goodrich’s unique blend of creativity and collaboration has solidified his status as a prominent content creator in the realm of social media.

Early Life of Max Goodrich

Max Goodrich was born on 27 August 1992 in New York, United States to his anonymous parents.

Additionally, his journey in life is marked by significant milestones yet he has since become a prominent figure in his field.

Unfortunately, he has not shared anything about his parents, siblings, and academic background.

Apart from this, he is an American by nationality and believes in Christianity.

Max Goodrich Age

Max Goodrich is 31 years old as of 2023 because he was born on 27 August 1992 in New York, United States.

Moreover, his zodiac sign is Virgo and these individuals are analytical, detail-oriented, and practical.

Also, they exhibit a strong work ethic, often seeking perfection with a reserved nature hides a caring and helpful disposition.

Max Goodrich Girlfriend

Max Goodrich is romantically linked with American model Haley Kalil, although he hasn’t publicly declared their relationship.

The duo frequently appears together on each other’s Instagram and TikTok posts, providing glimpses into their shared moments.

Despite not making an official announcement, their social media presence hints at a close and affectionate connection between the Instagram star and the American model.

Max Goodrich Haley Kalil

Max Goodrich is romantically involved with American model Haley Kalil.

While not explicitly confirming their relationship publicly, the couple frequently shares moments on Instagram and TikTok.

Their presence together at The 2023 Streamy Awards in Los Angeles further solidifies their connection.

Although private about their relationship, their public appearances and shared social media posts offer glimpses into their affectionate bond.

Max Goodrich Career

Max Goodrich Photo

Max Goodrich, a versatile artist, excels in directing and bringing compelling stories and characters to life.

His prowess as a writer is evident in crafting engaging narratives that resonate with audiences.

As an editor and producer, he significantly contributes to shaping various projects, showcasing his creative expertise throughout the production process.

Goodrich collaborates closely with Hollywood luminaries like Will Smith, Courteney Cox, and Marshmello, establishing himself as a key player in the entertainment industry.

Max Goodrich Movies

Max Goodrich is an accomplished director who has left an indelible mark with his creative contributions to various projects.

In “Lost in the City” (2019) and “Curfew” (2019), he showcased his directorial prowess.

Additionally, his work on “Matt Hunter & Lele Pons: Dicen” (2018) underscores his ability to bring artistic vision to life in collaboration with talented artists.

Max Goodrich Courteney Cox

Max Goodrich has been contributing his creative expertise at Homecourt since February 2022.

Similarly, in his role, he aids Courteney Cox by crafting humorous content for her social media platforms.

Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in Homecourt, applying creative media execution to enhance the company’s visibility and engagement.

Max Goodrich YouTube

Max Goodrich’s YouTube channel, @MaxGoodrich, boasts 341,000 subscribers and features a collection of 148 videos.

Additionally, as a content creator, he engages his audience through diverse and compelling content.

With a substantial subscriber base, Goodrich’s channel stands as a testament to his ability to captivate viewers with his creative output on the platform.

Max Goodrich Instagram

Max Goodrich’s Instagram profile, @maxgoodrich reflects his vibrant online presence with 394 posts.

Garnering a substantial following of 232,000, he engages with 5,342 accounts.

However, as a multi-talented artist, his Instagram offers glimpses into his creative endeavors.

Moreover, connecting with a diverse audience through captivating visuals and updates on his artistic journey.

Max Goodrich Net Worth

Max Goodrich possesses an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2023.

His income is a culmination of a successful career and social media presence across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Goodrich’s diverse talents and engagement with multiple outlets contribute significantly to his financial success in the entertainment industry.

Final Thought

Max Goodrich is a creative force in entertainment, excels in directing and social media and his versatility and collaborations underscore his influential presence.

So, see you soon readers, with another face to dive into them till then take care and kindly share your thoughts and queries in the comments below.

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