Have you guys watched “365 Days of Polish film”? Isn’t there a good erotic thriller movie out there these days? Michele Morone stole the show with his handsome looks.

Thus, Michael Morone has emerged as the brilliant actor from those movies and is the international crush for many women.

But what about the women who steal Michele’s heart? This article will discuss the person who stole and broke Michelle’s heart.

Let’s get started!

Who is Michele Morone?

Michele Morone
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Michele Morone is an Italian actor who rose to global fame by acting in the “365 Days” movie, which was also released on Netflix.

Many of his fans were waiting for Part 4 of the movie until it was released in three parts. So, this is the level of fandom for his films.

In addition to that, he is also a great singer who has released many albums.

So, Michele has a million fans, but his heart belongs to one woman, his ex-wife Rouba Saadeh.

Yes, you read that correctly: Robua divorced Michelle in 2018. It shows that life is not only about looks and getting fame; it holds many surprises and heart-wrenching moments.

Age and Family Details of Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 15, 1987. And Michelle, her ex-wife, is 36 as of 2023.

She is Lebanese; thus, her nationality and ethnicity belong to Lebanon.

And there is no information available about Rouba; we can see the many images on her Instagram account, but she still shared only about her profession and kids, and till now, she hasn’t deleted her ex-husband’s image from his Instagram posts.

Rouba Saadeh Career

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Rouba Saadeh is a fashion designer, and she is currently working for the Elie Saab fashion company.

It is one of the renowned fashion brands that they use to sell clothes, and they organise many fashion shows to display their products.

In addition to that, Rouba is a fashion entrepreneur; she is the co-owner of the Le Paradis Des Fous fashion brand.

Michele Morone and Rouba Saadeh

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Michele Morone met Rouba in the summer of 2014, and she is the person who strongly believed on Michele talents. Rouba is the person who lived with Michael when he was just an unpopular actor.

But their love united them, and in 2014, they exchanged their wedding vows.

But unfortunately, they got separated in 2018.

Why did Michele Morone and Rouba Saadeh get Separated?

Michele did not reveal the reason for their split because it is very personal. The reason may also affect the careers of Michele and Rouba.

Thus, both of them didn’t share their valid reasons for their divorce.

But in one of the interviews, Michele Morone said,

It’s not because I want to be single, but because I have no time. I’m focusing so much on my career and my kids. “And I probably haven’t found the right person yet.”

This shows that his busy schedule may create a fission in their marriage. Every partner expects their husband to spend quality time with them.

But even the divorce was very hard for Michele, and he shared that with his fans.

“A year and a half ago, I was about to leave everything; I didn’t want to act anymore.” I was in a severe state of depression after divorcing my wife. I found work as a gardener in a remote village of 1000 inhabitants because I had no more money in my pocket. But life is strange; when you’re down, destiny puts the right train in front of you, and if you’re strong, you can take it. Always believe in yourself. Always”

Do Michele Morone and Rouba Saadeh have Children?

Yes, they have two kids, Marcus and Brando. Marcus was born in 2014, and Brando was born in 2017.

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Is Michelle Morone Married?

Michele Morone-
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No, he is currently single and waiting for his woman! But he is rumored to be dating Khloe Kardashian.

Because he uploaded an image of him and Khloe, and he tagged her. So, most of them thought that Khloe was dating Michelle, but that was not true.

It was just a rumor.

And in the year 2019, Michelle got engaged to Elena D’Amario.

Then he was rumoured to be dating his 365 Days co-star, Anna-Maria Sieklucka. But later, both of them confirmed that they were just friends.

Michael is rumored to be dating Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez following the release of their music video “Mud Mud Ke” in 2022, sung by Neha Kakkar.

Michele has yet to enter into an official relationship despite having numerous rumored girlfriends.

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Bottom Line

We have discussed the personal life story of the 365-day hero, Michael Morona, and his wife, Rouba Saadeh.

Despite their separation, Rouba remained by his side during his lows and encouraged him to become a shining star.

The end!

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