Today, we are talking about Natasha Noel whom everyone should need to know. She is an inspiration for the youth, especially for the girls who believe they couldn’t do anything.

Natasha had faced unimaginable problems in her life that even can’t be expressed. Despite this, she achieved such great peaks in her life. This is why she is inspiring the world through her story. So, begin this very motivating biography of Natasha Noel and get to your dream.

Who is Natasha Noel?

natasha noel yoga trainer
natasha noel yoga trainer

Natasha Noel is a renowned Indian Yoga and Fitness Trainer. She is best known in India and in overseas countries for achieving great success after a very hard life.

Natasha was earlier a professional dancer but had to leave it after a knee injury. Later, she decided to go into the Yoga field and never looked back to dance.

Slowly, she came into the limelight and was invited for her interview at several reputed platforms, including Josh Talk and TEDx. Natasha is also a leading Yoga Trainer YouTuber of India with over 686,000 subscribers. Let you see below her whole life story and see how she achieved these all.

Childhood and Family

Natasha Noel was born on 14 September 1997 in Maharashtra, India. There is no information available about her father and mother.

Natasha had faced several troubling phases in her life, especially during her childhood. When she was just 3 years old, she lost her mother who suicided by burning herself in front of little Natasha. Later, she was sexually abused by a Male Servant whose mother even forced her to get married to him. It didn’t stop here, but she was further exploited by her uncles, cousins, and siblings.

Such unacceptable things happened with her at an early age. It made her weak from the inside and in fact, she had nobody to support her at that time.

At the time when she had to play with toys, the worst people of that society tortured her sexually. However, she never let her back her steps from her coming life. She tried her best always and get her dream accordingly.

Natasha Noel Fitness Career

Natasha decided to make her career in the dancing field which she loved most from her early life. Therefore, she started its training and prepared herself strongly.

She had told that she became a professional and found herself at an age of 16. For her, dance is something that allowed her to be like her. Later, she had to face another challenge in her life.

She suffered from a knee injury that left her bed-ridden for a while. Due to this, she couldn’t dance for many days.

This was her happiness and everything at that time that was also taken away from her. So, she ignored the doctor’s advice and started dancing again despite doing bed rest.

This led her to pay badly as now she couldn’t dance for almost one year. Also, she lost her 5-years relationship due to this.

Problems are like shadows that never left her whenever she tried to enter in light. However, she was also not less than a brave woman. Natasha never loses her hope.

Rise of her Fame

After this, she founded her solace in the Yoga field. She took two advantages through Yoga. The first one is that she released her own distress and tension.

And the other one is that she got another start in her career. She begins the Yoga training through her social media platforms and especially YouTube.

natasha noel yoga trainer
natasha noel yoga trainer

Natasha Noel started her YouTube channel on 11 April 2013 and was named after herself. In the beginning, she didn’t receive more attention from the public.

Despite this, she continued her work and put consistent efforts into it. Her hard work paid her nicely when she became India’s top Women Yoga trainer. She has now more than 686k subscribers on her YouTube channel and has uploaded over 150 videos.

Similarly, Natasha gains a lot of fame from her social media platforms. She has now over 307k followers on her Instagram profile and more than 274k followers on her Facebook page. This is what is a success with immense fame. This could be also called ‘Zero to Hero’.

Natasha Noel Net Worth

Natasha Noel estimated net worth is INR 2 Crores. She has different sources from where she can create good wealth. Although, Natasha primarily earns through her YouTube channel.

Despite this, she can also earn through her social media profiles, by advertising and promotion brands. At all, she has enough capital to live her life happily and in an enjoying mood. Apart from these, she can also earn through more ways, including seminars and yoga events.

The Bottom Line

Natasha Noel is the woman who saw her mother burning alive. What could be dangerous for a child than it? But she was incapable to save her mother.

She achieved such success despite passing through such dangerous situations. This is why she is called brave and courageous. The whole world should need to listen to her words and every single statement. Everyone should need to inspire by her.

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