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Who is Penn Holderness?

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Popular person Penn Holderness is well known as a YouTube Star. He played “All About That Bast”, a spoof of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.”

Penn Holderness is a prominent member of the YouTube Stars list. He is a creator of entertaining, shareable videos for regional and national businesses that also create family music videos for YouTube.

He co-owns a company called Greenroom Communications with his business partner.

Early Life of Penn Holderness

He goes by Penn Dameron Holderness. His birthday is on October 13 each year. Penn was born in Durham, North Carolina, in the year 1974.

In 2021, he will be 47 years old. His family is currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the United States, according to sources.

After completing his basic education, he enrolled at Durham’s Charles E. Jordan High School to complete his high school diploma. Let me add that he graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s in philosophy.

He had worked hard to achieve his goal since he had always wanted to do something big with his life.

Penn Holderness Career

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In 2005, Penn Holderness began working as a reporter for ABC Television, according to his official LinkedIn profile. He worked for two years before accepting a position as evening news anchor at WNCN TV, an NBC affiliate.

He held the roles of managing partner and creative director of Greenroom Communications Company from 2013 to 2017. According to his IMDB page, he began his acting career in 2013 with the release of the movie “Iron Man 3.”

In this movie, he had a supporting role as a news reporter. He was given the opportunity to appear in the movie “Tammy” the following year.

He and his wife, Kim Dean, launched their production company in December 2013 under the name “Holderness Family Productions.” Penn is appointed the company’s Chief Creative Officer and has held the role ever since.

They have also released numerous films through their producing company. On September 6, 2011, Penn Holderness launched his YouTube channel.

He has 210 million views and 748 thousand subscribers (as of March 2022). In March 2022 (as of). He became well-known after posting a ‘Xmas Jammies’ video on his channel with his family.

Within a week of its upload, the video had received 15 million views. Following that, Penn started making family videos. He produces videos for social media uploads on various humorous subjects with his wife and both of their children.

Holderness sparked controversy by using his kids as props and persuading them to make videos. Penn, though, refuted each and every unfounded charge.

The acclaimed television programme “The Amazing Race,” it has been reported, included Penn and Kim in 2022. Due to the coronavirus in February, the programme was postponed.

The pair was the oldest to win the prize money for “The Amazing Race” in its 33rd season.

Penn Holderness Personal Life

He is married to Kim Dean, because they both work in the same field, the pair allegedly met there.

In love, the pair made the decision to get married. The union took place in Orlando on April 22, 2005. They sent out invitations only to friends  and close family.

According to sources, Kim Dean Holderness is a businesswoman as well as a YouTuber. Additionally, he promotes and assists his wife’s professional endeavors and career.

The pair regularly shares gorgeous pictures on their social media pages. Holderness is the father of two kids. The first child of the pair was a girl named Lola Holderness.

At this point, Lola would be in her twenties. Their son, Penn Charles Holderness, was born to Kim Dean as well.

Penn routinely includes footage of his kids in his YouTube postings. Penn Holderness is from a prosperous and well-educated family.

The names of his parents remain unknown. We did a lot of internet research and found out that his mother taught in a public school.

On the other side, his father spent a lot of time as a Presbyterian minister. Also disclosed by Penn was the fact that his father had served in the US Army during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

His family has always supported Holderness. He also has a sibling by the name of Dale Holderness.

According to some sources, Dale holds the rare dual occupations of DJ and accountant. He is a Christian and an American citizen, in addition to those other things. And he is white in ethnicity.

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Penn Holderness Net Worth

As of October 2022, he had a net worth that was estimated to be between $8 million (approx.). Penn Holderness and his family are living an opulent lifestyle. He resides in a luxurious, tastefully appointed home.

In 2021, he had a net worth of $7 million. Kim is meticulous about keeping her house clean. Outside of his home, Penn has produced numerous YouTube videos.

He has an annual salary of $1 million approximately. He also bought some fancy cars and drove them around to other locations.

Similarly, Penn invested a lot of money in expensive cameras and computers for making and editing videos. YouTube videos, acting, producing, and commercials are some of his sources of revenue.

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Physical Appearance

Penn Holderness is 6 feet 4 inches which is equal to 193 centimeters or 1.93 meters tall. His weight is 76 kg which is equal to 167lbs.

His physical characteristics are currently unknown. He wears size 8 shoes (US). He has salt and pepper hair and blue eyes.

He is a very attractive man even at his middle age and has so many fans for his looks. Even from his reporting days in the news television he had many followers for his tough hunk like looks with a highly sophisticated demeanor.

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