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Priyanka Mongia Tik Tok Star Biography, Details, Death, Age, Wiki

Here is a very true and professional biography of the Tik Tok Star, Priyanka Mongia. Below you would get everything about her and her life story. So, don’t forget to read them all as there are many secrets and details covered about her. Let start this entertaining and enjoying story of Priyanka Mongia and become her real fan.

Priyanka Mongia Tik Tok Star Biography, Details, Age, Death, Wiki
NamePriyanka Mongia
Real NamePriyaka Mongia
Birth Date27 September 1997
Birth PlacePunjab, India
Age23 Years
Income50,000 INR
Net WorthMore than 50 Lakhs
ProfessionTik Tok Star, Model, Social Media Influencer
SchoolGraduate Khalsa College Punjab, India
DeathRumour and Fake
Zodiac SignVirgo
SiblingsBrother - Gaurav Mongia
Sister - Heena Malhotra
ResidenceDelhi, India

Who is Priyanka Mongia?

Priyanka Mongia is an Indian Viner, YouTuber, Model, and Social Media Influencer. She is extensively famous for her beauty and short video-making talents. She is among one of the beautiful Indian social media stars and rising at the peak rapidly. Priyanka’s real name is Piyanka Mongia but popularity derived her a new name, Priyanka Mongia.

priyanka mongia photo
priyanka mongia Image

She has a wide number of followers on his social media platforms and has also appeared in a song album. Let you read the full biography and life story of Priyanka Mongia.

Early Life of Priyanka Mongia

Priyanka Mongia was born on 27 September 1997 into a Punjabi family, Punjab, India. Her father and mother are also Punjabi and have supported her a lot in her life. She has a brother, name Gaurav Mongia who also used to create lip-sync videos on numerous social media platforms. Most of Priyanka’s life moments are still undisclosed by her while her parents, career, or educational background. She still likes to keep them secret.

Tik Tok Star Priyanka Mongia

Priyanka Mongia started her career on the famous short video platform, Tik Tok. It was unfortunate for her and for everyone there. Even she never dreamed that she could be a star on the app.

Although, her efforts and hard works paid him nicely. From the start, Priyanka got a lot of attention from the Tik Tok users. She shortly achieves the mark of 1 Million followers on her Tik Tok account.

priyanka mongia photo
priyanka mongia Image

She stood on her consistency and uploaded over 2-3 videos on daily basis. As how the day passes, she was becoming more famous and attractive in the media. And at last, she crossed the peak of 10 Million followers. But sadly, the Tik Tok app banned in India, and at that time she had already achieved over 22 million followers. And now the eyes of every Tik Tok star are on the app returning back to India. However, she finds out more ways to create her career on the internet.

Rise in Priyanka Success

As soon the Tik Tok banned in India, more apps similar to it released directly for Indians. She used that platforms to further made her life better. She also started creating videos on the newly launched of that time, Instagram Reels. Through that, she has earned over 4.1 million followers on her Instagram account. Following this, Priyanka has more than 16k followers on her Facebook account.

She has also appeared on Josh and Mx Taka Tak. Further, Priyanka has also appeared in a Punjabi Album Song, name Kabraan. The song released on 25 May 2020 on White Hill Music channel on YouTube.

Priyanka Mongia Personal Life

Priyanka belongs to a pure Punjabi family and loves the Punjabi tradition sometimes. She hasn’t shared a lot about her personal life however there are some general things about her. Priyanka Mongia has no boyfriend as she had never seen anyone. And most probably she is single. She loves posting her new pictures in new dresses every day. She looks so attractive that has been also become a major reason for her success in a very short time.

priyanka mongia photo
priyanka mongia Image

Priyanka Mongia Death

There was a rumor of Priyanka Mongia’s death on 26 June 2020. Actually, she didn’t appear on her social media account for many days. There could be many personal reasons behind it which she never told anyone. And some Tik Tokers made an advantage to gain likes and views on their video by showing about Priyanka’s death. They said to the peoples that Priyanka Mongia has died at 6 A.M. on 26 June 2020 in a car accident.

But this was totally fake as she personally came back and aware her fans about her presence. This was the fake peoples who did such a very non-sense and bad work for gaining few likes. She is still live in 2021 and made videos happily.

Priyanka Mongia Net Worth and Income

Priyanka Mongia currently earns more than 50,000 per month. And her net worth estimated at around 50 Lakhs minimum. There are several ways through which she can earn. Such ways are like collaboration on Instagram, videos on YouTube, from Josh app, casting albums, advertisement, and much more. When there was Tik Tok, she was earning a lot from the app as she had a very big follower community there. However, she is getting more popular and will earn more and more every day.

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Priyanka Mongia is a rising star who isn’t going to be stopped by anyone. She has now focused to prepare herself for entry on bigger levels including Bollywood. Following this, she focuses on her fitness and physical appearance. Her life story is very inspirational for every social media star and actor.

I hope you enjoyed reading this amazing biography and life story of Priyanka Mongia. Share your feedback below about her and your review of this story.

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