Rachel Mackley (November 9, 1982) is a broadcaster from Britain. She has been providing services as the main weather forecaster of the BBC’s South-East Today news program.

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Profile Summary

  • Name: Rachel Mackley
  • Birth Date: November 9, 1982
  • Birth Place: London
  • Age: 40 years
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Profession: Weather forecaster, and journalist
  • School: Anthony’s School for Girls
  • University: New Castle University
  • Education: Fine Arts
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Oliver
  • Children: Theo Mackley, Henry, and 2 stepchildren
  • Nationality: British
  • Residence: London

Who is Rachel Mackley?

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Source: bbc.co.uk

Rachel Mackley is a broadcaster from Britain. She has been providing services as the main weather forecaster of the BBC’s South-East Today news program.

Rachel has been working for this program since 2011.

Moreover, Rachel in Edinburgh has worked in public relations before stepping into journalism in 2007 at the Leeds Trinity and All Saints College.

She learned some tennis coaching from Leo Smith. Rachel likes running and participated in Hampton Court Half Marathon in 2017

Rachel Mackley Early Life

Rachel Mackley was born on November 9, 1982. Rachel is currently 38 years old. She grew up and spent most of his early years of life in Yorkshire.

From childhood, Rachel was very interested in the weather. Rachel Mackley is the holder of British Nationality. She is related to an English ethnic background.

Learning about her education, Rachel Mackley studied fine arts at New Castle University.

However, her future goals didn’t get flatly and her plans were put on hold as Rachel got to know that she was pregnant at the age of 20.

After some time, Rachel completed her University education.

Rachel Mackley Age

Rachel Mackley is 40 years old as of 2023. She has spent her career as a prominent weather forecaster for BBC’s South-East Today news program, showcasing her expertise in meteorology over the years.

Her age reflects the experience and knowledge she has gained in her profession, helping viewers stay informed about weather conditions in the South-East region of Britain.

Rachel Mackley Journey

Rachel Mackley began journalism in 2007. Rachel Mackley was granted an ITV bursary to study postgraduate bi-media journalism at All Saints and Leeds Trinity.

She started her journalist job at the same institute All Saints College along with Leeds Trinity.

She worked for 3 years at ITV Anglia and then she went to the BBC in January 2011 on South East Today to work as a weather forecaster.

Rachel has been working as a news anchor and English broadcaster. After completing her University education, she worked in public relations in Edinburgh before stepping into journalism.

This was the starting point of her successful career. In addition to work, Rachel worked for 3 years at the station before heading to work at BBC in 2011.

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She worked as a newsroom journalist for ITV Yorkshire, and then shifted to ITV Anglia.

Rachel Mackley was much passionate about her work and always enjoyed reporting weather several days in one week.

For the next few years, Rachel worked as a reader, presenter, and producer for the next few years.

Rise to Stardom

Rachel was much satisfied by her life, liking living in Kent and forecasting weather full time.

Rachel likes to be busy with work and if she got some free time, then she enjoys traveling, dancing, and drawing.

Rachel Mackley, from January 2011 has been working for BBC South East Today.

To date, this has been the most important and highlighted work of Rachel’s career.

Rachel is a very versatile person and due to her adaptable and flexible nature, she proved herself one of the most evident weather presenters based at Tunbridge Wells studios.

Rachel Mackley once falls for controversy too. When she fainted mid- broadcast, she was highlighted in the news and different controversies.

Rachel tripped before the camera cut to the presenters Robert Smith and Polly Evans. Rachel was treated at Pembury hospital and cleared all the rumors that she stumbled due to a horrible virus.

Rachel Mackley Personal Life

Rachel Mackley, the 38 years old journalist was in a relationship with high school but she never confirmed it or made it public.

During her higher studies at University Rachel found that she was pregnant at the age of 20. Due to her pregnancy, she took a break from university. Rachel gave birth to a son Theo Mackley.

Rachel Mackley got married to Oliver. The father of Theo used to move a lot and Rachel lived only one year with him in Edinburgh.

She loved Theo deeply and spent most of her time painting, dancing, and traveling with his son. Rachel, later on, introduced her second son Henry to the world in 2018.

As per Wikipedia, Rachel has four children and two stepchildren.

Rachel Mackley Net Worth

Rachel Mackley has been able to gather good fortune from her journalist career. Her journalist career helped him to earn a majestic sum of money.

Rachel Mackley enjoys a lavish life and her estimated net worth is $3 million.

Talking about her social media appearance, she is quite active there However, in the race of followers, she is just at the beginning. She doesn’t have a huge fan following on the Internet.

Rachel has more than 5.6k followers on Twitter. However, on her Facebook page, Rachel has nearly 300 followers and likes.

Rachel Mackley Facts

  1. Rachel Mackley is a British broadcaster known for her role as the main weather forecaster on BBC’s South-East Today news program.
  2. Rachel holds a degree in Fine Arts from Newcastle University.
  3. Despite becoming pregnant at the age of 20, Rachel Mackley completed her university education and pursued a career in journalism.
  4. She began her journalism career in 2007 and later joined BBC South East Today as a weather forecaster in January 2011.
  5. Rachel Mackley has worked as a newsroom journalist for ITV Yorkshire and ITV Anglia before her current role at BBC.
  6. She enjoys running and participated in the Hampton Court Half Marathon in 2017.
  7. Rachel is married to Oliver and has two biological children, Theo Mackley and Henry, as well as two stepchildren.
  8. Her estimated net worth is $3 million, earned through her successful journalism career.
  9. Rachel Mackley experienced a brief moment of controversy when she fainted during a live broadcast but later clarified that it was not due to a virus.

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Let you share your opinions and feedback regarding the biography of Rachel Mackley.

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