Renato Zero (born on 30 September 1950) is a remarkable Italian singer who has been winning people’s hearts with his Italian pop-rock songs. He is 72 years old and holds Italian nationality.

In this article, we will discuss Renato Zero’s age, height, weight, family, wife, children, career, songs, birthday, education, net worth, and facts.

Who is Renato Zero?

Renato Zero

Renato Zero is a remarkable Italian singer who has been winning people’s hearts with his Italian pop-rock songs. He is 71 years old and holds Italian nationality.

His career spans from 1960 till now, he has been singing for 60 years now.

He is the only artist in history to have topped the charts in six different decades with his top and best-selling albums.

Renato is exceptionally a legendary singer and is extolled by various critics for his great music. He is not only a phenomenal singer, but also a songwriter, producer, and actor.

The Early Life of Renato Zero

Renato Zero was born on the 30th of September 1950 in Rome, Italy.  He was brought up by his parents Domenico Fiacchini and Ada Fiacchini in Via Di Ripetta.

It was reported that Renato had quit his studies as he was passionate about his singing and wanted to pursue his career at an early age. The other perspectives of his life are unrevealed.

Renato Zero Career

Renato Zero was enthusiastic about the arts and started his career as a singer. In 1965 he recorded his first song tusi–il desertola solitudine, but unfortunately, that did not get published.

In the following year, he released his first single Non-Basta which did not get much recognition, and 20 copies of the single were only sold.

In the year 1976 Zero published his music album (LP) No Mama No but unfortunately once again his album was a failure.

After extreme hard work and devotion to music arts, Zero issued another single Madame, and collaborated with well-known songwriter Franca Evangelist, and the composer Piero Pintucci surprisingly he achieved his first smash with this single in 1976.

His greatest hits of all time, which topped and broke the Italian charts included his songs Mi Vendo, Morine qui, Triangolo, and Baratto which are still famous in Italy and also became a part of all disco club playlists.

Renato Zero singer

Later in the 1970s-80s, it was a great year of success for Zero as many of his music albums topped the Italian charts, including the LP Erozero which was released in 1979, Zerofobia (1977), Zerolandia (1978), Tresua (1980), Via Tagliamento (1982), Artide Antartide (1981), Calore (1983).

Some of his best songs were extolled by critics and fans and made him the most popular singer with his pop-rock music, including the ll Cielo, Amico, Piu us, Spiagge, ll Carrozz one, etc.

Later in 1982, Zero collaborated with opera director Renato Serio. In 1980 he launched his record label named Zeromania Music. 

His career was established and prosperous in 1984. Renato released another new album Leoni si nasce, which was presented in a press conference and was escorted by Aborigines, his album peaked at 1 on the charts.

In 1991 took part in the Somero Music festival with his song Spalle al Muro which helped to gain more spotlight on his career.

Hopefully, his songs and LP ranked no.1 on Italian charts and his concert tickets were sold out regularly.

In 2004 when his career was succeeding and started his concert tour Catch the Dream which was awarded as the most successful in Italy and worldwide on no.30 by the Pollstar magazines.

His recorded concerts in Rome were positioned as the top-selling musical DVD in 2004.

In 2005, he took part in Italian staging live 8 and released the new album The Gift in November which maintained no.1 throughout the year.

His new album in 2007 titled Presente, scored multi-platinum in Italy with 80 thousand copies sold in a week and was the top-selling album certified by FIMI.

His first single Ancora qui from the album achieved the best Italian video of the year. Later in the year 2013, Renato released his 2 music albums that peaked at no.1 on the Italian charts.

His concerts were a huge success for his career and were sold out in many countries.

In March 2016 Zero released his album Alt and its song Chiedi which topped no.1 in the iTunes charts and later the album debuted on the FIMI Italian album chart.

Renato was not only an outstanding singer but also an actor who also worked as a dancer in a TV show, and played minor roles in 2 Fellini movies.

He dubbed the character Sorcini, and took part in Fantastico 3 the most popular Italian TV show, In 1990 Renato dubbed the character Jack Skellington and released songs for an Italian motion picture The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.

He also achieved a certified diamond by FIMI for his album Presente.

Renato Zero Personal life

Renato Zero dated the famous TV host Enrica Bonaccorsi. He was also reported dating his former secretary Lucy Morante. It is confirmed that the famous singer had a child named Roberto.

It is not mentioned or confirmed by the singer about his marriage life. These two relationships were confirmed by himself, but he is single right now.

Renato Zero Net Worth

Renato Zero’s estimated net worth is $3 Million US Dollars in 2023.  This is an estimated amount as he never revealed it. His main source of income is through his career as a singer and actor.

Being a well-known and experienced singer, he might be earning in other ways like he might be associated with the advertising industry or the brand ambassador of different companies

Social media appearance

Renato Zero is a well-known personality so for this he holds many social media followers. His social media followers are broad and usually in the thousands.

Let’s take a look at his social media handles with her follower count in 2023:

  • Instagram — More than 285k followers
  • YouTube —  More than 193k subscribers
  • Twitter — More than 40k followers

Facts About Renato Zero

  • Renato Zero is an Italian pop-rock singer born on September 30, 1950, in Rome, Italy.
  • He has been singing for an impressive 60 years, with a career that started in the 1960s.
  • Renato Zero is the only artist in history to have topped the charts in six different decades with his best-selling albums.
  • Besides singing, he is also a songwriter, producer, and actor, making him a versatile artist.
  • Some of his popular songs include “Mi Vendo,” “Morire Qui,” “Triangolo,” and “Baratto.”
  • In 1980, he founded his own record label called Zeromania Music.
  • Renato’s career reached its peak in 1984 when his album “Leoni si nasce” topped the charts.
  • He participated in the Somero Music festival in 1991, further boosting his career.
  • Renato Zero’s concerts were incredibly successful, often selling out in various countries.
  • As of 2023, his estimated net worth is around $3 million, primarily earned through his singing and acting career, and he has a significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.


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    Renato Zero is One of a kind! He embodies The Heart and Soul of All Mankind, bringing The Masses Together in Love, showing us what Humanity should be. He is a Guiding Light, born to bring Joy to The World! Long live Renato Zero! Viva Renato Zero!

  2. Jan Isherwood Reply

    Renato Zero is One of a Kind! He embodies The Heart and Soul of of All Mankind, a Guiding Light, born to inspire and bring Joy To The World! Long Live Renato Zero! Viva Renato, un Miracolo!

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