Let’s simply talk about someone who offered a variety of services in his life and after collecting the wealth of his part, left the world. The name that comes to mind is Rene Angelil.

A man who achieved a lot in his life in a good period of living. Let have a look below at his biography.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Rene Angelil
  • Birth Date: January 16, 1942
  • Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Age: 73 (at the time of death)
  • Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Profession: Record Producer, Talent Manager, Songwriter, Singer, Actor, and television direction
  • School: College Saint-Viateur
  • University: College Andre-Grasset (post-secondary)
  • Father: Joseph Angelil
  • Mother: Alice Sara
  • Brother: Andre Angelil
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Marriage Date: December 17, 1994 (Celine Dion)
  • Ex-Wives: Denyse Duquette and Anne Renee
  • Current Wife: Celine Dion
  • Children: Patrick, Jean-Pierre, Anne-Marie Angelil, Rene-Charles, Eddy Marnay, Nelson Mandela
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Residence: Montreal

Who is Rene Angelil?

Rene Angelil

Rene Angelil was a musical producer, singer, and talent manager from Canada. He began with pop music in Montreal.

Rene with his childhood friends Jean Beaulne and Pierre Labelle formed a pop group, Les Baronets to make a start with.

This group of Rene gave some hits also. Rene Angelil also worked as the manager of her wife Celine Dion, who is a singer by profession.

Early Life of Rene Angelil

Rene Angelil was born on January 16, 1942, in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Rene’s father Joseph Angelil was born in Montreal.

His grandparents were related to Damascus, Syria, and his father himself was also a Syrian descendent.

Rene’s mother Alice Sara, was born in a Lebanese family in Montreal. Rene had a younger brother Andre (born in 1945). Both the parents had the membership of Melkite Greek Catholic Church.

Rene Angelil studied at a high school named College Saint-Viateur in Outremont. For post-secondary education, Rene went to College Andre- Grasset in Montreal.

The Journey of Rene Angelil

Rene Angelil began his music career in pop music in 1961. He started singing from his home town Montreal. To begin with, Regan with his childhood friends Pierre Labelle and Jean Beaulne formed a pop group.

The group Less Baronets of Rene and his friends gave many hits during the 1960s. Most of these were the translations of English language pop from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the group dissolved in 1972. Rene Angelil after the dissolution started work as a managing artist with his best friend Guy Cloutier.

Rene along with his best friend headed the career of two successful entertainers Ginette Reno and Rene Simard. In 1981, both friends separated to become solo managers.

Rene also turned manager for 12 years old Celine Dion and invited her to Quebec to give an audition. Rene’s work was to manage her career and take Celine and her mother to Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Rene in 2012, became one of the several co-owners of Schwartz’s Deli (Montreal’s iconic).

Rene Angelil Personal Life

Rene Angelil and his wife

Rene Angelil was a family man. Rene in 1966, married his first wife Denyse Duquette. Rene became the father of a baby boy Patrick with Denyse in 1968.

In 1972 when Patrick was four years old Rene and his first got separated.

Rene Angelil once again thought to be married. He is 1974, married singer Anne Renee. Rene with Anne also had two children.

Jean Pierre and Anne Marie Angelil were his children. Rene separated from Anne too in 1986.

Rene developed a personal relationship with Celine Dion in 1988 when she was twenty years old.

The relationship got a spark on April 30, 1988, when Celine won Eurovision Song as a contestant.

Rene Angelil and Celine Dion got married on 17 December 1944 in a gorgeous ceremony at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica. The wedding was broadcast on Canadian television.

Rene and Celine’s son Rene Charles came into this world through Vitro fertilization as it was discovered that Rene was diagnosed with cancer.

The couple was again blessed with twin boys on 23 October 2010. The boys were named Eddy and Nelson Mandela.

In 1999 Rene Angelil was diagnosed with throat cancer but fortunately, he recovered completely. Rene suffered from a heart attack in 1991 when he was 49 years of age.

Whilst illness, Rene continued work and the video song for Simple Plans named Save You, Rene made an appearance as a survivor of cancer.

In 2009, Rene Angelil had medical treatment for arterial blockage.

In December 2013, Rene again had surgery for throat cancer and in September 2015, Rene’s wife Celine declared that Rene’s cancer has progressed and he could live only for months only.

Rene Angelil fall a victim to his disease on 14 January 2016 just two days before turning 74.

He was awarded a national funeral service on January 22 from the government of Quebec at Notre-Dame Basilica. Rene was buried at the Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery.

Rene Angelil Net Worth

Rene Angelil is one of the best-known singers from Canada. The versatility portrayed by Rene helped him to collect a handsome sum of wealth.

He was also known as the husband of a successful singer Celine Dion.

The estimated net worth of Rene Angelil at the time of death was $400 million. After the death of Rene, Celine turned into president and owner of different production companies that were operated by Rene and Celine together.

The production companies include Les Production Feeling and CDA Productions.

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