As one of the tragic siblings of Betty Broderick and Dan Broderick, Rhett Broderick is an Idaho-based teacher of world history and US history.

Dan and Betty were the parents of Rhett, and in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the terrible story of their divorce and double murder dominated headlines in San Diego. It was so tragic that it inspired the TV show “Dirty John”

In this post, we will read Rhett Broderick’s biography, wiki, age, height, parents, siblings, education, net worth, and profession.

Rhett Broderick Profile Summary
Name Rhett Broderick
Birth Date1979
Birth Place Idaho, United States
Age44 Years Old
Height6 Feet
Profession Teacher
FatherDan Broderick
MotherBetty Broderick
Siblings Lee Broderick, Kim Broderick, and Daniel Broderick Jr
Marital StatusMarried
WifeVeronica Noffke
Nationality American
Residence Idaho, United States

Who is Rhett Broderick?

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Rhett is an Idaho-based history teacher and specializes in world and US history. Rhett has three siblings: Lee Broderick (or Kathy Lee), Kim Broderick, and Daniel Broderick Jr.

Lee and Kim live in Idaho, but it is not clear if the sisters reside near Rhett. Rhett is the older brother of Daniel Jr., a San Diego resident. Like Dan Sr. Daniel, Daniel Jr. is an attorney.

He is married to the love of his life and has 3 wonderful kids.

He has been living a peaceful and tension-free life since his mother got imprisoned for her crimes.

Early Life of Rhett Broderick

Rhett was born in 1979 in Idaho, United States. The youngest of the Kim, Lee, and Daniel’s siblings is Rhett. Rhett’s family was formerly thought to be among the most important families in the coastal town of La Jolla, California.

Dan and Betty enrolled their kids in private schools.

The couple, who were also members of a country club, were also well-known for their love of driving sports vehicles and taking their kids skiing in Colorado.

The Broderick family lived a lavish existence, but there was a negative side to the couple’s relationship. They used to quarrel, occasionally vehemently. Betty made several separation threats on her spouse.

Betty’s dissatisfaction made her question Dan.

Dan learned that the family’s Coral Reef house had foundation flaws and required extensive repairs in September 1984, so the family moved into a rental property.

Dan returned to their family residence in February 1985 after leaving their rental home.

When Dan begged Betty to leave him alone but his wife did not trust him, the couple appeared to be in problems once more.

On Easter, Betty left Kim at the residence to wait for Dan to come home. She also occasionally left Daniel, Rhett, and Lee at home, although it appeared that she was worried about her husband. She stated to her kids:

“Your dad won’t get away with this,” said the speaker.

Rhett’s father divorced Betty in September 1985 and was later granted full custody of their children. But his wife never seemed to grasp that their union would not endure.

Following the couple’s breakup, violent events occurred.

Rhett Broderick Career

At WRHS Wolverine, Rhett teaches US and world history. County Blaine. From 2017 to 2018, he was a member of Wolverine’s team.

Additionally, he instructs AP Human Geography.

For 12 years, Rhett has been a teacher. Rhett asserts that he is enthusiastic about his profession. He claimed to understand the value of the position because members of his family are teachers.

He was once a junior varsity boys football assistant coach.

Rhett Broderick Personal Life

Rhett likes to lives his life as a common person and wants privacy on his life. So there’s much not known about his personal life.

An elementary school teacher named Veronica Noffke is the wife of actor Rhett Broderick. Together, they have two daughters. In the Midwest is Noffke.

Although Rhett and Veronica appear to be a solid couple, it is unknown when or where their nuptials took place. They both adore Idaho, and in February 2017 they had their second child.

Currently, Rhett is not permitted to post anything to his Instagram account.

On Facebook, he has posted a few pictures of himself and his loved ones. Most of the images he shares are of his wife and him with their daughters.

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Rhett Broderick Net Worth

Net worth is someone’s total assets and earnings combined it can be an individual a group or a whole corporation. 

If someone owns something, has a loan of certain amount, and holds a certain amount of stocks and liquid cash all of it will be included in their net worth.

So now you may have a question what is Rhett Broderick’s Net worth??

Rhett most likely received a portion of his millionaire father’s wealth. However, it is still uncertain if he made use of these funds. The unknowables include his net worth and if he is a millionaire by definition.

Considering his ostensibly average life, Rhett might not be that wealthy.

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Rhett Broderick Physical Appearance

Rhett is around 6ft tall or 1.8 meters tall and weighs around 70 kg or 170 lbs. He wears specs. He doesn’t have many public appearances so all the figures are just an estimate.

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