We humans always need the motivation to run our jammed systems again in the best flow. But how does it works? As for me, reading something inspirational always turns our mind productive.

That’s why today I’ve brought a very inspirational story of RJ Rogers who is going to teach you about actual success. In a short explanation, the man is a self-made young millionaire.

Let’s move forward to know who he is and how he reached a very high position from being a homeless boy.

RJ Rogers Profile Summary
Full NameRahman Kamal Rogers Jr
Date of Birth9 July 2000
Birth PlaceUnited States
Home TownGary, Indiana United States
Age21 Years (as of 2021)
ProfessionAmerican-Entrepreneur, e-commerce seller & famous influencer
HobbiesTraveling, Working out, Clubbing

Who is RJ Rogers?

rahman RJ rojers Image

RJ Rogers Jr, also known as Rahman Rojers, is an American entrepreneur, e-commerce seller & famous influencer.

He rose to fame after going viral on multiple blogs on Instagram sharing his story of how he was living in a homeless shelter at the age of 19 then going on to make $1 million dollars with his various e-commerce businesses in under a year at just the age of 20.

Till now, he has amassed millions of views by showing off his lifestyle and sits currently at 60,000 followers on the platform. He is now an inspiration for thousands of people across many countries.

RJ Rogers is more than what he seems. Getting such a remarkable achievement at such a young age is not a cup of tea for anyone. He would have to sacrifice his sleep, parties, friends, and a lot of enjoying elements.

But in the end, he came out as a successful man, showing some crazy results to his people.

Let’s explore his complete biography below and know, how this gentleman made his dreams true and brought some memorable victories to him.

Early Life of RJ Rogers

RJ Rogers Jr was born on 9 July 2000 in an American family in Gary, Indiana United States. His nickname is RJ & his zodiac sign is Cancer.

He went to 4 high schools 3 in the state of Texas and 1 in his hometown and completed his schooling at a public school in Katy Texas.

However, he hasn’t shared any details about his educational qualifications. His ethnicity is black. His parents had him when they were just 17 years of age.

His mother’s name is India J Crawford and his father’s name is Rahman K Rogers (which is why everyone calls him RJ because he’s a junior).

RJ Rogers is the oldest of 6 siblings, he has 2 sisters and 1 brother on his father’s side and 3 brothers on his mother’s side. His marital status is unmarried & he is currently single

RJ’s age is 21 as of 2022. His height is 5 feet 7 inches & weighs around 71 kg. He has black hair & brown eyes. His body measurements are not known & his shoe size is 10 (US).

RJ Rogers Career

rahman RJ rojers Image

RJ Rogers started his business by coming across an ad on Instagram showing how you can make money from your laptop anywhere in the world in September 2017.

He started selling on his site within the same week. Primarily, he ran Facebook and Instagram advertising ads selling necklaces and chains from China.

He then made his first $20 within the same month of starting, he was 17 years old at that time.

After regularly trying to find more appealing products and working at a local Pizza Hut for months and months, he saw little progress but fell in love with entrepreneurship in the process.

Soon after he graduated high school, he started to get smarter in marketing.

RJ Rogers believed in himself so much that he didn’t want to work a job anymore, nor go to college so which caused problems with his family and was forced to live in a homeless shelter.

He worked on his computer all day long learning everything about Facebook ads, profit, and margins, what people wanted to buy at the moment, creating good-looking stores, etc.

When the worldwide pandemic started, he sold indoor products that went on to generate over $1 million dollars.

He posted his story and success all over social media which caught attention from blogs then the videos of him on there went on to go viral which helped him gain fame across social media.

Ultimately, he ended up getting a lot of followers across his various social media handles.

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  • He skipped his senior prom to create his first store and find products.
  • He got detentions in school for working on his business instead of schoolwork.
  • He danced in talent shows in middle school.
  • He is left-handed and has a scar on his forehead.

Bottom Line

So, you are finally at the bottom of this very inspirational biography. I, as a helper, want you to give some lessons from this biography.

Always stay focused on your work and believe in the process.

You have seen RJ Rogers getting detentions in school for not being focused on schoolwork. However, he has had faith in him. And yes, this is the reason why he is here today.

We get a lot of opportunities to grab, but we don’t even look at any. And if we go for any, we come back with just a little obstacle. Is this a good ratio for a successful life?

Absolutely not!

This should be completely reversed. Try to grab every opportunity and never look back even if you have to face thousands of obstacles.

Remember what Thomas Edition said, “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thank You for reading this biography of RJ Rogers. We will be glad to hear your thoughts and opinions on this article. Will be a pleasure for us. Have a good day!

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