In the literature world, so many outstanding poets ever wrote terrific poems in history. Those great poets come from America and European countries.

However, other countries like Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, and China also bore talented poets.

Generally, American poets are more famous than any other poets from a different country.

Probably, it is because that country is big and advanced so that people around the world notice that there must be literature experts there.

Robert frost biography

From those who are appreciated a lot in this discipline, there was a great man who ever walked the earth with his excellent works.

His name was Robert Frost. He was American. Until today, poem lovers are looking for true information about Robert Frost Biography.

It is said that by reading great poet’s chronicles or bibliographies, literature newbies or amateurs will gain their knowledge and sense so that they will be capable to make greater works of art.

If you are also a poem enthusiast, you are then suggested to read his biography of Robert Frost.

The Beginning of Robert Frost

That day, a baby boy was born with a warm welcome and hug from the heat of the kind sun. The earth was surprised and so was the sky.

The night could not wait to cover him with a cold sense of love. This one-of-a-kind baby was then named Robert Frost.

He was born on March 26th, 1974. His middle name was Lee. When he was a little boy, he seemed to like words and texts.

He admires the art of verbal and written human communication. His interest in literature began to grow big after age 15.

His father was William Prescott Frost, Jr. While his mother was Isabelle Moodie. His father was a descendant of an English who came to America in the 17th century. His mother was Scottish.

It is known that his father worked as a teacher before joining the San Fransisco Evening bulletin as an editor. He was married to Elinor Miriam White.

Robert Frost was once a catholic but it was unsure when he was an adult.

Early life

His works were very famous, especially in America and England. He was attracted to society, poverty, humanity, humanism, and philosophy.

If you have the same interest as him, you had better read his poems carefully.

When he was a teenager, he ever published his writing in the school’s magazine. Even though he was a high schooler but his work could not be underestimated.

After graduating from high school, he then went to Dartmouth College.

When he was an adult, he ever worked as a newspaper deliverer and a mechanic. He could do the job in a factory where he was responsible for the maintenance of the carbon arc lamps.

Notwithstanding, these jobs could not ring him the joy.

He left those and focused more on writing literary works.

His Work

It was  Randall Jarrell who paid attention to his works. He even praised him as a great poet in that century. It was not only his poetry but also his play and other literary works. Jarrel also got him back in the accusation towards him.

Frost was once accused of becoming traditional and old-fashioned. In 1974, Jarell explains the truth about Frost’s works.

He could do it because he used his logic and common sense to see Frost’s work of art.

In his entire life, Frost had influenced great poets who continued his legacy after he died on January 29th, 1963 in America.

He gave the value of his works to Robert Francis, James Wright, Richard Wilbur, Seamus Heaney, and Edward Thomas.

At not the same time, Frost was influenced by several incredible poets namely John Keats, Thomas Hardy, Robert Graves, William Butler Yeats, and Rupert Brooke.

Pulitzer Prizes

It is seen that he got several Pulitzer Prizes too. You can see those prizes below.

  1. In 1924, he acquired the prize for New Hampshire: A Poem With Notes and Grace Notes
  2. In 1931, he acquired the prize for Collected Poems
  3. In 1937, he acquired the prize for A Further Range
  4. In 1943, he acquired the prize for A Witness Tree

He was Called Poet Laureate of Vermont

It was in June 1922 when the Vermont State League of Women’s Clubs chose Frost as Poet Laureate of Vermont. The members of that league decided to back up him for the critics that were sent by New York editorial.

Then on July 22nd, 1961, he was given an honorable title i.e. Poet Laureate of Vermont. It was done by the state legislature in America.

Amazingly, he was also nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. He had got 31 nominations during his entire life.

His Legacy

He inspired people to build Robert Frost Hall at Southern New Hampshire University.

The building is an academic building. It is located at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire.

People still come to this place every year. They study literature there.

Moreover, his work named Fire and Ice gave some influence to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy works named A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Bottom Line

If you are a big fan of Robert Frost or just want to know about him, now you already know about his chronicle.

By reading one’s story of life, we should take the good things and great experiences about the person. We need to learn this life more by reading others’.

In contrast, all bad things and wrong deeds which were done by that person should be gone in our minds. No one is perfect including you and me.

Therefore, to stay positive, we have to live this life with gratitude and lesson learned from other people.

Moreover, never judge others because we are not perfect as well. Common people out tend to mock or judge others. That is very embarrassing actually.

Human beings are very honorable in living things. Humiliating and judging other people need to eliminate.

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