For this article, we have searched for wonderful quotes for our beloved moms.

But none of the quotes gives a sense of satisfaction; something is missing in those quotes, and suddenly a thought comes to our minds.

We stopped our searches and continue to type this article.

Do we want to know what that thought flashed into our mind? How can 26 letters of the English alphabet fully describe our mother’s care? Mother’s love cannot be described in words but must be felt.

So, this article is all about the mother who strived hard to make her son shine in this world, Sandi Graham, the mother of Drake Graham.

Sandi Graham Profile Summary
NameSandi Graham
Birth Date28 January 1960
Birth PlaceCanada
Age62 Years Old
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
ProfessionSinger, Rapper, Songwriter
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex- HusbandDennis Graham

Who is Sandi Graham?

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Sandi Graham is the mother of global singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and great entrepreneur Drake Graham.

Drake Graham is living his successful life today because of his talent and his mother’s love and care, which helped him overcome all the hurdles he has faced.

Sandi Graham can be seen with Drake at many award shows. The mother-and-son duo always wins the hearts of the internet.

Drake loved his mother to the moon and back, and he had dedicated most of his songs to her mother.

It shows Sandi dedicated her whole life to nurturing her son as a single mother.

When Drake was a small boy, Sandi Graham had osteoporosis, which made her a bedridden mother. Even though she was physically disabled, she took care of his son. Shouldn’t we have to send lots of love and hugs to this bold mom?

Early Life of Sandi Graham

Sandi Graham was born on January 28, 1960, in Canada. Sandi is of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.

She has the star sign of Aquarius. The personal traits of Aquarius people are that they are more intellectual, bold, open-minded, and like to be independent.

It matches the characteristics of Sandi, who opted to lead an independent life after she got divorced from her toxic husband and boldly takes care of Drake.

Sandi Graham is not from a wealthy family background. And there are no details about her parents and their occupation.

If we get to know about that, we will update this section as soon as possible. Else, if any of the readers know any facts about Sandi Graham, kindly share them with us.

Sandi Graham Career

sandi graham
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Sandi Graham has expertise in many fields and has worked at many jobs. But one of her most phenomenal professions is her teaching profession.

Sandi Graham’s teaching profession helped Drake immensely because he took private classes at home. But people thought Drake was a millionaire, so he opted for homeschooling.

Well, the reality is that Sandi Graham suffered severe financial problems; they were financially broken, and she couldn’t afford for him to get a good education.

But a mother does not leave a child like that; instead, she takes the lesson for him.

Moreover, Sandi Graham is also a florist; she worked as a florist in Toronto, Canada.

Sandi Graham as a “Mother”

Sandi Graham suffered a lot to give Drake a good life, and since Drake is a black Jew, she feared that he might face discrimination in her Weston Road area.

So, they shifted to Forest Hill, where Sandi and Drake lived in a small basement area.

Even though she was broke, she performed the bar mitzvah ceremony for Drake. It is a Jewish ceremony that will be performed for 12 or 13-year-old boys and girls.

Bar mitzvah is like giving all the responsibilities for the children’s actions into their hands, and they will be free to follow Judaism’s practices as they wish.

Sandi did that for her beloved son; these are only known indications of her love towards Drake, and many more incidents are yet to be revealed.

But we can feel it in some of Drake’s songs, where he dedicated six to seven songs exclusively for her mother, and they are:

  • Look What You’ve Done
  • The Calm
  • Successful
  • From time
  • Star67
  • Keep the family close
  • Lose you
  • Child’s play
  • Can’t have you

Sandi Graham Health Issues

Sandi Graham suffered from a severe joint pain problem resulting in osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones become very weak, and even when we cough harder, it leads to fractures.

And it is also known as a “silent disease” because it usually doesn’t have any early-stage symptoms to help diagnose it earlier.

Sandi suffered from this disease, which became so bad that she could not walk and was bedridden for many years.

And it was confirmed by her son Drake, who added that he spent his childhood days with his bedridden mother.

Her physical pain forced her into smoking habits, and she was fated to take many high dosages of medications.

Personal Life of Sandi Graham

Sandi Graham’s former husband was Dennis Graham; he came from a prominent musical family where his uncles and grandfathers had worked with famous musicians.

Sandi met Dennis at a musical show at Club Bluenote in Toronto. They fell out of love, the couple married in 1985, and Drake was born as a symbol of love on October 24, 1986.

But when Drake was 5 years old, the couple decided to part ways and finally divorced.

After his divorce, Dennis had a falling out; he was punished for his drug-related problems, and the police jailed him twice.

The jail charges ruined his entire fame, and Drake added in an interview that he never spent quality time with his father as he was jailed twice.

Sandi Graham divorced at 36, but she didn’t decide to look up for another partner; yes, she didn’t marry anyone after that.

Drake has become her world. Currently, another 5-year-old little boy has become Sandi’s world. any guesses? Yes, Adonis Graham, the son of Drake Graham.

Sandi Graham Physical Appearance

Sandi Graham has a healthy body now; she seems physically fit. Her height is 5 feet, 5 inches; she weighs around 55 kg; her body measurements are 36-28-40.

As of now, Sandi is 62 years old. She now looks great with white hair, wrinkled skin, and oversized t-shirts. But isn’t it a heartwarming and saddening moment watching our moms grow older?

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Bottom Line

That’s all there is to say about Drake’s mother. Drake is living the life his mom dreamed of.

Do you want to share any heartwarming messages with your mom? Please kindly comment on it and say that to your mom personally. Because she deserves that!

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