Sarai Burgos (born in 2006) is the daughter of the famous model and fashion designer Bernice Burgos. She is also the sister of Ashley Burgos who is also a popular model.

We will discuss Sarai Burgos’s age, height, weight, boyfriend, education, parents, career, Instagram, wiki, bio, social media, net worth, and facts.

Sarai Burgos Profile Summary
NameSarai Burgos
Birth Date2006
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Net Worth$1 million
MotherBernice Burgos
SiblingsAshley Burgos
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Sarai Burgos?

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She is the daughter of the famous model and fashion designer Bernice Burgos. She is also the sister of Ashley Burgos who is also a popular model.

Sarai is now in her teens aspiring and ambitious to be like her mother and sister. But for her great looks, she has an exclusive fan following.

This is obviously going help her, as she will launch her own career soon.

Early Life of Sarai Burgos

In 2006, Sarai Burgos was born, 10 years after Ashley Burgos, her older sister. Her birthdate has not yet been determined.

The teenage mother of Sarai has had a very difficult time raising her two angels. Nevertheless, Bernice gave her two daughters a comfortable life despite her youth.

In the year 2006, the famous child was born in the USA. Sarai was also born when Bernice was a teenager. Her two daughters were difficult for her to raise.

The name Bernice Burgos is not new to the entertainment world. With her stunning features and captivating on-screen presence, she has captured the attention of numerous viewers. She is also a successful businesswoman and model.

Ten years after the birth of her older sister Ashley Burgos, the media celebrity was born in 2006. The latter has a daughter and is an aspiring model.

India Ava, Sarai’s gorgeous niece, first surfaced on social media in 2018. She and her sole aunt are very close.

Ashley Burgos was born to Sarai Burgos’ mother Bernice when she was just fifteen years old. Following the revelation of her pregnancy, she was ejected from her grandmother’s home.

But the model provided a good environment for her children to grow up in. Her father, meanwhile, has never been a part of Sarai Burgos’ life.

Numerous rumors suggest that Sarai’s father was violent and abusive. Therefore, Bernice, her mother, reared her in a single-parent household.

Sarai Burgos Age

Sarai Burgos is 17 years old as of 2023, she was born in 2006 in the United States of America.

Famous mother and sister

Sarai-Burgos images

Bernice Burgos is a well-known model, businesswoman, and social media influencer from the United States. She is well known for posting images on Instagram and acting as a model in a number of music videos.

In a single episode of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, Bernice Burgos competed against Lil Durk and Nick Cannon. Bernice’s part in the motion picture True to the Game 2 has also helped her break into the acting world.

She has a successful modeling career in addition to a strong business sense. 

With the help of her other daughter Ashley Burgos, Bernice founded a business called Bold and Beautiful Sleepwear.

The company sells products for women of all body kinds and is particularly body-inclusive.

Sarai Burgos’ sister Ashley is also a successful businesswoman, model, fashion designer, and social media influencer. Ashley works as a model, just like her mother. 

Due to her mother’s influence, she became more well-known and made the decision to devote her entire attention to the craft. It went smoothly. 

She began posting pictures on Instagram and, with the help of her mother’s encouragement, started her modeling career before she turned 18.

Sarai Burgos Career

Sarai is still an adolescent and most likely attending school.

The young Burgos has kept her professional preferences a secret. She might decide to pursue a modeling career as her mother did.

No matter which field of work she chooses, her mom and sister will be there to guide her and help her whenever needed. 

Sarai Burgos Personal Life

Sarai Burgos has always sought to maintain her anonymity despite her family’s popularity. 

The young kid has kept her private life hidden from the prying eyes of admirers and has never allowed herself to be seen in public. 

As a result, very little is known about the model’s daughter’s personal life.

Sarai Burgos’s existence and private life are completely unknown, although it is obvious that she is too young to be dating or be married. 

Sarai’s mother and sister were both young mothers, so they may try very hard to steer her away from the challenging path of becoming a teenage parent.

Since she was a little child, the celebrity child has escaped the attention of the media. She prefers to live a private life and doesn’t like the spotlight, though.

She doesn’t use any social media platforms either. The stunning girl’s Instagram account also contains no indications of a romantic relationship.

She hardly ever posts images and has never done so with a guy. Therefore, among her fans, Sarai Burgos’ partner is a mystery.

In light of the limited information about her relationship, Burgos might be single.

But if she does have a boyfriend, she is doing a great job protecting his privacy. Hopefully, she will reveal more information about her dating life in the future.

Sara enjoys dancing, baking, photography, and reading. She enjoys traveling and discovering new locations. She loves animals a much. She enjoys dancing, watching movies, reading children’s literature, and traveling.

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Sara Burgos Net Worth

Sarai is still an adolescent and most likely attends classes. Therefore, Bernice, her mother, is the source of her income. 

Despite this, Sarai Burgos has a sizable net worth given that her mother is a prosperous businesswoman.

Sara’s current net worth in 2023 is around $1 million. Sarai’s mother’s prosperous career has allowed her to enjoy a luxurious life. 

Naturally, Sarai Burgos’s net worth is highly reliant on her mother Bernice Burgos’s wealth

because she is a minor.

The mother of two is reportedly worth a significant sum and can undoubtedly give her girls a pleasant life. 

The teen mom’s wealth has been accumulated as a result of various modeling assignments, magazine front features, and as a music video performer.

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Physical Appearance

The beautiful Sarai Burgos is a wonderful kid. She is a stunning young lady with flawless hair, amazing brows, and a face that is flawlessly streamlined. She also has a sweet grin and is charming and cherubic.

In addition to having entrancing black eyes that cast a spell, Sarai also has curling black hair, a blackish complexion, and black eyes.

She is also 58 kilograms tall and 5 feet 6 inches wide. She is gorgeous right now.

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