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Profile Summary

  • Name: Spencer Heath McCallum
  • Birth Date: December 21, 1931
  • Birth Place: United States
  • Age: 88 (at the time of death)
  • Death: December 17, 2020
  • Profession: Anthropologist, author, business consultant
  • University: Princeton University, and University of Washington
  • Education: Anthropology
  • Marital Status: Married (Divorced in 2004)
  • Marriage Date: December 2001
  • Wife: Keeley McCallum
  • Children: Myles McCallum
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: England

Who is Spencer McCallum?

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Spencer Heath McCallum was famous as Spencer McCallum. He was an American business consultant and anthropologist and author. He got famous for discovering the town of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua in Mexico.

McCallum also made a successful career in freelancing as a cartoon designer and cartoonist. He is the grandson of Spencer Health, and was a dissenter, inventor belonging to mainstream Georgism.

Early Life of Spencer McCallum

Spencer McCallum was born on 21 December 1931 in the United States. He was a British cartoonist by profession.

Spencer got his higher education from Princeton University. He studied for a bachelor’s in art history at Princeton University.

He from Washington University received a Master of Arts in social anthropology. Spencer continued his education and specialized in studying the culture, life, and stateless society of Northwest Indians living at coasts.

The Journey of Spencer McCallum

Spencer McCallum with his grandfather in 1956 founded the Science of Society Foundation. The Foundation published several books including Market, Alter, Citadel, and Health’s book.

He worked as an active lecturer and researcher for business and academic clients for many years.  He also worked as a research fellow at the Independent Institute.

McCallum shared his grandfather’s interest regarding multi-tenant properties. In such properties, the developers made contracts of properties and provide community services on their responsibility.

He thoroughly described these in the booklet The Art of Community in 1970 and the 2003 articles as well: “Looking Back and Forward”, and The Enterprise of Community: Market Competition, Land, ad Environment.

These ideas were also detailed in the 2005 articles “From Upstate New York to the Horn America” on stateless social organization.

Rise to Stardom

McCallum was appointed at the job by Werner Stiefel of Stiefel Laboratories in 1971. Spencer’s job was to write a master lease form for Operation Atlantis.

The project was planned to produce a new voluntary nation in International Waters. He was the person who helped Stiefel to develop a constitution for forming a new government.

McCallum in 2005, revised and published The Law of the Somalis by Michael van Notten. The book defines the foundations of Somali customary law.

He got a chance to meet the alternative currency theorist E.C. Riegel through his grandfather. He got all the papers of Riegel after his death and submitted them to Health Foundation as a director.

He is 1970 re-published Riegel’s books Private Enterprise Money and New Approach to Freedom. McCallum performed significant duties in Mata Ortiz affairs.

Spenser in the same region made archeological investigations by allowing and providing a compound to set out lab space and quarters. He worked as a host at his properties in Casas Grandes.

Spencer McCallum Personal Life

Spenser McCallum was a family and had a deep love for his wife and children. Spencer in 1995 met the girl, actress, and model Keeley Hawes who later on became his wife.

He found a good friend in Keeley and started dating only after one year of their first meeting.

Spencer in 2000 had a son with Keeley named Myles McCallum before getting married. Spencer in the store Tiffany’s in New York City proposed Keeley in a very passionate and cinematic environment.

McCallum and Keeley married in December 2001. At this time their son Myles was one and half years old. His wedding took place at the Marylebone Register office in London and reception at the Prestigious Ritz Hotel.

Spencer spent only two days on their honeymoon in Amsterdam as Keeley had to appear at her job just after the wedding.

Spencer McCallum unfortunately, faced failure in his marriage as the marriage ended just after eight weeks. But Spencer was divorced in 2004 officially but remained a close friend with Keeley.

McCallum proved himself a responsible father and continued parenting with Keeley and his husband. He always attended the school plays with Keeley and his husband, Matthew.

He, saying goodbye to this world died recently on December 17, 2020, at the age of 88.

Spencer McCallum Net Worth

Spencer McCallum proved himself a veteran English cartoonist and rose to one of the acclaimed names in the industry. He probably got the spotlight when he married Keely Hawes, a British actress.

Considering her victorious career Keely’s net worth is estimated to be over a million. Her main source of earnings is movies and television series.

Keely’s second husband Matthew Macfadyen is ranked as one of the richest actors in the world. Spencer McCallum estimated net worth is $ 96 million.

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