Susana González (Born on 2 October 1973) is a famous public and global figure from Mexico who is a model and an actress.

Read the article to learn about her age, height, net worth, career, and more.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Susana Alejandra González del Río
  • Nick Name: Susana González
  • Birth Date: 2 October 1973
  • Birth Place: Calera de Víctor Rosales, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Age: 49 Years
  • Height: 75 m or 5 feet and 8 inches
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Profession: Actress and Model
  • School: The Tiffin Girls’​ School
  • University: Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa
  • Education: Graduate
  • Father: Refugio González
  • Mother: Elvira del Río
  • Siblings: Erica and José
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Marcos Montero
  • Children: Santiago Elias González and Susana Elias González

Who is Susana González?

Susana González Image

Susana González is a popular Mexican model and an inspiring actress. She came to the limelight while in the second last stage of her teenage, which means at 18.

Around this period, she had a scholarship victory at the Televisa’s acrting academy Centro de Educación Artística.

Her television journey begins in 1992 and still going on, even will be seen in many upcoming TV series. Between this, Susan has been nominated for various awards and recognitions.

Although, she had not been good in films as she has only appeared in about 6 movies till now.

But coming to her TV appearance, Susana has been featured in more than 30 Television Series now. This is enough for such a star.

But still, she is looking forward and finding new paths for her future. Let you take a look at her journey, from beginning to last.

Early Life of Susana González

Susana González was born as Susana Alejandra González del Río on the 2nd of October 1973 in Calera de Víctor Rosales, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Her father’s name is Refugio González and her mother’s name is Elvira del Río.

She grew up with two siblings, Jose who is her brother, and Erica who is her sister.

From the start, she wanted to be an amazing actress. She won a beauty contest and at that time she was very young. After so, she received a golden opportunity to study in Mexico City.

Susana went to The Tiffin Girls’ School for her secondary studies and Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa University for her higher education.

She was good in her academic years and has proved her studying skills too.

Susana González Age

Susana González is 49 years old as of 2023 as she was born on 2 October 1973. At this age, she has achieved remarkable success in her profession as a model and actress.

Throughout her career, she has been a prominent figure in both the public eye and on the global stage, showcasing her talent and beauty to captivate audiences worldwide. Susana’s enduring career and continued relevance in the entertainment industry reflect her timeless appeal and dedication to her craft.

Susana González Acting Career

Susana González was first seen on television in the year 1992 when she appeared in Baila Conmigo, which is a TV series.

She can perform any type of role very perfectly. In Amigas y rivales, she was characterized as a strong, cruel woman.

On the other hand, in Entre el Amor y el Odio, she was seen as a sweet beautiful girl. These are the true characters of a passionate actor who can perform any type of role.

Susana mainly gained her recognition from the movie Al Otro Lado, it was the peak time of her career.

The following year in 2005, she achieved a long-term work of a year and a half work in the telenovela El Amor no Tiene Precio. It was a hard time for Susana.

In 2006, she appeared in another show, but this time it was a reality dancing show Bailando por la Boda de Mis Sueños.

Susana González Image

From here she received so much love and support from audiences as in this show her fans got an opportunity to contact her in a better way.

The next year, she worked for the producer Carla Estrada in the telenovela Pasión, where her character was named Camila Darien.

She also acted in Sexo y Otros Secretos as Tania. Susana continued to appear in at least one TV show a year.

She appeared in numerous shows such as I vuelo de la victoria, La candidate, Mi marido tiene familia, Imperio de mentiras, etc.

Each of her performances stunned everyone and that is why she received new deals every year. Currently, she has signed for Mi Fortuna es amarte’s main cast as Natalia Robles de Cantú.

Susana González Personal Life

Susana González was seen with Pablo Montero for the very first time but there is no information available regarding their relationship.

Next in 2003, Susana González was in another relationship with Eduardo Santamarina and due to misconceptions, the couple got separated.

Later, Susan was in a serious relationship with Luis Elias. With Luis, she has two children, Santiago Elias González and Susana Elias González.

But eventually, the duo got separated without citing the exact reasons.

According to sources, Susana was also in a relationship with Renato Malojuvera. However, this resulted in a short period of the relationship as the couple broke their bond shortly.

Susana González Image
Susana González with Marcos Montero

Right now, Susana is engaged with Marcos Montero. With Marcos, she had completed 9 years of togetherness.

The couple enjoys each other’s company and they are seen spending most of their time together.

Susana González Net Worth

Susan González estimated net worth is between $2 Million. There is this huge difference in the value of her income because she has not disclosed it yet.

But according to sources and also by looking at her work, it is estimated that she earns at least one US dollar.

She is popular and receives so many opportunities to appear in numerous shows as she is hardworking and keen on her work.

Further, she has one more source for her earnings. Not confident, but she would be sure to do brand promotions and paid advertisements for generating a little amount for her.

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Despite holding the potential of living a luxurious life, she chose to be simply how much she can. This is another point why most of her followers are following her.

She seems so amazing at her work to her living.

The Bottom Line

So, this is the biography of Susana González who dreamed to become a wonderful artist with time and effort. She is best known for her roles in the industry.

Susana started working professionally when she was not more than 18 years only. It reflects her strength and braveness that encouraged her to enter this field at a young age.

Her story is very inspiring and we hope that you might have observed good vibes while going through her biography.

Your valuable feedback is welcome on this post. It would help us to grow more in the future.

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