Sway Bentley (born on 11 February 2000) is an American famous rapper and social media personality, well-known for her TikTok videos and rap songs about hair weave.

The identical twins from Mobile, Alabama call themselves the “FamOus Twins” because they have quickly accumulated 1 million followers thanks to their viral videos.

The news about James Walters, their father, was tragically murdered, and numerous ideas about his death have recently surfaced online. The sisters also started a GoFundMe page to seek money for funeral expenses.

In this article, we will cover the famous twin sister Sway Bentley’s life story including her career, the tragic demise of her father, and her personal life.

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Kimberly Loaiza Profile Summary
NameKimberly Loaiza
Birth Date11 February 2000
Birth PlaceMobile, Alabama, USA
Age23 Years Old
Net Worth$1.5 Million
ProfessionRapper, Social Media Influencer
FatherJames Walters
SiblingAllie Bentley
Marital StatusDating
BoyfriendHenry Stevenson

Who is Sway Bentley?

sway Bentley
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Sway Bentley is an American famous rapper and social media personality. She is best known as one of the two members of the band “FamOus Twins”, which consists of her and her sister Allie Bentley.

“Who Wants It” and “All Summer” is just a couple of the singles she and her twin sister have released.

The music video for the track “Who Wants It” has earned over 1 million views on YouTube.

Apart from having a joint band YouTube channel Sway Bentley has her own personal YouTube channel where she posts pranks, reactions, and makeup videos.

Early Life of Sway Bentley

Sway Bentley was born on 11 February 2000 and is 23 years of age as of 2023. She was born in Mobile, Alabama, United States, and holds American nationality.

Sway Bentley follows the Christian religion as her belief. If talking about her family there’s no information available about her mother.

Sway’s father is the late James Walters was murdered in the year 2021. She has a twin sister Allie Bentley a.k.a. ‘Nem’.

Also, there’s no information available about Sway’s early education and from where she did her graduation.

However, if we happen to get anything about her education we will update this article.

Sway’s Father Tragic Demise

When Walters was fatally shot, reports of his awful demise started to spread. A close family friend recently spoke with famous blogger Lionel B about the murder suspect Henry Stevenson.

The young, aspiring rapper, like his girlfriend Sway Bentley from the Fam0us Twins, went from having a job to posting numerous guns on social media.

It was claimed that Sway Bentley and Allie fought for 30 to 45 minutes before Sway Bentley gave her boyfriend a loaded revolver that fatal night.

Allegedly, Allie acquired a $500,000 PPP loan through deception and refused to tell her sister about it or bring it up during their argument.

The sisters appeared to be engaged in a contentious argument over the money. According to reports, Walters and the twins’ mother visited the twins’ home to mediate their argument.

Twin Sway Bentley’s boyfriend was also present when Walters arrived. Both males started to dispute while carrying guns. According to Walters, the guy refused to leave despite her request.

Sadly, it appears that Sway Bentley’s lover killed her father by shooting him. The narrative becomes worse as he passed away in the street while battling for his life.

Nem Bentley, 28, and DeAngelo Demetrius Merrill, who is dating her, learned of her father’s passing. Merrill went in search of the shooter to get revenge for Walters’ murder.

However, he went to the wrong house and killed James Jones, 74, an innocent man. The cops are currently looking for him. We are not fabricating this.

Men can become naive and stupid out of greed. Unfortunately, since death is irreversible, no amount of money can bring the father of the Bentley twins back.

Sway Bentley Career

Sway Bentley image
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Sway Bentley started her career as a content creator on social media platforms and then later begin her rapper journey with her twin sister Allie Bentley.

They formed a group called Twins Band group which gradually developed a considerable fan base.

However, currently, Sway has closed her social media handles as of now after the tragic demise of her father.

Sway Bentley Personal Life

The famous rapper and social media personality is dating Henry Stevenson. They have been dating for quite a long time. However, there is no more information available about her past relationships.

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Sway Bentley Net Worth

Sway Bentley’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million approximately as of 2023. She majorly earns from her social media handles especially YouTube and TikTok and also from her rapping career.

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Physical Appearance

Sway Bentley has a strong personality. She has wavy black hair with a glowing dusky complexion.

There’s no information available about her height and weight as of now. She has several tattoos on her arms as well.

Facts About Sway Bentley

  • Sway Bentley, born on February 11, 2000, is an American rapper and social media personality.
  • She is part of the “FamOus Twins” duo from Mobile, Alabama, known for their viral TikTok videos and rap songs about hair weave.
  • Sway and her sister Allie Bentley quickly gained 1 million followers on social media.
  • Their father, James Walters, tragically died, and his murder has been the subject of online speculation.
  • The sisters started a GoFundMe page to cover their father’s funeral expenses.
  • Sway Bentley has released singles like “Who Wants It” and “All Summer” with her sister.
  • She also has her own YouTube channel where she shares pranks, reactions, and makeup videos.
  • Sway Bentley was born in Mobile, Alabama, and is 23 years old as of 2023.
  • She follows the Christian religion and has a twin sister named Allie Bentley.
  • Sway’s father, James Walters, was fatally shot in 2021, and there were disputes and allegations involving her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Henry Stevenson, in connection with the incident.

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