In today’s article, we are all set to rumble as we dive into the world of the one and only Tyrus, the American wrestling sensation!

Now, we all know that behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman. And in Tyrus’ corner, we have none other than his fabulous wife.

She’s the rock that keeps him grounded and the wind beneath his wings.

Stick around, lads and lasses, as we unveil the mystery behind the scenes, giving you an exclusive glimpse into the life of this power couple.

From jaw-dropping wrestling moves to heartwarming moments, this article will leave you cheering and wanting more!”

Who is Tyrus?


Tyrus is an American professional wrestler, whose real name is George Murdoch, he is a cable news personality and actor.

As a wrestler, he is signed to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), where he is the reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion in his first reign.

Similarly, As a cable news personality, he appears on Fox News and its sister streaming service Fox Nation.

Moreover, I am primarily a co-host/panelist on the late-night talk shows Gutfeld! as well as a contributor/fill-in host on other programs.

Is Tyrus the Wrestler, Married?

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Tyrus is an American professional wrestler who is currently signed to the National Wrestling Alliance where he is the current NWA World Television Champion. 

Moreover, the most successful wrestler of all time, this man is married. He has got a romantic relationship with Ingrid Rinck.

So, the couple is blessed with a daughter, despite Tyrus’s two other children from the previous relationship.

Scroll in the article further to know more about this wrestler’s personal life and other facts.

Tyrus’s Wife and Children

Tyrus’s Wife, Ingrid has two sons from a previous relationship.

Later, In May 2021, Rhett, her oldest child, received his high school diploma from Mandeville. Rock, her second kid, is a type 1 diabetic child who was identified as such back in 2014.

Who is Tyrus’s Wife?

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Tyrus’ lovely wife is an all-American fitness fanatic and go-getter, with a birth certificate from the good old USA.

Rocking the age of 42 in 2023, she blew out her candles on April 24, 1981, making her a fiery Taurus.

Her Father, Gary Rinck, used to own a killer restaurant back in the day.

Nowadays, you can find Tyrus’ better half and their kids kicking’ it in Mandeville, Louisiana, in the good old United States.

Back in the day, Ingrid ran her very own gym, but as time went on.

However, she decided to switch gears and put her focus on her top-notch meal prep company, Sensible Meals.

The inspiration for this badass venture came from her son, Rhett, who was dealt the blow of a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

While whipping up special meals for her boy, Ingrid realized that incorporating those healthy bites into the whole family’s menu led to her weight loss.

Talk about an epiphany! That lightbulb moment sparked her drive to launch Sensible Meals, a game-changer for folks looking to shed pounds while chowing down on nourishing grub.

Has Tyrus Got a Divorce?

No, Tyrus has not got divorced.

Ingrid Rinck is Tyrus’s girlfriend, and they are both married. Along with Tyrus’ two other kids from other relationships, the couple also has a daughter.

In addition, Ingrid Rinck gained popularity after being revealed to be a famous person’s wife.

After it was known that Ingrid Rinck was a renowned person’s wife, she rose to fame.

Moreover, there is nothing that led towards their separation, the duo is enjoying their happy married life, it’s just a flow of rumor and nothing.

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