Have you guys heard the horrific story of Candy Montgomery? Do you watch the movie and series versions of Candy Montgomery?

If not, there are no problems. This article will teach you about a well-known murder case in Wylie, Texas.

Candy Montgomery is the heroine and the murderer who killed her neighbor using an axe, and she made 41 cuts in her body!

So this murder story went viral, and the movie directors rushed to adapt it as a movie, a series, etc. Recently, Hulu released the “Candy” online series, and thus the candy story started trending again.

But here in this article, we are going to focus more on Candy’s husband, Pat Montgomery, and the couple’s background story, as well as what happened to Pat, interestingly.

Who are Candy and her Husband Pat Montgomery?

Candy and her Husband Pat Montgomery
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Candy is the wife of Pat Montgomery and the mother of two kids who shifted to Texas on April 1, 1977.

She used to go to the First United Methodist Church, where she met her neighbor and fifth-grade teacher Betty Gore.

They became close friends; even their daughters were very close.

So, their friendship developed each day, but at the same time, Candy and her husband’s relationship started to degrade; they used to fight every day.

Candy was attracted to Betty Gore’s husband, Allan Gore, at the time because she thought her husband was boring.

Even Allan appeared to be attracted to Candy; both had extramarital affairs that were nothing more than a sexual relationship.

On the other hand, Betty learned about Candy and her husband’s illegal affairs one day and waited for the right time to confront them.

On June 13, 1980, Candy visited Betty’s house, and at that time, Betty started attacking Candy with a 3-foot-long axe.

And for self-defence, Candy took back the axe from Betty and attacked her severely, with 41 cuts on her body and 28 on her head alone.

Later, police officials arrested Candy after finding her thumbprints on Betty House.

But later, Candy admitted that she killed Betty in self-defence.

What Happened to Candy husband Pat Montgomery?

Candy and her Husband Pat Montgomery-pic
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Pat Montgomery had no idea about extramarital affairs until the murder scandal broke.

But he still supported Candy and stood by it throughout the candy trial process. He doesn’t leave because she cheated on him.

Pat helped Candy win her trial without getting arrested. Even after the end of the trial, Pat and Candy shifted to Georgia to lead a happy life.

But after a few years, Pat and Candy divorced for certain reasons. Currently, there is no information about him.

Who is Pat Montgomery?

Pat Montgomery is Candy’s ex-husband, a very professional and skilled electrical engineer who worked on intricate military radar systems.

And he earned pretty good money, and while working, he fell in love with Candy. The couple got married in 1970 and have one daughter and one son.

What happened to Candy Montgomery now?

Candy and her Husband Pat Montgomery-
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Candy Montgomery wasn’t arrested for committing that murder because her lawyer argued that Candy killed Betty in self-defense and

She killed Betty due to a disassociative event that made her lose control over herself, and she also had a childhood trauma associated with sharp instruments.

And Betty used those sharp instruments, thus even more psychologically affecting Candy.

And the court proved Candy Montgomery not guilty without filing any prison charges.

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Where is Candy Montgomery now?

After divorcing Pat, Candy changed her name to Wheeler, and she became a mental health therapist to help people fight back against depression.

She is currently living with her daughter, Jenny.

After that incident, Candy changed into a completely new person and didn’t have any criminal charges.

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Bottom Line

The aftermath of every horror murder story sounds so sad, and despite the fact that Candy was found not guilty, Pat Montgomery forgives her for all of her actions.

There is one person whom this incident might have severely wounded, and they are Betty’s kids. No one can imagine their mother with 41 axe cuts.

But Betty’s kids were grown up in their grandparent’s house, and Allan Gore remarried another woman.

We wish more strength to everyone reading this article as well.

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